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  1. 4 hours ago, tater said:

    CRS-25 looks to be moving to Elon's birthday (funny since the interview above says they don't like launching that day (June 28) after the CRS-7 failure).

    If they want to eventually be launching multiple starships every day, they are going to have to get over that limitation at some point. Might as well do it now.

  2. 1 hour ago, tater said:

    First, a cool SS render from the SpaceX page:


    Have they decided against moving the front flaps farther up onto the top of the Starship? I seem to recall mention of moving them to positions 120 degrees apart instead of 180 degrees apart.

  3. The JWST Blog talks about why they didn't add any deployment monitoring cameras to the craft. Basically, they thought it wouldn't really provide enough information to the engineers about the deployment process if something went wrong -- a lot of narrow view cameras in many places could possibly show problems (at the cost of a lot more complexity in wiring),  and wide-view cameras wouldn't show enough detail to be useful to the engineers for diagnosing problems. So not worth the added complexity.

    But, I think one stratigically-placed wide angle IR camera would have provided a nice view for those of us who paid 10 Billion dollars for the thing, if it could be safely done. 

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