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  1. Yeah, I'm done with developing KLF. Anyone who wants to keep supporting it is free to do so.
  2. Released a new update. You can now view the last four screenshots for each player (configureable). Also changed the player color algorithm and fixed ship icon jitter. Servers will need to be updated.
  3. Fixed the problem with the plugin not loading. The current 0.6.7 download should work now.
  4. That error only means the HTTP status reply feature doesn't work. Your server probably still works even if that error shows up.
  5. AmpYear needs a part and won't work without one. Power consumption is scaled depending on your ship's attributes
  6. Released minor update with plugin option to hide ship icons and server security.
  7. The AmpYear Power Manager is a part that makes electricity more important and useful. Electricity is now required for some existing ship functions, and can be used in some new ways. PowerTurn Allows you to harness SAS modules for turning power Flight Computer The power manager includes a flight computer for attitude control. (The same flight computer as the RemoteTech mod) Reserve Power Attach special batteries to your ship to save power for emergencies. Ideal for keeping your probes from dying. Auto-Hibernate All AmpYear functions will automatically shut down during timewarp to save power. Ion RCS Thrusters that use Xenon-gas and electricity for incredibly efficient RCS. Some limitations: Has half the Isp of normal Ion engines One quarter of the thrust of normal monopropellant RCS thrusters Only linear thrusters are available Requires a power manager to function Existing Functionality SAS, ASAS, RCS and turning now require electricity. When electricity is depleted, SAS and RCS are disabled and turning power is reduced by 90%. Download: Spaceport GitHub Repo License: GPL
  8. Released minor update with some compatibility fixes and screenshot flood limiting for the server
  9. Released new version with 0.20 compatibility. Not compatible with previous versions.
  10. Released new version that allows for servers to ban ips. Also added a public google-doc for people to add public servers while the general-physics status page is down Colsupertaco: The format for addresses is address:port
  11. MiniChiken, you probably didn't install the plugin correctly. Extract the entire archive when you install.
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