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  1. Are there already Mk4 part mods?

    If you are looking for larger plane parts, B9 has a good collection.
  2. Editing

    Just out of curiosity.... why can't you just use a smaller booster? If you reduce the thrust by that much it will probably have a TWR of less than 1. If you really want to change it, there is a value in part.cfg called maxThrust.
  3. Ksp object crafting?

    I mean technically there's procedural parts, but yeah you can't just make your own frankenstein part in game.
  4. Question about MechJeb2

    1) The ascent guidance shuts off once it's done its job. Also like kerbstar said, background ships are on rails. 2) Yes, basically it tries to make an orbit with 0 eccentricity. 3) Those are stock features, additional ground stations, kind of like how NASA has the Deep space network.
  5. Then you would end up with two different versions of player #1's craft.
  6. Or turn off angle snap, so that it places parallel to the surface.
  7. Light speed

    I think I've had that happen to me with the mechjeb AR202 case back when it was massless.
  8. Light speed

    I assume it is. There's only one way to find out. Try it with infinite fuel.
  9. Add multiplayer on Steam

    Multiplayer has been discussed many times here. While it would be cool, there are many problems as well. Here's one such thread that should give you an idea of why multiplayer in KSP hasn't happened yet.
  10. Math question for sat network

    Some quick literal back of the envelope math tells me that it r2=2*r1. Because if you make r1 the radius that goes to the point where the triangle and inner circle intersect and r2 the radius from center to vertex of the triangle, you can form a 30-60-90 triangle.
  11. EVA mod?

    I think I've heard mentions of such a mod. You'll probably have more luck finding it if you just use google though.
  12. Associating mods with saves?

    Just out of curiosity, how does CKAN work with such a setup? or do you have to install mods manually?
  13. Associating mods with saves?

    Or something I've heard people do is having multiple Gamedata folders and naming the ones you're not using something like GameData.stock.
  14. 1.3.1 crash

    A quick glance at your log shows that you have MM 2.7.2 installed, which isn't compatible with KSP 1.3.1. I would go through your mods and make sure all of them are compatible with 1.3.1.
  15. KSP Mobile Craft Creator

    How would this work with mods? Would you download mods as you would on PC? What about plugins that change physics? like FAR?