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  1. Was flying up from the surface of the Mun to return to the transfer vehicle from the lander, and I had Jeb eva over with the science to simplify the docking procedure when the kraken attacked. Val died immediately, and Bob died on impact, as there was only enough fuel to save one, so Bill survived, but the transfer vessel was now stranded without fuel around the Mun, so a fuel transfer mission was sent up to get them home. Afterwards, a new mission to the Mun was sent to place memorials for the fallen.
  2. Made a rover for the moons of kerbin with a return vehicle in JNSQ. First time using robotics for me, and it was a fun challenge to assemble and get science modules attached, while still fitting within a fairing.
  3. Time to board, I bet the train is going to be full.
  4. Begun operations with a mobile laboratory on Minmus, but it was almost a mission that cost Val, Bill, and Bob their lives, as a design flaw was only discovered AFTER the de-orbit burn was completed. The plan was to have four twitchs to land the rover, which would have allowed for a local TWR of about 11. However, only two got installed for one reason or another, and the effective local TWR ended up being 1.1 due to torque. Somehow, I managed to land the rover, burning through its entire fuel supply to land safely, and still running out of fuel at landing, resulting in a landing spe
  5. Completed a GaP mission to mach 3 as i finally unlocked the engines necessary . Afterwords, I had the first of two sundiver missions launched. The one awaiting launch is the nuclear option, whereas the one that was launched is the ionic option. The ionic option only needed some slight orbital assembly to be able to work as planned, as there are solar panels on struts to keep the main panels safely stowed at periapsis.
  6. Begun operations to deorbit various pieces of debris by commissioning the Kerbin System Orbital Debris Deorbiter, or KSODD. Launch didn't go as planed, as one of the outboard engines failed, which resulted in needing to deactivate its opposite. It managed to make it to orbit still, as it was one of the few engine out rockets in the fleet. The first piece of debris to remove was a SSTO that failed to deorbit properly. Once it was captured and the orbit adjusted, it was released as KSODD burned to remain in orbit.
  7. Visited a bunch of easter eggs (no spoilers) on kerbin with SP3, which turns out to be the best iteration of the SP series I have made, as it can land on the mountains 5km up and stop fast. Had a few other locations to visit for missions, and one of them was in a valley in mountains, and on the nearby peaks as well. All in all, only lost one half of a wingtip due to landing on a 45 degree slope for the final destination. Couldn't get a picture of that one as I had to get a crewmember out of the craft that was accelerating downhill and get the mission done before fallin
  8. Unfortunately had to restart due to mod conflicts preventing even Kerbin based missions, but I cannot complain too much, as things are going well still. The new SP1 was built within the level 1 SPH, yet retains most of the performance characteristics of the previous saves SP1 threw 3. It due to part limitations, it could only get around 2000km on a tank. Also did a flyby of the Mun, and caught a solar eclipse just before leaving the SoI of the Mun. This satellite was for a contract, which seemed easy at first, until I realized it needed to be in a retrograde or
  9. Found a minor flaw in SP3 that should be rectified when I get to making SP4, but I happened to find KSP2. Purely by chance did my contracts align to flyover KSP2. Fun thing of SP3 is that it has a takeoff speed of ~25 m/s when low on fuel.
  10. The SP3 is a farther evolution of the SP2, featuring retractable landing gears and another fuel tank in the rear to balance out the need for a crew cabin for easier access to the ground. Larger wings allow for it to retain its low takeoff speed, clocking in at ~40 m/s fully loaded.
  11. Started a new career with OPM installed, and after a few attempts at orbital, which succeeded, I have made the SP1 and SP2 The SP1 was the first of the two, having a cruising speed of 135 m/s at 7km altitude, it almost has the potential to circumnavigate the planet. The SP2 is an improvement upon the SP1, boasting a fuel reserve more than doubled, twin engines to handle the increased weight, and larger wings to increase lift, it has almost the same performance as the SP1 while having a range of ~4600km on a single tank. Both aircraft are STOLs with a takeoff speed of
  12. I've had that happen before, but in my case, it was a kraken that showed up when fuel started to get low. Not fun, not fun at all.
  13. To know what The All is is to overload ones mind, we are too fragile to truly know what it truly is. All we can do is make theories on what it may be.
  14. So i was just making a craft, and noticed something odd. The A101 argon tank holds 112000 argon gas, yet the ARK-MI-56, which is larger visually, holds less argon at 56000. Is it supposed to be this way? https://imgur.com/a/C4pFz The ARK tank is on the left, A101 on the right.
  15. Ohh man, after reading all the planned stuff, I can't wait till the update is released.
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