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  1. 0.04 is up, with new quality of life changes, a death counter, a title screen (whopee), a game over screen, and not much else. Not the greatest update, but I'll build on it later.

    Also switched over to hosting it on dropbox, but making it run online. If anyone wants an offline download, PM me for one.

    The link to the game is in the first post.

  2. Yeah, sorry about everything.

    Can't get started now (still tying up ends) but will get started soon.

    Any ideas on this? I've fallen behind with this, and if anyone has any ideas, please do tell. And preferably in this thread, where I can easily see it.

  3. Found a bug! if you die, the falling blocks dont respawn.

    there is also a place where you have to jump off or be stuck.

    Falling blocks are reset when the world is reloaded. This is part of the death system; any changes you make will stay until you reach a death limit and have to go to a game over screen, and to play again, you reload the world.

    Impossible places are there for testing purposes ATM.

    Thanks for the feedback though!

  4. I think it would be cool to have each background a landscape from each of the planets, scrolling in the background with parallax would be even cooler if you could do it XD I'm pretty sure you can't take screens directly from the game, but perhaps you could get somebody to do some art resembling it. I think it would be great to have that for each planet, and the gravity would be affected as well. Otherwise, I think just a generic spacecraft interior would be fine, and you wouldn't have to worry about gravity for each planet/moon.

    Edit: Then again, I just went back to the first page and noticed you said that he was late to his rocket, so maybe an earthlike background through some windows, in a hallway/corridor

    The first level will be the rocket level, then I'll expand to different worlds, levels, etc.

    I'm also glad to say that The Destroyer has kindly offered to help with making the first background! Probably will be in 0.04 though, I really want to get 0.03 out ASAP.

  5. great to hear! can't wait (once again, i gotta stop repeating myself...) for the update!

    edit: useful part

    here is what needs fixing:

    1: jed randomly being covered by grey scribbles

    2. walking animation

    3. backround

    As swiftgates said, the grey scribbles are a placeholder for a running animation, to make sure the animation is running.

    Walking animation is about halfway down, I keep running into issues with arm body ratios.

    Background is something that needs looking into. Does anyone want to help out? For details on image size, etc, pm me.

  6. I'm back guys! With no update! (Oh wait that's bad)

    No worries, I'm deving right now. 0.03 wont have much, just mostly background optimizations. There'll still be new things, just not much.

    Expect it within a week.

  7. Sorry for the inactivity guys, but I've been REALLY busy (as in not doing any KSP stuff for the past week or so). I'll also be out of town for two weeks starting the 4th... not the greatest for dev standards.

    I'll get to work as soon as I get back though, I have been implementing falling blocks and other behind the scenes layouts for game mechanics.

    Thanks for the continued support though, I'm really sorry about how it's currently going.

  8. 0.02 Released!


    -Jumping Animation improved

    -World expanded

    -You can now "win"

    -Jump-through blocks a different color

    -Fixed Jed sliding

    Known Bugs/Issues

    -Jed still has scribbles when running (I'm still working on animations)

    -A few platforms are impossible to reach (Put there for testing purposes)

    DL in main post.

    P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates; I'm kinda busy, but I'll work hard on this.

  9. I tried the demo, and it was pretty good. One thing I have to say though, Jedibiah seems a bit too "slippery", he slides to much after you stop moving.

    Yeah, I'll work on that. Right now I'm learning as I'm developing.

    Also, have you thought of adding a save system? I was thinking you could add in once this game is in its mid-stages of develpoment

    Obviously, there'll be a save system; ATM I don't really think ones needed :P

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