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  1. Hey all, I've been trying to download the relatively new 1.10.1 version of KSP off of the kerbalspaceprogram.com website - relatively new, as I haven't played the game in a while (most recent save is 1.7.1) and am trying to get back into it. Unfortunately, I've had a very strange error where any attempt to download off of the website (be it the .zip, installer, or even for the operating systems I don't have) simply times out. I've been downloading KSP off the site for, like, seven years so I'm kinda surprised that this is a new problem for me. Y'know, this page: After clicking
  2. Laythe is what I'm hoping for, and it's definitely the most logical choice for this season's extra-planetary combat. I sincerely hope there will be ground warfare on the archipelagos for the S2 equivalent to the Centurions on Duna, since there's a lot of neat potential there. As @MiffedStarfish said, jets do work in Laythe's atmosphere; could you imagine dogfights between SSTOs near sea level trying to provide air support to armored cars on the surface? After this newest episode, I'm sure most of the warfare will be in space or on other planets. I hope it's not all of the combat
  3. Happy December everyone! Guess who's back from the dead! That's right, it's time for my semi-annual emergence from hibernation once again. My first semester of college has winded down, and I now have a few weeks where I have to do absolutely nothing at all. That, of course, means its time to re-ignite my addiction to virtual heroin, aka Kerbal Space Program. To kick off the break, a new challenger approaches for the ground war! The AV-1A1[HA] Valrus MBT - A tank long in the making, the Valrus is my attempt at a functioning Abrams replica. I originally made the Valrus almost two
  4. Yeah, definitely. After loading up the forum on a computer, I came to the same conclusion, must be a Safari glitch. (Imagine how funny it would be if every blank profile pic showed up as your personal one? ) Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, Logging in to the forum today I've been seeing about a third of users have the same profile picture as me. At first I was flattered, but o kept seeing more and more users with it, and so I started thinking it may be a glitch. Or maybe I am popular all of the sudden, who knows. Here's a picture of what it looks like on my phone. Thanks in advance for insight, and I'm sorry if someone already posted about the issue. Edit: Hmm, I guess I can't upload the picture from my phone. To describe it, about one third of profiles are shown with the same blue-silver Möbius strip t
  6. Consider it done Funny enough, I've been working on a space cargo transport for a little while now, since it's part of my company's backstory. I'll try my best to get it actually working
  7. Rogue Thirty-9: A Kethane Station Story
  8. So, in theory, could Hatbat download a modified file which lessens the explosive power of tank shells? That way, tank battles would be better since each tank won't be a glass cannon.
  9. Yeah, hopefully that's fixed soon. We can't have cool tank battles if every MBT is a glass cannon
  10. For sure. Tank armor is practically useless against 120mm smoothbores now, every vehicle is torn apart by the nuke launcher like a tin can. That's what I've seen from testing at least. Also, thanks for the mention in the submission thread @ScriptKitt3h! I'm happy to hear my post is being used as an example.
  11. I don't think I ever officially said, but very nice video Hatbat! It definitely surpassed my expectations and made the wait worthwhile. The amount of time the Vikus had in the limelight made me very happy as well, even if the one in Platoon A got blown into the sky. Good thing the main compartment stood together, and the crew made it out alive. Does anyone here remember when we were discussing predictions for Episode 25 a few months ago? In this post of mine, I stated that I had a prediction for how the episode would end, but I didn't want to say it lest I actually change the ending of th
  12. Table of Contents 1: Corporation Description & History 2: Ground Support - Vehicles 3: Ground Support - Aircraft Corporation Description & History Cyten Aerospace Industries [pronounced sci-ten] is a global aeronautics and defense corporation, renowned for the construction of air and space defense systems. Cyten initially began as a small aircraft company, but over the course of half a century, has grown to include numerous domains in the arms market. During the beginning of the golden age of aerospace development, Cyten earned a name for itself i
  13. Same thing happens to me when deploying countermeasures at high speeds and altitudes. I saw in the other thread they plan to treat the issue by January, so IMO your best bet would be to wing it and dodge the missile the old fashioned way.
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