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  1. This sounds like an issue I've noticed, as follows: 1. I fly an airplane. 2. I activate the five F.A.R. flight assist controls during my flight 3. I land successfully and turn to another mission -- either a launch or a new flight. 4. In vacuum, with SAS on, I get SAS and FAR flight assist fighting with each other, leading to what feels like an uncontrollable vessel with massive "phantom forces" and wobble
  2. Yes, that is expected behavior. A part on a craft in flight is "fixed", and does not retro-actively gain or lose attributes based on updated part configurations.
  3. Hey, just an FYI, you can click the "asterisk" button, bottom left, next to "Blog this Post" to "Give Reputation" if somebody has been helpful to you.
  4. @LukeStrike - I meant official releases of the mod, not of the game. Its one of the things that I like about the mod community is the way that the mod authors collaborate, support each other, etc. All I meant was, let's get Gaius to add those configs to the mod release, so that the (usually less knowledgable, present company excluded) end user doesn't have to add it.
  5. If this works for you, Cilph, I will create such this evening (~10-12 hours from time-of-this-post). Let me know.
  6. I think so, yes. JDP has informed me (via PM) that he's up for a joint lead role, in the way described earlier (such that any given lead can disappear for a month without compromising the team, as long as we're not all gone concurrently), and it sounds like we have a decent community consensus -- several programmers, a QA lead, a documentation expert, and if Kommit is in for modelling, then I think we've got a full team, minus the "release engineer". Would you like to do that on your existing repo, or shall I fork & host? I'd definitely like to see and work on polishing the re-architecture
  7. A lot of the official releases now include compatability with several other mods -- for example, all of the airplane parts include stock and FAR balance versions, Real Chutes has module manager configs for compatibility with a lot of things that add chutes, etc.
  8. Hey, Padishar, is it about time we ditched the "experimental" tag on that and kicked it over as the "official supported 0.23.5 build"? I know you and cybutek have some synching up to do around the 0.24.0 build, but I think it would make for a good deal less confusion for the community.
  9. Which KER do you have? Make sure you have Padishar's build from the "Add-on Development" thread, not the main download from the "Add-on Releases and Project Showcase" thread.
  10. Hey - just remember, we've all been there! I swear, my very first docking attempt I didn't know anything about "orbital inclination", so my orbits were some 135 degrees off from each other -- it would have cost more delta-V to equalize than to launch from the launch pad I spent a good long while at the "I can get within about ten meters, but can't dock" stage, before finally bumping and clumping my way to my first success -- its one of the great milestones along the way to mastering the game, and you'll feel like screaming and waking the entire house if it happens at two am...
  11. xEvilReeperx, that is infinitely more than I had dared hope for!!
  12. Also, the Kerbal Alarm Clock mod has transfer window alarms. So, you can set the alarm for whichever transfer window you want.
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