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  1. So... the new engine thing will make it run more smoothly, right? Maaaaaaybe, just maybe, I can get my laptop to run it. I'll give it a try this weekend. Hey there, Vanamonde. Long time no see.
  2. I think I was here since 2012, my account got deleted on the great wipe or whatever you guys call it now. I could recognize most people here and found forum friends all over the place. On imgur, reddit, and even Youtube. Speaking of which, I can't seem to find any of the users I had as friends here before they switched to this new site. Do we still have a "friends" list? I kinda miss it, man. Getting in trouble with the mods for using a bad word here and there, checking out Whackjob's crazy stuff, all the tips we shared on this thread: The music-sharing thread, the "Wha
  3. @astropapi1, is your picture Top Gear's Robin Reliant Shuttle? 


    If so, ur awesome

    1. astropapi1




      Felt way too kerbal not to. :P

    2. EVA_Reentry


      love it!

      watch the vid if u haven't

  4. ( á° Üʖ á°) *sigh* Why doesn't this surprise me?
  5. It definitely looks... cleaner. But it just doesn't give off those DeltaGlider vibes anymore. :c Maybe it's the side windows.
  6. Got to Laythe, hatch was blocked.
  7. Nice U2, Ethan! I don't know how planes behave in the newer versions of the game, but you could try giving the wings a slight upward tilt. That tends to make my planes much more stable in general. Just my two cents.
  8. I've only been there once, with a rover probe. Rode down the hill I landed on and a wheel just fell off. It had six, but I got tired of constantly counter-steering while riding on a vast sea of nothingness. Just... read my sig.
  9. Yeah, that's supposed to be a CSM... Long story short, the LEM's engine broke down in Mun orbit, but I was bored of stuff failing so I decided to leave it in orbit, land and re-orbit the CSM instead, and refuel once I was back in orbit. The Kerbal tower is just the icing on the cake. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
  10. This thread is starting to smell like Kommunism all of a sudden.
  11. One time, back in like... 0.18 or something, I set off to complete this same challenge, but took an approach that was much more extreme. I put a poor dude in a machine that looked more like a missile than a plane, and catapulted him out of the atmosphere using a single aerospike on a near-orbital path with a high apoapsis. A couple of minutes later he reached the Apo, where I did a prograde burn that put his trajectory right on track towards KSC. Reentry was particularly rough, but after that it was just some smooth cruisin' until the strip. Doing stuff like that is fun from time to time, but
  12. Well, I just got given rep by two accounts on a post I made two years ago. The long con, people! > Guess I'm back on the forums.
  13. Éste es el video del Rubius, en caso de que no lo hayan visto:
  14. How about we call them "Pirate-Ninjas"?
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