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  1. I looked on the thread. The issue seems to be resolved by installing the second newest version of BDAc
  2. Fellow doge! But if it happens with stock planes, insufficient intakes probably isn't the issue.
  3. Moving Chunks.

    You know you can take screenshots in game with f1 right? also can you provide your mod list? That would help pinpoint what is causing the problem.
  4. IVA mods for KSP 1.2.0

    The mod you're looking for is Raster Prop Monitor. The download can be found by scrolling down here: https://github.com/Mihara/RasterPropMonitor/releases/
  5. Switch Between Distant Vessels

    There used to be a mod called haystack that lets you switch vessels easily. But I don't know if it's updated or not.
  6. What should I try and do next?

    If you can't build a space station yet why don't you try that next? It will provide you with a refueling station for you interplanetary missions. Also allows you to practice your docking skills. Or you could just send probes to fly by or orbit other planets.
  7. Explain This

    Reminds me of back when the mechjeb case was basically massless and any explosion led to it flying off to infinity.
  8. If it turns while on the runway it's probably because the wheels aren't perfectly straight. But sometimes I had issues with not enough intake air leading to uneven thrust from engines.
  9. Trouble installing OPM

    You did follow all the instructions located here right? If you did then I would post in the thread, where people are likely to be more experienced with this specific mod.
  10. When that happens, as far as the game is concerned, the craft burned up in the atmosphere and was destroyed. Such a contract would be necromancy.
  11. I recommend adding Janitor's closet to that list, because it lets you choose specific parts to not load.
  12. Help/Manual for X-51 Hyperion?

    Crafts on kerbalx are made by other KSP players, so there likely isn't a user manual anywhere, unless there's a forum thread or one on kerbalx.
  13. Tunnels and Caves?

    There are ways to make caves, similar to the easter egg or the hangars at the island airport. However these are models placed in the world and have a performance impact.
  14. Set EVA Hatch Priority

    Can't you just click on the hatch and EVA the kerbals that way?
  15. Can you provide a screenshot?