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  1. Yeah, mediafire's being slow as hell.
  2. ALPHA RELEASE! Check the main post for DL. It's not really a game, but rather a testbed ATM. If people could test it, that would be nice. V 0.0.1 -Released Testbed -Idle/Jumping animations added -Running animation is represented by a grey scribble -Respawn mechanics
  3. Wasn't their fault, it was copyright law.
  4. Thanks, but at this point in time, I'll have to pass on that. I might need help later on though. Game Update: Got Jed's body done, working on his animations.
  5. Hi everyone. Unfortunately I have been informed that this (against Squad's wishes, I'm sure) breaks a copyright rule. However, I can still go on, by renaming the assets of this game. For example, our hero is not named Jebediah, but rather, Jedebiah. Likewise, Kerbals will be Kerdals. Hopefully this helps me in avoiding copyright protection, as well as a few colour changes here and there. About dev, I'm currently occupied, so I've only really managed to finish the sprite and get basic game mechanics going. Hopefully within a few days, Ill get a video out. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'd really like to thank you for such positive feedback. P.S. Now that copyright issues should be solved, I can make a VERY alpha release. Stay tuned!
  6. Yeah Canada! P.S. This belongs in other
  7. Hopefully. Maybe you can ride an SRB?
  8. Started my KSP fan game. (Check my sig) Left Jeb on the Mun. Killed like a dozen kerbals trying to get a VTOL to work.
  9. I'm going to continue dev, but no releases till Squad gives some sorta go ahead. It'll hopefully work for IOS/Android as an HTML5 page, Android might get an .apk file, but I'm not exactly sure if I want to go for mobile apps RIGHT NOW. I'll consider it later, mostly Cause ill have to change resolutions, etc.
  10. We have a facebook page now! Like us? NOTE: In order to ease all the pain of uploading every release and such, I'm going to run Jed's Adventure on a website (for now at least). Right here I'm going to get at redirect domain up soon. 0.04 is up, with new quality of life changes, a death counter, a title screen (whopee), a game over screen, and not much else. Not the greatest update, but I'll build on it later. Jed's Adventure! After a very lengthy break, I'm back! Sorry about everything guys, but as I write this, I am starting to go over the game again. It's been awhile, so gimme a bit of time. A half-done sprite, and some platform tiles. The point of the game? JED is late to his rocket, get him there, etc. I can change it if needed. Thanks, sodopro. ALPHA RELEASE! It seems the downloads have all disappeared. Do not fear, I have the files still. Will release a new bit in a bit.
  11. Scott Manley for the science, HOCgaming for just KSP, and Macey for pure cinematics (with tutorials here and there)
  12. Not a challenge per se, but... Here's the idea. You randomly choose a part from each category (I don't know how, I just waved my mouse around) and make some sort of ship with it. Then, you see how far it can fly. If you get a fuel tank, I guess you'll have to try until you get an engine. My ship: Haven't flown it yet, but I will when I'm in reach of a computer that can run KSP.
  13. Well, the new ASAS in 0.21 will help with that more than the avionics package. And no, you can only toggle them all on/off together.
  14. Can you give us a tutorial, perhaps? I really would like to know how this works.
  15. Sodo Corp has decided to contribute in a... different way. Instead of a ship, I'm handing in an ODST pod. Thread here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/33742-ODST-Drop-Pod%21
  16. By wishing for more. How would one learn to fly?
  17. From the air. How do we eat bananas
  18. Use a social network. How would I fly?
  19. By putting mashed potatoes into a water gun. How do I make this game harder?
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