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  1. Jas0n

    Billboard Grass

    Terrain scatters does add trees and rocks, so I don't think it would too difficult add grass to that.
  2. Jas0n

    Obsolete Mods

    I know right! It had sooo many features and was probably a bit overpowered.
  3. Jas0n

    Obsolete Mods

    My favorites were the Bobcat rovers and romferer's laser system.
  4. Jas0n

    How to get old versions of Mods

    Also, some mods were made/maintained by different people at different points, so some googlefu might be needed to find the version needed.
  5. Jas0n

    Car mods

    I think the lack of car mods is because this game is called kerbal space program. Also more generally, mods that only do one thing (pre-designed rovers, spaceships, etc) tend to not be as popular or useful as modular part packs.
  6. Jas0n

    Mobile Launch Platform?

    Eh, I know some people have built their own crawlers with rover wheels and structural panels and a large number of struts. Also, I'm pretty sure launch clamps can't be physically moved.
  7. Jas0n

    Mobile Launch Platform?

    Is this what you're looking for?
  8. I would guess that it is caused by contract mods, because I think they cause a lot of lag.
  9. Jas0n

    Mir mod not found

    Just as a heads up, a large portion of the community ISS mod (I think all the soviet parts) was done by Bobcat, and he was disappeared a long time ago, and everything he made is all rights reserved. So you could either find a replacement for those parts or make them yourself.
  10. Jas0n

    Mir mod not found

    As far as I know, the ISS community mod died a long time ago. Even if you find it, it probably doesn't work with current versions of KSP.
  11. Jas0n

    Forum unusable on Chrome, Edge, maybe others.

    I had this issue, then I relogged and fixed it.
  12. Jas0n

    going into orbit

    harder in terms of delta-v, easier in terms piloting.
  13. Jas0n

    going into orbit

    I mean... technically if you have enough fuel you can just go straight up from launch and end up in a sun orbit.
  14. Jas0n

    Weirdest places in recently used devices

    Apparently, I went to Cambridge Massachusetts without telling me.
  15. Jas0n

    Absolute MASSIVE Weapon Mods

    There's naval artillery : and nuclear bombs: