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  1. I made a scrapbook project for cub scouts about the Gemini 6 & 7 rendezvous mission. So I'll feel old along with you.
  2. You can see the deck pitching by looking at the top of the booster shadow after landing. Yeah. It's like we live in the future or something.
  3. Starlink coverage is now available in Estonia. Where's my subscription? Entry burn looked good. Landed. Landing video was great.
  4. Launch coverage live. T-4 minutes Weather looks clear and nice in Vandenberg. Liftoff. Looking fine. MECO. Stage 2 good. Fairing sep. 4th flight for both fairing halves. Interesting tidbits (ice, I assume) drifting off of booster.
  5. Also, with a reusable spacecraft, I would expect that they don't want to spend more time than needed burning the retro thrusters, since that decreases their operational lifetime.
  6. Did SpaceX explain why they painted parts of the Starship black? Not that I'm complaining, since it will make it much easier to paint a simple model rocket version of it (as opposed to having to paint the ragged edge pattern of the tiles).
  7. Ship 24 needs a little cubesat that it can very slowly spit out before pirouetting so that the cubesat can quickly photograph tile condition before re-entry.
  8. How many strakes does that Heavy have? and what the heck is in the lower right? It looks like giant-sized planks of wood, but that can't be right.
  9. Video coverage of landing was crappy.
  10. Falcon startup. Liftoff. Lots of clouds west of the cape, but clear out over the ocean. Stage 2 is good. Fairing jettison, Booster entry burn start… Entry burn shutdown. SECO. Booster landed successfully.
  11. Nilesat launch coverage is live. T-8 minutes. I see that they do indeed wet down the deck of the drone ship.
  12. If they want to eventually be launching multiple starships every day, they are going to have to get over that limitation at some point. Might as well do it now.
  13. Nice view of the booster's shadow on the ocean as it was dropping down to the recovery ship.
  14. The lighting on the Starlink launch first stage was interesting as it popped up into sunlight.
  15. It was an interesting move... but I don't think the booster can hover... so I suspect that the deck of the drone ship may have been moving downward just then.
  16. Stream scheduled to start....... no stream.
  17. Have they decided against moving the front flaps farther up onto the top of the Starship? I seem to recall mention of moving them to positions 120 degrees apart instead of 180 degrees apart.
  18. The landing exhaust made a nice dry spot in the water layer that they apparently spread on the landing pad. I don't recall that they did this early on.
  19. Weather looks nice. 5 minutes to launch. Such a clean rocket. Liftoff Onboard video... nice. Normally a fog-covered mess.
  20. I just keep repeating Tater. I should just shut up. But those were REALLY nice tracking shots. Pretty landing at LZ1. 104th recovery. This booster was a reconfigured Falcon Heavy booster... interesting.
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