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  1. Very rustic. Is there even any semi-official head cover for kosmonauts? NASA guys and gals seem to prefer baseball caps.
  2. Even welders use protective equipment like gloves and face shields to protect themselves from heat, sparks and UV light. And welding is nowhere near as energetic as phaser shot able to punch through steel plate instantly. In real life, it would probably give the shooter second to third degree flash burns. Unless we come with a way to control that heat, we will need power armor to use handheld DEW's.
  3. ESA can always book a ride on Falcon 9 Maybe it will be an impulse to speed-up the development of native reusable rocket? Yeah, dream on...
  4. I'm excited about revisiting all my old haunts on moons and planets. And finally doing something I never did in KSP - building a permanent base on Eeloo.
  5. Huh. Did BO decided to stop trying to become launch provider (which didn't go well for them)? Instead they are switching to much less competitive and saturated field of actually making off-world bases? Now that would be commendable decision.
  6. Lack of cultural context might be one cause. How AI could know that when I shout <insert Polish word similar to curve> I'm using an expletive, not trying to contact nearest woman of negotiable affection? There are probably many, many such problems. For example: There is a theory that Homo sapiens (us) evolved foreheads much more vertical than all previous species in Homo genus, to improve communication by adding eyebrows movement and wrinkling of the skin to our repertoire of signals? How would you even start teaching that to an AI? We can't even create reliable translating program operating within much narrower field of spoken language.
  7. Some coral growing projects use steel cages anchored to the bottom. Then weak current is sent through the metal, which somehow significantly improves growth rate of young corals. https://www.smh.com.au/environment/steel-cages-prove-their-mettle-to-rescue-coral-20090821-ettd.html
  8. Wow! A fairing! ... Five years from now BO will test the other half of it.
  9. Nice soot Hopefully weather will hold. Lightshow in the sky from three boosters should be spectacular.
  10. Saturn for me. Rings, bands, interesting moons. Looks incredible in amateur telescope.
  11. Oooohhh! Pretty! But... Where is the rest of the rocket?
  12. It would be a shame if that planet turned out to be a speck on the mirror of the telescope.
  13. We are getting a bit jaded with fusion power with passing years. Nonetheless, at this point I will take every bit of good news I can.
  14. Strictly speaking, you don't need corn. Any source of sugar for yeasts would suffice. Genetically engineered strain of Spirulina algae perhaps? But you still would need nutrients for algae. Still, it's fantasy. Rocket equation says "No." to this whole idea.
  15. It's not about efficiency. It's about style. "Oh, your ship is powered by antimatter? How quaint." "Oh yeah? What powers your ship then?" "Lake of fresh blood and anguish of a million souls."
  16. It is one of your more outlandish ideas, but it also sounds metal af! I can easily see something like this existing in Warhammer 40 000 universe.
  17. Plot twist: They live on a dry planet, so water is actually a limited and precious resource. Too valuable to use as weapon.
  18. So, basically hydrokinesis. They would have to have gills, or carry air tanks every time they want to travel. Also, it would better be very clean water, or they would be traveling blind. I assume you want this power to protect the bubble from: A - being dispersed rapidly by airstream. B - gathering all the dust, bugs, small birds etc. in the line of travel? Certainly, it would make gardening much easier Getting water for watering plants would be as trivial as road trip to nearest lake.
  19. "The striking feature of Selaginella lepidophylla is its adaptation to conditions of prolonged drought in its natural environment. It deploys the physiological strategy of drying up and rolling inwards in the absence of water to form a ball, and can survive for up to several years, and lose up to 95% of its moisture content, without suffering damage." As you can see, complex plant life doesn't require a whole lot of water. If Mars was a bit warmer, this sturdy plant could probably survive on what little moisture is available there. Life is an incredible process. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selaginella_lepidophylla
  20. Heh. Not only SpaceX has trouble with launch pad being too weak for the giant it's supposed to send to space.
  21. Reminder: Our sample size in the category "Habitable planets" = 1. Let's not be hasty proclaiming that something is impossible.
  22. Meanwhile inside the processing facility door of the cargo bay slowly open, while someone shouts: "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!"
  23. Ring of Fire in action. It got me thinking. We roughly know what effects volcanic eruptions have on life on land. But did anyone study the effects of huge ashfalls and underwater lava eruptions on underwater communities? How algae react to the release on mineral nutrients? How much of it filters to the bottom-feeders in deep water areas?
  24. Problem with nighttime launches is the short viewing time. It's very impressive at the beginning, but soon after it's just bright point of light moving away.
  25. Ah, yes - go-to answer to any problematic minority: Oppression, isolation, extermination. Identifying markers, constant invigilation, ghettos, segregation, forced sterilization and the final solution of death camps. Just read "X-Men" comic books. Or "Wild Cards" series of novels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Cards Or even better, read history books.
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