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  1. Well, kinda.... I'm not a mod HERE... The user below me giggled
  2. Granted, but now you have to deal with me whining about mod duties I wish thoughts would just pop out of my head and onto the computer
  3. Banned for INCREDIBLY VALID reasons
  4. ... how am I alive in the same elevator as a reentry (?) burn? (I think that's what you are, at least...)
  5. True! The user below me is a teenager.
  6. Floor 416 A multiplication table written on the floor, from 0x0 to 416x416. Fill it out!
  7. Granted, but then the fish gets eaten by a cat. I wish my laptop doesn't break anymore
  8. 0/10, but I've been out of circulation for... awhile.
  9. yup, eyes crossed right quick. The user below me has never seen me around before
  10. ... Castle of the Winds, SimFarm, Commander Keen, SimTower... PC gamer from birth, yo!