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  1. A Treatise on Baboon Legality in the Former Ussari Union

    With the collapse of the Ussari Union, most existing restrictions regarding baboons were eventually lifted, thus, it is generally legal in the modern Ussari state to keep a baboon in one's trunk, provided said baboon is duly registered with the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer, and said keeper maintains a valid Baboon Owner's Identification Card. However, various localities may have tighter restrictions on high-powered assault baboons. It is also, technically, legal to carry a concealed baboon upon one's person, provided one also has upon one's person a valid Concealed Baboon Permit. However, to date no such permit has ever been issued, as the chief requirement is that one first demonstrate one is of sound mind and body,  and anyone seeking to carry a concealed baboon upon their person is quite obviously not the former, and would very shortly no longer be the latter, so merely applying for such a permit is ground for immediate denial. Unsurprisingly, this has not deterred certain unscrupulous individuals from attempting to unlawfully carry a concealed baboon upon their person.

    But such cases also tend to resolve themselves quickly, and... messily.

    1. JadeOfMaar


      owO Well then.......

  2. What even is this?

    1. qzgy


      A thing to post status updates.

      Or whatever you want really I guess.

    2. JadeOfMaar


      It's like the feature in other social platforms where you can announce how you're feeling or what you're doing [right now] but since a forum is not an instant messenger, everyone who's following you gets an alert to it. :)

    3. CatastrophicFailure


      Intresting... in that case...


  3. This is a test. This only a test. 

    If this had been actual message, it would have contained content. 

    1. qzgy


      your test worked. you are correct in that it had no content.

    2. CatastrophicFailure


      I... had no idea that actually did something...


      Well here’s a status, I’m excited to be getting to bed at 10pm on a Saturday night!  :confused:

      never get old, kiddies

    3. insert_name
  4. I seem to have broken the forum.

  5. Wow you're quick. Make sure you got the properly edited update, lol :D

  6. Quote

    No, it crashed just before the menu screen. But really, it's a ridiculous huge pile of mods at full texture resolution. I can't expect miracles

    If you're at the end of your rope, try the 64 bit hack. Very easy, my game was cruising along at 7.5 gigs the other day with no trouble but a lousy frame rate. 

  7. Question for you... In your signature, how did you get it to say "The Hitchhiker said...?"

    1. Nibb31


      It was just a

      block on the old forums. It seems to have carried over, but it's a bit broken. I'd change it if I gave a damn

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