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  1. So, still not a clean attempt so far - but hopefully nothing major will pop out.
  2. Very nice landing. Transmission is clearly improved - practically no lag or dropped frames. Whatever SpaceX did with their transmitters, it's working well.
  3. 13 launches of one booster. How much money were not drowned in the Atlantic? I'm still amazed other launch companies aren't scrambling to switch their fleets to reuseable rockets. Though, well... they are not drowning their own money, so...
  4. Nice idea, but... - It would add even more time and expenses to development process. - Comes with very high probability of losing very big, very expensive rockets early on in the process of working bugs out of the system. - It wouldn't be SLS anymore. Not really.
  5. Uh-oh indeed. Apparently upper stage failed just short of achieving orbital speed. RIP payload .
  6. Still on hold. Doesn't bode well. And recycled. Better luck next time.
  7. Looks like soon we'll see new spaceplane flying. It will break total domination of capsules everyone's using. Diversity is good.
  8. Anything that is readily available, and offers a decent Isp. Ammonia, nitrogen, methane, water. Titan is one big ball of hydrocarbons for example.
  9. Four launches! What are they lifting? Falcon Heavy is either for heavy payloads, or payloads going far away.
  10. Booming boosters! That's a big pile of shiny, brand new engines. BO should take notes...
  11. And thus the Dream ends. Farewell, Big Bird.
  12. And liftoff. Atlas V as always reliable.
  13. Welp, stream's starting. Hour of truth arrived.
  14. Indonesia, eh? Straight on the equator. Plenty of open water westward. That's a plus. Unfortunately, there are internal issues that should make any high - profile investor wary. That's a minus.
  15. Maybe it will be biotech. Maybe it will be fusion power. Maybe it will be Artificial Intelligence. Or maybe it will be something entirely new and unexpected, like it happened many times before.
  16. Closer to the trough. Politics. Politics never change.
  17. Bodes well for landing attempts!
  18. They still did better job that Hubble builders. At least JWST didn't require prescription glasses to see clearly
  19. Speaking about elephant trunks, they are the closest thing to "tentacles as hands" we can observe. And they work just fine for elephants and tapirs. Several genera of extinct animals apparently had trunks too. However! Trunks do need a robust support from the skull, improved by structures developed specifically to provide better support. Apparently it's not as easy as "slap a bunch of tentacles together and call it an alien".
  20. And an elephant can be trained to play piano with his trunk. It doesn't mean he would be able to build it first. I sincerely doubt soft bodied creature could make a flint axe, and use this tool to cut down a tree and build a shack. It's hard, exhausting work for humans, even with our muscles supported by strong and fairly rigid skeleton.
  21. I always doubted Puppeteers lips would work as manipulators. Any of you ever tried to unscrew a bottle using only lips? Great thing about our hands is skeletal support when we need to apply significant force. Or need a strong, stable grip. The same might be held against tentacles. When octopus needs to open a clam, it has to use its own body for leverage - human (or otter) just needs two rocks to crack the shell. Another thing against Puppeteers would be the location of their eyes - just next to the end of manipulating "limbs". Good for precise work, much less good if you need bigger field of view. Also, unsafe to the delicate eyes.
  22. Hydrogen. Slippery as ever. I'm not even mad - Houdini-esque tendencies of H2 are well known.
  23. I wonder what's the next goal? 20 flights? And how much money SpaceX saved, by not having to build 12 rockets to do the same job this one booster did?
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