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  1. 103rd successful booster landing. And another load of Starlink sats in orbit. Enough yet to take my money?
  2. The JWST Blog talks about why they didn't add any deployment monitoring cameras to the craft. Basically, they thought it wouldn't really provide enough information to the engineers about the deployment process if something went wrong -- a lot of narrow view cameras in many places could possibly show problems (at the cost of a lot more complexity in wiring), and wide-view cameras wouldn't show enough detail to be useful to the engineers for diagnosing problems. So not worth the added complexity. But, I think one stratigically-placed wide angle IR camera would have provided a nice view for those of us who paid 10 Billion dollars for the thing, if it could be safely done.
  3. Huh. The 'stick' that pushes off the upper stage apparently gets retracted. Entry burn looked nice. Aww... lost stage one video. Soggy deck. Landing good!
  4. Pop out the waffles. Nice view of fairing sep.
  5. You can see the rocket wobbling back and forth slightly in the closeups of the fairing, if you look closely. Liftoff
  6. Starlink launch feed is live! Let's go with getting more Starlink satellites up there so I can get Starlink Internet! T minus 10 minutes. 4th launch for this booster... it practically still has that new rocket smell. Fairing halves are being reused for 5th and 4th times.
  7. I'm very happy to see that the tensioning is going well, since it was the step I was most worried about.
  8. Both mid-booms appear to be fully extended. Next step: Tensioning the layers...supposed to take about two days.
  9. Given the number of U.S. taxpayers, and if we split the cost evenly, I apparently have about $70 riding on this launch. Seems like a lot more.
  10. Liftoff MECO. Stage 2 ignition good. Entry burn good. Booster landed. Both onboard and drone ship video of landing.
  11. Turksat 5B coverage has music... And Turksat 5B coverage is live. T minus 14 minutes Booster’s 3rd flight. Second flight for fairing.
  12. Shiny, one might even say. Commas are your friend.
  13. Zero-G indicator is a tortoise. ...or a turtle. I'm no expert on reptiles.
  14. MECO. Stage 2 good. Interesting exhaust streaming past first stage as the grid fins deploy. Are they doing the first stage turnaround differently (slowly) nowadays? First stage entry burn good. First stage is on the ship!
  15. Launch in 10 minutes. Time to get excited. And we have liftoff!
  16. SpaceX launch coverage is live. But no need to get too excited yet... launch is in 4 hours and 15 minutes.
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