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  1. Finally I landed with the lander attached!. Its a first for me and a milestone. after 18 tries. :0.0:
  2. Thats the only bad thing lol but yes I did land but did crash but the Capusle Survived so I considered it landed.
  3. Ya wish I could though lol. I'll find another way.
  4. After 18 tries and many crashes I finally did it. 2 days after .20 came out I deicded to try and land on mun and yes I finally did it. Unfortunatly they are stuck there now. Oh well but I did it Photo
  5. Great Idea of bringing the spam O Matic in to these fourms.
  6. It is possible but really hard I've never done it before. Thats your goal. GO!
  7. Hello everyone I am Commander MK. I am a long time user of KSP. about 2 years now. . I am 20 years old and am currently trying to get to duna without using the scenarios. I hope to have a lot of long fun hear on the fourms. Happy Space Flight.
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