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  1. SpaceX Starship Flight Test video feed is live with music
  2. Weird looking 2nd stage nozzle. This is to save money?
  3. FTransporter 7 booster successfully landed back near launch pad.
  4. Stage one landed on droneship. Nice clear droneship video Orbit good.
  5. T minus two minutes Liftoff. MECO Good 2nd stage. Fairing sep. Entry burn done.
  6. Interesting contrail view from 2nd stage, backlit by sun
  7. Weather looks nice. 2:30 until launch. Liftoff. MECO. Sep. Second stage good. Fairing off. Nice ground shot showing both stages and fairing halves against dark sky. Interesting texture of interstate showing up in low sun angle. Entry burn good.
  8. Entry burn was good. First stage landed. 7th landing for this booster.
  9. Tee Eee *giggle* Liftoff. MECO. Good 2nd stage ignition. Hmm. Partial boostback. Interesting.
  10. CRS-27 launch coverage is live, showin T minus 29 minutes.
  11. Always enjoy a nice boostback. RTLS launches are fun. Nice landing of booster. Excellent camera work. It seemed to have a little bounce on landing (or maybe I mis-saw... I'll have to rewatch).
  12. One minute to Falcon 9 launch Oneweb Launch 17 .......Liftoff!
  13. First stage entry burn... Entry burn shut down. Looks good. SECO. Booster landed. Dragon sep from stage 2. Good job, Falcon 9.
  14. T minus 3 minutes for Crew 6 launch Liftoff. Good staging.
  15. 21 Starlink V2 minis are now in orbit.
  16. Liftoff. Staging good. Interesting view of fairing separation, looking backward from somewhere on top of the Starlink stack? Starlink service is live in Rowanda... but not yet at my house. Interesting shadow of booster on Nitrogen jet gas Entry burn successful Landing! Nice views from both booster and drone ship.
  17. Starlink launch music Coverage is live. T minus 6 minutes. Starlink V2 minis. Booster's 3rd flight.
  18. I thought they said earlier that there is another window tomorrow. Or did they get too far into the count for a tomorrow turnaround?
  19. Winds look low…condensed water vapor clouds gently wafting around. Such a clean booster. First flight?
  20. I'm looking forward to seeing the program develop through its early versions as new features are added, recapturing the wild and woolly exciting days of playing the alpha versions of KSP 1.
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