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  1. Yep this has been discussed many times and always comes back to needing to simulate physics for multiple craft at once which would be a large performance hit. Easiest solution is instead of recovering the craft just recover the kerbal. He can take any science he gathered anyway.
  2. The cargo bay is also quite a good fit for the experiment modules from the Station Science mod.
  3. More of a PSA than anything. For the "test parts" contracts the parts must be activated through the staging. Action groups don't count.
  4. Because Squad, and I assume their QA testing group, found the proposed resource system to be boring and not add what they wanted to the game. Personally I thank them for taking the time to try and create a fun system that adds something to the game instead of just using the first thing they came up with when it didn't work out.
  5. They're not going to abandon anything. Could you imagine the community's response if Squad called the game complete without IVAs for the Mk 2 and 3 cockpits? or without finishing career mode? It is in their best interest to finish the game completely in all its aspects. The most likely reason they haven't finished the IVAs is because they plan to redo the pods exterior as well. No reason to build an IVA if it won't match the exterior. Focusing on bugfixes and optimizations for an entire update may eventually lead to more features but that will require an extended period of time building fixes that may be broken in the next update and require another fix, which is more time the devs will need to take, still without actually adding any new features.
  6. While the second suggestion is better than the first, if you're never going to notice it during normal flight and operations then what is the point? So you can stop that one time somebody parks there lander on too steep a slope? It still feels like you're adding complexity just for complexity's sake, which is never good.
  7. I have never even sent a probe to Moho, Dres, or Eeloo even though I could. I know I could do it because with Kerbal Engineer and KAC I ran a simultaneous 3 ship science mission to Jool, with their sister ship going to Eve to drop off a probe during their transfer. I just... haven't, and I don't know why.
  8. Nope it does both. I specifically used it on a Munbase with a science rover that would go out, do science, dock with the base, clean the experiments, and send it back out. It also boosts the transmission value by 15%. Of course it's not going to be very useful for Duna since there aren't any biomes there. Once we have biomes for Ike and Duna, a single interplanetary mission that explores both with a lab will be much more viable.
  9. The devs have already said that they plan on you being able to exchange one resource for another. Sure you might not get any science from it, but you'll probably get a heck of a lot of reputation or money.
  10. I'm for moving them, nearly clipped them on one of my prototype SSTO launches. They don't seem to serve any real purpose and the runway already has smaller landing lights on the side. Comparatively those ones on the end are huge.
  11. We're playing as all 3. NASA has scientists of their own, who do their own research. The only difference is most of that research is focused on improving the technology they have or discovering new technology for space travel. That's... just a normal contract. A private group pays you if you do the job. And with Squad talking about being able to exchange money and science; you could potentially buy science with the money from that contract.
  12. I disagree. A small station with a science lab can make it so you only need one lander instead of one per biome, and probes are for use in places where you don't feel confident enough in your abilities to get a lander like Eve or Tylo or you don't feel you have the tech to get a manned landing there right now. Plus, odds are probes will be cheaper than a manned lander and can be useful for that little bit of extra science you need when you don't have the funding for a full mission.
  13. Maybe by clicking. But if you filter out the stuff it's not, it will probably show up on the left side as well. I don't know, just feels unnecessary.
  14. I like it as is. I've been using some of the engines from Interstellar that have no sound and it is way too quiet. I can deal with unrealistic things for gameplay sake.
  15. I don't understand what you're suggesting. You can already do this from map view, during flight.