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  1. Things You Can’t Tow with a Tesla, Episode… er, 3.


    4200lb bucket lift. :cool: Ok, this one I actually felt. High CoM, narrow track, and surge brakes makes it a bit :wacko: but a new personal best for the “glorified golf cart.” 

    And then a weekend of risking life and limb to do things I prolly shoulda just hired a professional to do, but tree limbs can’t be that heavy, right? :unsure: let me just lean way over with this here chainsaw in one hand, what could possibly go wrong?

    Tho I’ll say I dunno how those SpaceX guys on the 150-foot lifts do it, I was never more than maybe 20 feet up and just… yeesh… :confused:

  2. Wow… :wacko:

    So… got an email from the Through the Looking Glass forum about a reply to an old post of mine… very old… If anyone’s ever played the Thief series of sneak games (kind of created the genre), originally from Looking Glass Studios, back in the day I cobbled a few fan missions together.* Apparently people are still playing and enjoying them… one week shy of twenty years since the first release. :o

    Mind blown right now. 

    Also I feel really, really old right now. :P My illegitimate digital child is almost of drinking age. :confused:

    *and by “cobbled” I mean slaved over for hours and hours a day in virtually every minute of my spare time

  3. 52 minutes ago, StrandedonEarth said:

    I finally bought a bump cap for work, because I was tired of occasionally and painfully bumping my head. I never wore a hat at work before, so some people were doing a double-take. One person pointed out that I still had the plastic tag-holder strand thingamabob poking up from my cap, and that it looked kind of like an antenna. I replied that I had to keep in touch with the mothership, lol.

    Even funnier in the context of my username here; not that he knew that.

    You should cover it in tinfoil. 

    Y'know, complete the look... <_<

  4. 2 hours ago, sh1pman said:

    The tests of the robot to ensure the anti-terrorist security of the Vostochny cosmodrome will take place in the near future, said Dmitry Rogozin, general director of Roscosmos.

    Sooooo… how long til Russia gives control of their nuclear missiles to a highly advanced AI which begins learning at a geometric rate? Asking for a friend… by the name of Ivan Connorski… :wacko:

  5. Took the puppy on his longest adventure yet today.

    First he went to the pet store where he was instantly fawned over by mobs of random strangers. Which he loves. I mean, c’mon, just look at that face…


    [file photo… silly amount of new ones following…]


    Then we headed off along the North Cascades highway. He met another puppy in a parking lot who was, to everyone’s surprise, three times his size and ten times his excitement level. He was somewhat less ok with this… he’s not used to being on the receiving end of limitless energy and unbounded enthusiasm. 

    Along the way, found the local high school. Which apparently is also the entry to the local airport..? 

    :wacko: odd land agreement there…

    Then it was miles and miles of forest-canopied roads like this:


    most were actually better than this… took a while to remember I had a camera. 

    Also picturesque river scenes:


    Here’s a view of a tree you don’t often see:


    the bottom… as in, under the roots…

    Lots of wooly bear caterpillars around… looks like it’s gonna be a bear of a winter…


    Also lots of dead salmon…  but you don’t need to see that.  Circle of life and whatnot. Instead here’s a pretty forest trail.


    You cannot convince me a fairy or something does not live here:


    We treaded carefully.

    Puppy discovered water that he can’t possibly splash the entirety onto the floor, he was most confused.


    And then there was driving… and driving… and more driving…

    which he took entirely in stride.

    or… in sleep….


  6. 9 hours ago, Deddly said:

    A few years ago, the word we don't allow on this forum for the German army in WWII was automatically changed to "bad person". The word filter was later changed to "pedant". Moderators can edit their own posts without the edit being visible, though I usually tick the box to make the edit visible. In this case, I forgot about the change to "pedant" when I typed my joke and made a quick edit within seconds and figured nobody had had a chance to read it yet so no need to tick the box. Oh well. :)

    Not even moderators can escape the all-seeing Eye of Sauron Google… :ph34r:

  7. 5 hours ago, mikegarrison said:

    I am sometimes amused by the almost touching faith that people have in "rocket scientists".

    I am not at all assuming that SpaceX has "done all sorts of simulations of exactly that". That's really the whole point of "move fast and break things" -- to not spend time simulating everything in great detail when you could actually just build and test it.

    I still remember how floored I was by SN8's flight. The descent, using a control method never before used, especially at that scale, was absolutely rock solid. No oscillating, no wobbling, it was under complete control the entire way up and down, to the point of engine ignition. That kind of control can only come from extensive and exhaustive simulation. The ultimate failure was a hardware issue, of the sort of thing that's extremely difficult to properly simulate and only rears its head in actual testing. 

  8. 45 minutes ago, sevenperforce said:

    The only pure ballistic re-entry vehicles (i.e., no lift) that humans have ridden are the Soyuz capsules

    Er... Vostok/Voshkod? Pure spheres...

    27 minutes ago, Lisias said:

    But such L/D on subsonic speeds will not hold, and the thing would fall as a rock.

    Not quite a rock, they've already demonstrated pure aerodynamic control during terminal descent: close enough to the pad for the engines to get it the rest of the way. F9 also has a 1:1 LD ratio as just a cylinder with fins. 

  9. 28 minutes ago, JoeSchmuckatelli said:

    Wearing the airlock on your back is both stylish and comfortable. 

    Especially while ice climbing on Europa 

    It’s a really cool concept if you’re unfamiliar, basically the back of that suit “docks” to the hab/rover/crashed lander etc. Ivan climbs in, hatches close, then goes around slaughtering his enemies like Death incarnate with that scythe (FITTING HOW RUSSIAN ONLY HAS CAPITAL LETTERS, Death grinned), docks again, climbs out, then goes on to celebrating and/or pondering his own impending demise without tracking the blood of his foes that tricky regolith all over the nice clean space carpet. 


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