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  1. I have never been able to figure out how he does any of this stuff. totally awsome
  2. looking at it he says, NoOsLeftBehind
  3. any issues with the app-launcher button duplicating every time you go in and out of a building? not using blizzys toolbar
  4. Everything up till now has been practice.....
  5. Its a great game, it works, it has lots o features and they are planning on more, they are putting in things ppl have been asking for for ages. Seems to me It is complete, even if it does still has a few issues, they seem to be very minor, nothing game breaking. Nothing in the world is perfect and if you are going to wait for perfection your going to be disappointed. I don't really care what they want to call it as long as i can play it
  6. man i wish i had half her talent at drawing
  7. think i ran across it watching the first 3 or 4 vids by Kurtjmac, bought it.
  8. what i understood him to say during the cast was sandbox is supposed to have full functionality. top tier everything unlocked ect. the changes to the abilities, training, facilities ect. are for career mode.
  9. redownload it from the same place you originally did.
  10. A while back someone told me i couldn't get to orbit using just nukes. came up with a couple ways to do it. He stipulated no command chair
  11. Try OKS by Rover Dude
  12. man, the poor launchpad is gonna need repair every time i forget to throttle up now...