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  1. Combined the next 4 launches as they're identical, and I feel like I'm spamming the thread enough as-is. Launches 7-10 These are the engine pods that will attach to the core and form the 2nd Gen. propulsion section. Each is a truss structure that contains integrated batteries, monoprop, and liquid fuel storage. Added to this is a nuclear engine, solar panel, radiators, and docking ports. They do not contain a probe core or RCS thrusters, as they are not intended to maneuver on their own, and as such must be placed by the assembly drone. Propulsion core with the first pod about to be attached. Fully completed propulsion section. Locations at the end of Launch 10
  2. Stepped away for a bit, all this orbital assembly is a bit taxing Launch #6 - Day 280 The completion and departure of the first DTV brings an end to the first phase of my challenge effort. Phase 2 will be characterized by an up-size and building out of the mission architecture, starting with the development of new integrated truss systems and linear docking ports. (I installed Near Future Construction to help with orbital construction and part count, hope that's alright) Our first payload is the core of the v2 Propulsion section, and a small orbital assembly drone for the engine pods. The final orbits after the launch, as our kerbals begin to creep away from Kerbin.
  3. Alright this album is a big one, as it encompasses launch #5, final assembly of the Duna Transfer Vehicle, and departure on the first transfer window. Launch #5 - Day 232 Here's the Duna Ascent Module and the final life support supplies for the crew's stay on the red planet Following some orbital ballet and the arrival of the propulsion section from Minmus, the complete Duna Transfer Vehicle Last but not least, our brave Kerbinauts on their way towards Duna
  4. Yep, its the reverse process of the landing. Hard burn with RCS to get off the surface, then flip and use the engine when you get to about 50m of clearance. They are tiny, but having 6 of them spaced out gives a fair amount of torque.
  5. 4th Launch - D184 Launching the Duna Base Module which will remain on Duna indefinitely, containing the life support recyclers and long term housing for the 2 kerbals which will remain past the first return window. Duna Transfer Vehicle with 2/5 modules docked
  6. Third Launch Album, verifying, payload weight, orbits, etc. 3rd Launch - Day 136 This launch is a little different as the payload won't be leaving the Kerbin SOE. An all in one mining unit, the MMU will dock with the tanks and engine section from the Duna Transfer Vehicle to form the Minmus Mining Stack. The use of ISRU allows me to essentially "create" more launch mass before the transfer window, as such this is arguably the most important component of the early challenge. It's also gloriously asymmetrical so it has a special place in my heart. I wanted to do something fancy with servos and rotating engines, but due to launch mass restrictions had to settle for an exciting landing technique where the whole stack comes to a (near) full stop above the surface, then flips entirely around to land using RCS and a cluster of control thrusters underneath the MMU. I'd be lying if I said that I got it on the first try. Minmus Mining Stack all wobbly landed and mining away.
  7. Second Launch Album, verifying, payload weight, orbits, etc. 2nd Launch - Day 88 The second payload of five for the initial transfer window. This is the Nuclear Propulsion Module for the stack of 5 modules that will make up the Duna Transfer Vehicle. The current stack of 3 modules in a 170km Kerbin Orbit.
  8. First Launch Album, verifying reusability, payload weight, orbits, etc. 1st Launch - Day 40 The first of 5 payloads that will come together for the initial transfer window, this one is a combination of 3 smaller modules including: Ion powered relay satellite for Duna Life support supplies/recyclers for Duna <-> Kerbin transfers Additional fuel tank section with expansion points for the Nuclear Propulsion Unit in the next launch
  9. Alright, finally squeezed together everything to hit the first transfer and return window, so I guess this is my official challenge announcement. Mod List: TAC Life Support SLV: 8t NPM Reusable: Yes Days between new lifter: 48 days
  10. Been looking at this and running the payload numbers, think I might go for "lightweight" attempt with an 8-ton reusable SLV. Any tips or advice? Expecting a lot of orbital construction and minimalist design. Also, is the reusable mass return requirement the dry weight of the vehicle?
  11. Just trying to make a funny, I sorry
  12. And here I was, thinking I would be at the forefront of armoring technology when I finished the heavy cruiser I'm working on... Maybe I'll focus on making the best small ships (frigates, destroyers) that I can, once I can figure out how to keep the insides of my ships from vaporizing on contact