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  1. This is not a proper way to vet methane. Although I guess it's more environmentally friendly.
  2. Why don’t they show the ground track or something more interesting than a view of mission control?
  3. I have also now sent them $99. We’ll see how it goes. I’m fine with helping pay for rocket development...and getting speedy Internet. But it wouldn’t become my only Internet connection until it gets full coverage.
  4. They make you pay before they are ready to ship to you?
  5. I finished season 2. I’ll give a space show a chance... but there’s so much technically stupid stuff, it’s hard to enjoy.
  6. Good job, SpaceX. Crew in orbit, first stage on the drone ship. Making it look routine.
  7. Previous reentry vehicles were not shaped like cylinders because there was no need to do so. The capsules did not have a cylindrical shape because that was not the optimum shape for their missions. SpaceX now wants to bring a vehicle with a cylindrical hull back to Earth intact (because that shape is optimal for a launch vehicle body), so they will attempt to do so. I don't know of any Physics reasons saying that it's impossible, so I expect they can do the engineering. We'll see. The only cylindrical object that I know of that was designed to reenter Earth's atmosphere and land intact (and which actually DID so) was the Apollo Lunar Module SNAP Plutonium cask. On Apollo 13, that cylindrical object entered Earth's atmosphere at lunar speeds and successfully survived the entry and ocean impact without loss of structural integrity (since none of the plutonium was detected in the atmosphere or ocean). Engineering success.
  8. I'm not clear why people think you have to catch a Starship at bellyflop speed. You could still do the flip and braking maneuver, then drop it onto a net. It would have to be a sufficiently flame resistant net, maybe made of metal cables. And the support towers holding up the net could pivot inwards, turning the flat net into a 'bag' to catch the Starship mostly vertically. Cylindrical balloons around the rim of the net could inflate to cushion the sides of the Starship.
  9. Well... that was an unexciting crash.
  10. Entry burn. I loves me a good entry burn. Landed! Interesting. They actually had video of the start of the landing burn from the booster. Then saw the booster coming in from the drone...but lost that signal. THEN showed view from the booster's camera of it sitting on the deck. And later a view of the landed booster from the deck cam.
  11. Sixth flight for this booster. Again, they are hosing off the deck of the drone ship. Why? Again, the will be recovering the fairing halves from the drink. Are they not trying to catch them at all anymore, or is it that they can't attempt a catch in the dark? Booster looks very steamy tonight. Lackof wind? Just high humidity, I guess. Falcon 9 is in Startup. Liftoff! They didn't even give a verbal countdown. Odd. MECO. Good stage 2 ignition. Deploys the hot waffles.
  12. Music on the stream. And the launch coverage is live.
  13. If everything goes perfectly. Otherwise...later.
  14. MECO. Good stage 2 ignition. Entry burn Looked good. Hot grid fins! Stage 1 has landed. A new record!
  15. Have they given up on catching the fairing halves in nets? They seem to only be fishing them out of the drink lately. Falcon 9 is in startup. And we have liftoff!
  16. Launch coverage is LIVE. First flight of a booster for the 9th time. Why are they hosing down the deck of the drone ship?
  17. If they plan on snagging the SuperHeavy out of the air with launch tower arms upon landing, I would think that they need to start with some low altitude, hop-up, move-over, hover-into-the-tower-arms kind of thing. unless they plan to outfit the first SH prototype with landing gear of some sort.
  18. No. You don’t have to expend extra delta-V to fly off in a different direction. Just take off going in that direction. R-7 had 10-km hit accuracy *IF* it follows its intended course. But, as I said, it has to stay on course to do that. You can’t have somebody hammer in a gyroscope at the wrong angle, for example (not that I’m implying that a Russian worker could ever hammer in a sensor incorrectly...obviously that could never happen).
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