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  1. Beware when using autostruts. If you have set to heaviest part, and the heaviest part of the craft changes due to fuel drain or docking/undocking, it could result in some pretty spectacular RUD.
  2. That's weird, can you add more screenshots from different angles? And maybe you can send the craft file for someone to look at.
  3. Back after 5 years!

    Welcome back! like @Vanamonde said, There are a large number of changes. 5 years ago was when I first started playing and the game is very different. Some of the main changes are science, career, communications, aerodynamics, reentry heat, and a bunch of quality of life improvements.
  4. Need mod suggestions.

    If you are coming back after a long hiatus, a lot things will have changed. I recommend getting used to the changes in the stock game first, especially the science and career modes. There's a stock comms net. The atmosphere got changed a lot. Detailed changes: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Version_history Mods: Resource mining, base building, and life support is in MKS/USI. Weapons are in BDarmory. If you want ship/vehicles, look around in the spacecraft exchange or kerbalx.com Science and tech is in stock. But there are mods that add to stock features. Planet mods should be compatible with v1.3.0. Just check in the forum threads. Darkmultiplayer is working, but buggy. Also beware that the method of installing mods has changed since 5 years ago.
  5. request: unlocked IVA camera

    Oops i didn't realize that's the same mod. I hope pizzaoverhead finds time to at least bring it up-to-date, even if it's incomplete.
  6. If you are not against using mods, you can use Konstruction, which add welding ports. Or you can use KAS to add struts between the two modules.
  7. request: unlocked IVA camera

    Here's a WIP mod that does what you're asking for.
  8. Ideas for a Parts Mod

    If you can make a quick model look like that, you might as well take it further and make the mod yourself.
  9. Or you can use a bunch of air brakes, those things have a ridiculous amount of drag.
  10. Can you send screenshots of the planes? It could be an issue caused by design.
  11. Or you can use the welding mod to make several Modular Girder Segment XL's into one longer one.
  12. there are several tutorials linked in the OP. Also if you have specific questions you can ask in the mod thread.
  13. Development Update for Consoles!

    They're working with a new company on a completely new port that won't be as buggy as the current console version. So a new console version will come out when the new port is ready.
  14. Matching Rotation

    Is there? If it is my apologies, I don't remember every detail of mechjeb.
  15. Jet speed

    Also, move the back set of gears forward so that they are closer to your center of mass (but not in front of it) so that your control surfaces have more leverage to lift the nose up.