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  1. Thanks! I like the idea of adding a hottub & bbq pit. I'll see if I can come up with something that passes. The deck's rails were made using strut connectors attached to qubic octagonal struts for posts. With no collision detection they are just there for looks.
  2. I used the 'land nearby then hop to dock' technique to attach my habitat modules to the central hub... My frame rates tanked adding the third wing so I scrapped the idea of adding the forth, final wing.
  3. +1 My pic of Jeb & Bill in my previous post is the south pole Monolith! The entire mission album...
  4. Squad, bring back our old Monoliths and don't leave out collision detection so we can do this again! Please!!! These are not some random scattering of boulders. What if they were portals that were linked somehow?...
  5. The 0 - 9 Action Keys I switch to the Number Pad. I find those numbers a quick reach with my right hand. Caps Lock = Throttle Up. Left Shift = Throttle Down. Left Ctrl = Normal/Fine RCS Thrust Toggle. In EVA movement I also use Caps Lock to Run or Up when using the Rocket Pack and Left Shift for Rocket Pack Down.
  6. @AlamoVampire: Known fact: Every part contains fuel. Antennae, structural parts, etc. Not all parts are able to distribute fuel like tanks do, which causes pressure to build inside. Not only do they explode but propels any kerbal that stumbles into one miles away.
  7. I'm running a fresh 1.1.2 install, no mods, all stock. The animation I'm experiencing when the legs deploy, As the struts rotate to their deployed position they pop into their extended position. the pads rotate down correctly, pausing in the landed position, then the pads reverse direction, coming to rest back into the stowed position shown in the picture, legs down, toes up. Only after landing do the pads rotate slowly to rest flat on the ground. No more sinking struts at least. It seams there is an extra animation kicking in that isn't necessary that only replicates if you launch with the la
  8. Even still it looks unrealistic with the pads overextended like that. Contact with the ground at that angle would push the heel into the ground. The bottom of the pads should at least be angled facing downward, perpendicular to the landing strut, not parallel as shown in the pic. In Unity 4 the landing legs behaved normally. Now they don't.
  9. The pads on the landing legs rotate past horizontal when deployed. Are they supposed to be mounted horizontally, along the bottom of the craft now? This is a carryover bug from 1.1.
  10. Please, give your flight crew Kerbals AI. Having them standing around like manikins is so unkerbal of them. Kerbals are full of curiosity and wonderment. Give them the ability to wander around on their own and interact with the ship and environment when not the point of focus. Path finding and collision detection so they can bump into things, not pass through them like they do in the VAB/SPH. It would be cool to see then entering/exiting hatches, climbing ladders, repairing things on their own without your direct input. Jetpacks and jumping too, Not too far or too high though. Don't want them
  11. Not so much a part itself but an perhaps have an optional horizontal IVA model for the Hitchhiker and Mobile Lab. One that we could toggle in the VAB/SPH. Mine and most other base builds I've seen on the forums here are landed or built on their sides. Here is a couple of mine. Looks cool on the outside but switching to IVA and looking out a porthole is disorienting. Now that cutaway views will become a thing in 1.1, seeing the original IVA turned on it's side will just look weird in cutaway view and I will probably just disable it for these builds. Here is a pic
  12. This was one of my attempts at bringing along a compact reusable rover. My rover deployment crane was built using IR & KAS parts. As the boom drops, it extends the rover out out away from the lander to clear the science jr. At the same time the rover wheels unfold from their stored position. Then the wench lowers the rover to the ground. When packing up it's reversed. The down side is it's exposed to reentry. Stock, this rover design is just the right size that it can ride slung undeneath my various Hab landers and ISRU mining rigs.
  13. Curiosity most certainly did. Watch 7 minutes of Terror:
  14. As I was reading I was getting knots in my stomach, thinking; Please, don't end bad. Please, don't end bad. Here's wishing your new KSP buddy a speedy recovery. +1 for you for spending time to entertain him. Now would whoever is cutting onions over here please stop.
  15. Try and visit and plant flags at all the Easter Eggs. There's a statue and a monolith around KSC base for starters. ScanSat helps to get you in the ballpark but terrain may have buried some of them.
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