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  1. But a tiny cargo should be OK. I would think a microsat that could be released to circle around the Dragon taking pictures of the ship (and me in the observation cupola dome) would be cool.
  2. Separation. The Dragon has wings. What is the zero-G indicator toy?
  3. Entry burn start Entry burn end. 2nd stage burn continuing well. SECO. In orbit! Booster landed.
  4. Yes, props loading. Committed to launch at 8:02PM EDT
  5. Foggy foggy fully operational space lasers… ooooooo! Shut up and take my money. And we have Liftoff! Max Q MECO
  6. It's based on thin plastic hooks and loops... (well, the hooks are plastic...maybe the loops are fabric?) ...how will those do it low temperatures out in space? And then there's the question of the adhesive. Do astronauts use Velcro on EVAs? These use it all over the place inside ships, but I don't know if it's used outside. So I'm asking.
  7. I'm sad. Blue Origin has an important role to fulfill in getting SpaceX to actually lower Starship launch prices.
  8. That staging sequence sounds dubious to me.
  9. I thought they moved pairs of the grid fins closer together (not 90 degrees apart) to facilitate catching the booster by the grid fins. But why do that if they're going to snag the booster by hard points?
  10. Meh. When your billionaire has the lowest bar, it would be embarrassing if he couldn't jump it first.
  11. They also need to make the engines for the Lunar Lander Ship.
  12. I remember when Starship skins used to be all wrinkly. That huge length of smooth, shiny tube sure is pretty.
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