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  1. I'm getting an odd bug, that I believe is related to the revamp: the model for my fuel lines are bugged to hell, and show a full line for the star point. Here's a screenshot for what I mean. Has anyone come across this before? How can I fix it?
  2. See the above: my new Mk 3 cargo bays have a completely blank white texture. Verified the game cache; no dice. Help?
  3. Well, the problem becomes "Will this mod pack even load?" And the answer is absolutely no god damn way. Many mods either require 32 bit and get squirrely upon loading in 64 bit, or are too massive to load by themselves in 32 bit. I can sometimes reach my own operating ram limit working in 64 bit without a texture resizer, and I guarantee that you could exceed the RAM capability of your machine before you could load every mod ever uploaded to this site. Even the top 35% most popular would still leave you struggling and most likely crashing every 10 minutes. I think you're out of luck there mate.
  4. I like the idea! I won't pretend that the textures aren't pretty bad right now, but I imagine you don't intend those to be final. If you can get the textures to be more inline with the current 3M parts, it'd be a good mod! Also, though, I don't know if the monopropellant tank ought to look like that; it's so bumpy it looks kinda bad next to the very smooth large parts.
  5. I'll definitely make something! I'll throw together a SP+ corvette
  6. Noob here! Sorry for not reading the requirements so closely, I'll remove the post! Thanks anyway
  7. The small beginnings of my fleet: EDIT; noobed out, didn't read the thread rules.
  8. I'm in the process of designing and orbiting a fleet of starships, loosely based on the dragons of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novak. More ships are soon to come, but these are just a taste, and some of the hardest to design, as they are so damn tiny! Soon to come; the Yellow Reaper frigates, Pascal's Blue grunboat corvettes, the Longwing interdictor, the brand-new Celestial cruiser, and the flagship Regal Copper supercarrier, pride of the fleet.
  9. I think the capacity would be best; changing the TAC profile would force you to use US wedges every time, it seems, and might murder hundreds of Kerbals on ongoing interplanetary flights.
  10. @NathanKell, no I don't think it is. Looks like it at first glance, but I'm pretty sure that's a Firespitter helicopter cockpit with the nosecone clipped onto the front.
  11. For some reason, whenever I install this, I crash immediately upon trying to enter either the VAB, SPH, or the Research building. Is this a common bug?
  12. Don't worry! it's good to have a fresh install lying around, so when your modded save inevitably starts to die a horrible crashy death, you can install and load mods one by one to figure out the problems.
  13. Ultraflight, I just wanted to let you know that KSO works ALRIGHT.JPG on the 64 bit version. You have to do a few things differently in order to get it to load (not using active texture management, for one) and what Helldiver means by 32-bit only is that he can't troubleshoot 64 bit problems, so you'd be on your own there. If you feel comfortable deleting parts of the install, namely anything related to ActiveTextureManagement, you'd find that you can load with the mod to your heart's content. Except for some random crashes, but those happen to any heavily modded save.