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  1. Same issue. Installed through CKAN and this started when it upgraded to the newest version.
  2. I'm still getting aerial survey contracts appearing and I don't have jet engines or air intakes yet. Am I really supposed to do these with only rocket engines?
  3. If it has no license then you are not allowed to post it anywhere.
  4. Anybody know how well the asteroid detector works with the Custom Asteroids mod?
  5. I've hosted on Curse for many years. There is no such thing in their T&C. Can we stop this blind uneducated Curse bashing.
  6. Offtopic but as a fellow WoW addon author I'd never heard of these and a google search turned up nothing relevent except for a github repo for a C++ wowproxy program. These sound more like external programs and things Blizzard would consider cheats than legitimate addons.
  7. Max thrust info and anything that depends on it like TWR is always wrong in the VAB and inflight unless the engines are on. As soon as you cut to 0% throttle the info is wrong again.
  8. I already use the covered one for going through atmo and the noncovered for stuff thats protected in fairings. Not being able to retract them is too big of a change for me so its gone from my local copy. It would be better if there was a way to make them break in atmo if not sheilded no matter if they were deployed or not.
  9. Don't like this change. I'm removing it locally. I think I'll remove the antenna changes too.
  10. Is there still an issue with antimatter crossing docking ports? Is it collector to tank, tank to reactor, or both that has the problem?
  11. I was just about to report that too. It should be the same issue that I already reported where an engine had the ModuleJettision for fairings but didn't have any in the model. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.
  12. Could the buttons on the tweakable sliders from ProcedualParts be added to the tweakables for ProcedualFairings? It would make them a lot easier to use. If you add a decoupler to the fairing bases (with a ModuleManager config for example), you can use the TweakableEverything mod to toggle them on and off.
  13. The TweakableEverything mod now has an option to disable engine shouds in the editor. The shouldless version of the 909 can be removed for anybody that uses TweakableEverything.
  14. This project and OCD Fixes Pack want to make different changes to rebalance the same parts. I like your changes better though and the other project doesn't seem to have a forum thread. Would you consider merging the non conflicting changes into this project?
  15. I talked to BlackNecro on IRC and he knows what to fix for the icons on linux. I just did a mass rename of all the _On and _Off filenames to _on and _off and they work now.
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