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  1. Do you need the part to be able to take really awesome screenshots?
  2. I just downloaded this mod last night, and I have some problems with it. Keep in mind that I own a Mac computer with 4gb of RAM and an onboard Intel HD 4000 video card. I installed the mod without a hitch, and I put a map sat dish onto my craft. I launched it, and my game started to freeze when I got to 6,000m above Kerbin. It would freeze for a few seconds, then continue for a few, freeze, continue, freeze, and so on, until my game was unplayable. This problem is very consistent, too; with three reinstalls of the mod and two reinstalls of the game, it continues to freeze at 6,000m. I tried to
  3. True. I didn't say that word. Expectations not met The user below me is experiencing abnormally hot weather right now.
  4. Banned for living in Taxachusetts.
  5. Granted, but you forget it a split second later. I wish for a telescope.
  6. Floor 367: An old man is spying on people with binoculars through the window.
  7. Very true. The person below me is an avid astronomer irl.
  8. Banned for accusing someone of being white
  9. umm a lamp. Lamp can be used as a melee weapon for protection against bandits.
  10. Banned for hitchhiking in the South Pole Duna Research Station.
  11. Granted, but since you are masked and mysterious, the police mistaken you for a robber and slowly beat you with clubs. I wish for my headache to go away.
  12. False? The user below me is on a laptop.
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