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  1. Confirmed! I appreciate the interest and wish you all luck. Apologies for being afk for 7 years lol Hey this is better than the last vestiges of files I had. FYI guys I lost all of the blender and unity files. Good luck and I hope it brings folks some happiness.
  2. A bug report would be awesome. Thank you for posting the DLs and feel free to leave them. I'm glad you're enjoying the parts. You may run into some issues resizing parts; the round adapters will be oddly sized now, and more importantly I think it may break some of the cockpits. I don't pretend to fully understand how KSP checks to see if a hatch is blocked, but I've done lots of testing, and that is part of what kept me at 1m base size. Honestly I still haven't downloaded .24 at all, so I make no promises on timeline. I will be swapping over to the JSIT module; if it doesn't require extensive model rework.
  3. So glossing over my extended absence... how is this working with the 64bit version?
  4. I would really love to help out on this. My original vision for HSH was something along these lines, however my modeling ability artistically was just not there. Now I'm at a point where I might be close, but multiple collision meshes per part and the tri count of my models is killing everything. The idea of reworking HSH is pretty daunting. If there is a way I could contribute let me know. I've learned a great deal over the past year and would enjoy contributing a few well made models with textures.
  5. This sounds very difficult and very laggy to me. However imagine how much fun a harpoon gun would be.
  6. Started playing around and ended up with this. A centrifugal smelter for low gee environments. Ideally I'd like for it to spin up while in operation creating the opportunity for some industrial accidents. Texturing, animation and such still needs to be done, mainly posting to gauge interest.
  7. Thanks for the response. I'm glad to hear about asteroid harvesting. I wonder if the base foundations aspect could be partially addressed by the in game planet editors. I really don't know much about them. Part of my reason for asking is that I would like to offer some new models eventually. Before I did that I was wanting to know the scope of the project. My mind immediately began thinking of ways to make the process more difficult. One idea I had involved additional parts beyond the existing infrastructure; requiring different parts for different kinds of production. An electronics and circuitry lab for probe cores, engine assembly, tank integrity testing, all required for assorted projects. Not sure if you're interested in anything along those lines.
  8. I'm guessing your cockpit is not oriented in the same direction as the root part of the vessel. This is required for the IVA to work while the HSH/SFR module is used. Otherwise the mod may be installed incorrectly.
  9. taniwha, do you mind outlining future plans you have for the mod if any?
  10. Ah well some people seem to have gremlins for reasons they can never describe and I can never recreate. IVA wise: Are you experiencing the error (orientation issues) I have described in the OP? Do you have a fresh (post 4/9/14) install of HSH? EDIT: I've slowed down a bit on modding as some RL issues are currently demanding more of my time and basically all of my energy. I'll try to get some of the simple stuff knocked out before the weekend, but all new models will be on hold through the weekend.
  11. Guys just so it's clear, it doesn't really matter how much RAM you have over 2Gb (except maybe a bit extra for the OS), since the program can also only use 2Gb. Also KSP is not multithread, so I'm wondering if some people are suffering there. Even my old CPU had about 1GHz per core. And for reference I play with Kethane, KAS, and this installed and usually get 30-50 FPS in standard flight. My end stage stations/ships usually have ~150 parts and w/lifters are usually ~200 parts. Obviously it drops much lower on vehicle load.
  12. Not sure what kind of setup you've got, but 2Gb RAM is probably a must. Other than that I suggest you reduce the number of mods you have installed or try the load on demand texture mod. Honestly my 2008 build ran this just fine. (Updated it last month)
  13. Two comments: - It has been confirmed that this mod causes my animated parts to lag terribly in the VAB until the animation has been cycled once. I haven't looked into your code, but I thought you'd like to know. I don't know if this is unique to my mod. - Would you mind adding an option to play an animation if the part is occupied? I may do this one myself, but I thought it might be best to keep it simple and just roll it into your mod. if ( playOnOccupy && part.protoModuleCrew.Count > 0 ) Although reversing the animation upon leaving the part might be a bit more tricky. Anyway I'll look into both of these but wanted to give you a heads up.
  14. The command chairs will look a bit different, and the first generation won't have animations, but I'm thinking I may go back and add that functionality, or talk to stupid chris about occupancy dependent animations. Also make sure you have Unity 4.2 or else animations won't work in KSP. I don't know why. (If you want the current chair I use I can send you a Unity asset of it) The texture reduction mod causes problems in some cases. I would look into the 'Load On Demand' texture mod.
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