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  1. Another small update for this... I added an options.cfg in the /plugins directory, it allows you to disable the underwater layer and/or the fog effects. Also cleaned up a few things and fixed a bug. New file is up on curse. - Could still be pending approval... Look for the June 23rd file.
  2. Okay the updated file is now on Curse, might take a few mins to pass customs Walking out from the water might require 1 jump now, let me know how the exploration goes!
  3. Don't bother... found the issue You'll likely have to still do one jump... but after that it should work fine. Checking a few more things then I'll likely rebuild and pack tomorrow morning.
  4. Mmm. Strange, I didn't notice that in old tests however some alterations to the code have been made so it's possible that in doing so could have introduced an issue. What other mods are you running at the same time? I'll take a look at it before I hit the sheets tonight. Looks like you were having a good time though! lol Thanks for the report.
  5. Haha yeah, that is the re-imagined boatparts code. My thought was to strip it down and release it with the oldest boatparts from the original pack. Even that would take work. Optionally I was thinking of releasing it as a small surface attach module that would set boatparts code up on any vessel. More testing of course would be needed before I decide either way.
  6. Thanks, yes it does have very limited usage
  7. Tired of not getting a better dip in the waters of Kerbin? Tired of not having the FREEDOM to walk on things that are under the water? Sick and tired of not being able to look at things below the water? Totally fed-up with not having a sub water layer showing where the water ends and the sky begins? Watch the Youtube Video! Look no further... Ker-Plunk your KSP now! - Effects are only shown during EVA. - Not tested on other planets. Left Shift and Left control adjust up/down rate of travel. GET IT HERE Have Fun!
  8. FuelTastic is back! I found this one on my living room computer it was last made for KSP 0.21 - I dusted it off and revamped it a bit to work for 1.3. Informational Video Here GET it here! - https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/fueltastic When converting it uses Electric Charge and Ore, the smaller surface attach unit creates Oxy and Fuel, the larger one is a in-line stacker that can hold a tiny bit of ore as well as an by-product gas that is mono-propellant! The Cool... FuelTastic isn't a simple converter like the stock units, oh no! It will have issues you'll nee
  9. Okay the update for 1.3 is out, I removed my custom wheels for now as the code changes to how wheels were used changed massively since my last release. Now if you want to use ICE vehicle engines you need to convert a stock or other modded wheel to use ICE. Simply add the module below to the cfg of the wheel: MODULE { name = IDWheelMotor } After placing any wheel that has this module in the hangar simply disable the wheel 'motor' and enable the ICE 'driven wheel' this will allow the wheel to get power from the ICE engine/transmission combination. Key Reminders: 1)
  10. Seems a lot of the code has changed for wheels. I managed to get power from the engines to wheels, I'll just need to tidy things up and might have it ready for later tonight or tomorrow.
  11. I'm updating the aircraft engines portion, not sure about the wheels - I'll see if I can get the engines to power the stock wheels.
  12. Bring back boat parts please!

  13. Not my top priority boatparts was working great till about 0.9 when they screwed with the nodes. Since I've only had issues. I've been rewriting a lot of the code on the side, it's nearly ready but the parts still have a tendency to want to jiggle themselves apart.
  14. Updated to 1.0.5, just making it play with the newest version of the game. The goal of Skillful was never weapons. Though it quickly turned into that. Long ago all there was was the gun DYJ created and missiles/lazer that Romfarer had created. Weapons that would either destroy or not destroy a part. I wanted to put a damage system of some kind in place so I asked Rom about it and he wasn't interested in doing it. I started making Skillful a week or so later. So Skillful was always a damage mod, but registering hits from DYJ's or Rom's stuff wasn't where I wanted to go, fo
  15. [quote name='TUKE']I think this mod needs some attention, first off a Bf-109 engine shouldn't take a normal plane supersonic. Second, i threw three bently's on my Cant Z.1007 replica and flew it, abused the daylights out of the engines, full throttle, not coolers, power dives that take the aircraft to nearly the sound barrier, and all for 10min+ and the engines haven't missed a beat. I nearly ripped the wings off trying to destroy the engines.[/QUOTE] Hi guys, I just updated the files, with the change to KSP's aero model the engine were putting out too much power. the defaul
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