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  1. Yea, like my aussie friend, that $60 everyone is talking about works out to over $93 here in New Zealand - Don't you just love exchange rates
  2. Well this brought me back to the forums as fast as I could open the web page... This is indeed a surprise not many people were expecting.... Price tag is a little high for some of us "older" people, but I guess that's what you get in today's games....
  3. Well I have just transferred KSP over to steam, so I hope that since I purchased the game before the end of April 2013 on the squad site, I am still entitled to the free DLC, although with TT acquiring KSP that could be anybodies guess.. I just hope that TT stay in the background and leave KSP - Squad - Community etc alone..
  4. Confirm here as well, Permanently checking for updates... (Yes I have Internet, Yes I can connect to the store (I just downloaded 1.0), No, firewall isn't stopping ksp)
  5. Yup, already done that yesterday - Will be keeping a close eye on that, nice to see you added the link to it in your OP...
  6. Like others, it just doesn't feel right having KSP on steam, I do have a lot of steam games, and if I ever decide to have KSP on steam I will buy it again, so I still keep my KSP store active For those still having problems downloading, just log out of your account and then back in.. Download links from what I understand are on a timer, so you could be timing out.
  7. Flat rate please, if you lucky enuff to get down without killing your Kerbal then you should get all the parts back at full price
  8. YAY I got it Hang in there guys, you will get it too... I found (Like others above me) that logging out of the store then logging back in worked and it let me download it
  9. Just wondering (Kasper if you still here) has squad ever thought about doing a torrent link in the store? (only available once you logged in) - that way at least your servers wouldn't go into meltdown..
  10. Eeeeek, got to 85% and download failed Sits back and waits more...
  11. Take care Navy, we will all be sitting here waiting patiently for your welcome return
  12. Choosing my docking ports?? - You are truly amazing - Can't wait to get my grubby little hands on the new version... (Wipes up all the drool from the keyboard)
  13. Many thanks for keeping this alive - makes selecting things a lot easier...