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  1. Glad people like the Plane. And thanks for the kind comments re' flying. Haven't tried any mods for KSP, Soranno. I not big into mods, I try to stick with stock games for as long as possible. That said if the aerodynamics update is delayed further I might look into FAR mod. TMS, The fuel is in three tanks, feeding from the outer pair to the central tank. The cockpit is actually attached to the central tank not the front tank. I couldn't get the darn thing to empty the tanks properly with fuel lines when the cockpit was attached to the front tank. The centre of mass is pretty darn close to the centre of the middle tank so the balance doesn't vary much at all as the fuel drains. The VTOL engine is clipped inside the fuselage and again aligned with CoG. The central gears and air intakes are all attached via clipped girders. Just your regular clipping nightmare (though nowhere near as bad as my space shuttle).
  2. I may have to work on arming it. Missiles? bombs?
  3. Tried to build a Harrier as close to real as i could from stock parts. Hope you guys like my flight envelope test. Jebediah seemed to enjoy it... Craft file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39336044/Harrier.craft