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  1. This was almost my exact same experience. Except I remembered his name. I was big into Minecraft back then, and watched Etho, and as a byproduct knew about KurtJMac through the multiplayer minecraft they did. I loved the look of this new game he was playing, and how he kept blowing things up, got it virtually immediately. I don't play so often these days...I'm waiting for KSP2...but I occasionally visit the forums, and I remember there was a thread asking this question previously.
  2. It doesn't work by doing that. Chatterer will complain on launch of KSP, and wont load. I expect it's just a config file, but I don't know how to fix that, so as much as I miss hearing chatter, I'm waiting on an update.
  3. I seriously feel like I am going to pass out from being so hyped right now! I'd happily pre-purchase this now!
  4. Yes, it is finally dying....because KSP 2 is coming!!!!
  5. I did this a lot, long ago. Mostly because I had no choice. I set up refuelling stations around every planet (with a few around Jool), back when there was no ISRU in the stock game. I came up with a launch system that got an entire orange tank to Moho (just), and more everywhere else. More recently, I've been far more interested in sending "flatpacked" stations to places, where they get reconfigured at destination, and then using ISRU for filling fuel tanks. All you need is a good probe (I love the round flat ones) with some RCS fuel, thrusters and patience for docking things that are not properly balanced. If you use KAS you can properly balance things and re-arrange things after, to keep part counts down.
  6. Actually, I think it used to be great when it was ASAS. Once they got rid of that, and allowed control while SAS was active, it just got screwed up. I had no problem turning off SAS when I wanted to adjust my course, it just took a little practice, and the occasional fireball of death, but it was solid as a rock. It takes some practice to use, but you can use the retro marker to guide the burns. Since your engines are on the back of the rocket (generally), you need to be pointed in that general direction for slowing down. Other than that, you want the retrograde marker roughly aligned to the forward vector marker. The retrograde target marker moves away from the direction you are facing. Once you learn how to do it, it's not too hard, and you can get pretty close to where you want to go.
  7. Signed in just to respond here....been a long time since I signed in on the forums. I'm fairly sure I started on 0.13, but the earliest version I have in my folder is 0.17. I initially bought it for my son, back in 2011 I think or 2010. I ended up playing it more than him. I then ended up buying another copy for myself sometime after that. By the time 1.0 came out, I'd done everything already. I'll probably fire it up again sometime this year.
  8. Not very - it easily fit in the VAB. Maybe 70% of the height. I'd launched it successfully before, and immediately after the explosion. It's the first time I've ever had a craft explode on load, with launch clamps. Had it happen plenty without though.
  9. To be fair, I haven't had issues myself with the docking ports, it's just what I've seen from others. I actually finished the final mission in the DLC the other day using old school landing legs - built from cubic octagonal struts. But they are not retractable, and do look ugly.
  10. I'v just got my mods up to date and was thinking to play a brand new sandbox version and colonize the solar system. Unfortunately, these bugs are going to cause too many headaches...so I'm holding off for now. I've already experienced the landing legs exploding...I know there is a community fix for it, but I've also heard about the docking issues, and the bounding boxes of parts in general. I even had a rocket explode on the launch pad, for no apparent reason...and it was held in place by launch clamps. Couldn't reproduce it, but there is something strange going on...
  11. I did try playing 1.4 on my laptop, which used to do ok with KSP, but I think Windows 10 has killed that. I even tried earlier versions, and no go. In fact, nothing runs well on it anymore...it probably needs a fresh install (or I have an excuse to buy a new laptop). Honestly though, I didn't really want to play too much since I was worn out due to the physical work we were doing...we were building a new carport on the family holiday house. I'm now playing the DLC....I'm enjoying the missions
  12. At least you'll have access to the internet, and can download it. I'm going away for 2 weeks, starting on the 11th, to a place which barely has phone reception, let alone internet..
  13. I did it yesterday, for maybe the 2nd time ever. And it wasn't because I underestimated my delta-v either. I was returning from Minmus, got myself a nice return trajectory, where I'd hit atmosphere and be slowed sufficiently to land. I decided to stage, and let the engine/fuel burn up....however, the force of the separation caused the capsule to have a periapsis of 64km...it would have worked eventually, although more likely than not, I would have encountered the Mun and been in all sorts of trouble, so I got out and pushed.
  14. I've got game burnout. All games. I find myself browsing steam, and adding games to my wishlist, but never buying them. When I do sometimes fire up KSP, I either exit straight away or play it for several hours. The problem I have is I've pretty much done all that can be done in KSP. I'd like some new things to do, but adding planets from say OPM, just adds new destinations, which isn't much harder than current stuff - just need refueling, etc. I too would like to give my Kerbals something to do once they arrive!
  15. I just checked, and it's about 90GB. I didn't even think it would be that much! Most of it is old versions, from 0.17 onwards. I've kept the downloaded zip file plus the full install. Some versions there are multiples for some reason. I probably should just clean up the old installs and keep the zip files, because I doubt I'll ever return to the saves.
  16. In my opinion, they should fix all the bugs and polish the game before they do paid DLC or expansions. The problem is, they keep throwing in new features in each update. Honestly, I'd be completely happy if they fixed bugs and polished existing features and call that complete. But in the current state, it should continue to be the same price.
  17. My last Career mode game sort of just fizzled out. I can't remember if I finished the tech tree, but I was more or less done. I basically got fed up with the stupid contracts on offer all the time. I wanted some fun things, but the contracts were not fun, so I was forced to grind boring contracts for funds to do the fun stuff. Once I had shelved it, I decided to wait until 1.1, load up on mods to extend the game, ie colonization/extra planets, etc.
  18. Honestly, I don't want telemetry at all. I'll be perfectly happy if 1.1 is the final version, with 64 bit and good performance.
  19. We are not stakeholders. While that may have been true to some extent in Alpha and Beta, as of version 1.0 the game is finished. Now I'd certainly be disappointed if Squad closed down today, as I couldn't get 1.1, I'd certainly have no right to complain about it. Just like I would be disappointed in Burger King closed down today, and I could no longer buy a Whopper. I see no reason to suspect either of those things is going to happen in the near to mid term.
  20. I'm not sure why you're even bringing up Squads finances. Kerbal Stuff was not supported by Squad because it wasn't the official mod site, Curse is and this was made clear by Squad right up front. Apart from that, we know nothing about how much money Squad has, and honestly it's not our business. As a side note, the guy that was running Kerbal Stuff clearly had no idea how to run a business, which is why it's closing down. Offering a free service without advertising is a good way to ensure its eventual death. Even charities make enough money to cover costs.
  21. I'm not sure your question/poll was really good. The problem is, I couldn't care less about RSS/RO. I'm happy playing with the scaled down Kerbol system. I'd pay money for the game to be better looking and bug free, but I have no interest in those mods. Maybe one day I will look at it, but I've been playing for a while now, and still haven't touched that stuff. I want more to do, not the same to do but on a different looking system, which is why I've looked at new planet mods in the past.
  22. I beg to differ. KAC changes the way the game gets played (ie, running multiple missions), but it's not a must have. I honestly don't expect KAC to become stock, as the Squad development seems to be on single mission at a time play.
  23. I have 28 different installs. Ranging from 0.17 to 1.0.4. Multiple copies of some versions, due to mods. I probably should clean it up a little, because I only play 1.0.4, and I still have zips for most of these.
  24. In my last save, I finished the tech tree and got sick of the restriction the funds are placing on me. I wish I could have contracts if I wanted to do them, and not have to tailor my program to suit the contracts, just to get money. Science mode is starting to look attractive.
  25. He still looks happy, even though he's being suffocated in a plastic bag. Clearly he has the Right Stuff.
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