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  1. Just for information purposes, I've been using this in 1.4.2 (with the dependencies updated from CKAN) and have not had any issues so far.
  2. wow, thanks for the quick answers! Well, looks like it's the CRP for me then. Now if you'll excuse me... I have a bunch of new planets to Colonize...
  3. Hey guys, great mod, but I've been looking through the post for some info and can't figure it out, so... Do I have to use the Community Resource Pack to get resources on the new planets etc, or do they come with the "stock" resources on them?
  4. Wow guys... I'm busy for a couple of months with school... and you go and change the whole Forums on me!!!!....  Now I'm just confused... :confused:

  5. Nice work! About to start playing around with it. I'm always interested in Deep Space parts, I think we don't have enough. How about a couple of cool Command pods too?
  6. Um... I think you forgot something CommanderSonic... I like this one myself... because Fallout... Can't remember where I got it. Courage Today... Victory Tomorrow!
  7. we'll miss you Friz! Thanks for all your great work! FASA has always been one of my all time favorite mods; glad to know it's in good hands with Nathan. Smooth Burns and Safe Orbits my friend.
  8. Thanks for the update Hooji, now I can start playing with my favorite stock-like expansion again.
  9. DEVO!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Crap your alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid one of the Outback's nastier denizens had done away with you! Glad your back. In a strange coincidence, you'll never guess who I ran into playing "World of Warships" the other day.... Redspar!!! I talked to him on Teamspeak, and he's planning on revisiting his Eagle mod once KSP switches to Unity 5. I wonder who I'll run into next... Elvis? Aliens??? I'm so excited!
  10. Yeah, thats kinda what I'm doing, I'm just cruising around in a Sidewinder... seeing the Galaxy 7.5 light years at a time. XD Trying the build the "perfect" Sidewinder as a side project, to give myself something to do.
  11. Anyone want to play sometime? I'ts kinda hard to meet people in the game, your always flying past going to or from somewhere... In game name, same as on the Forums here. I was somewhere around the Styx System... but we could rendezvous up somewhere.
  12. You can do it yourself, just stick with the amounts already in the tanks. Just be sure to change the engine configs to use Liquid fuel too, but don't change the ISP, or the amount of fuel they use per second. If you don't change those, then the ship will "perform" in the same way: the same amount of fuel will equal the same amount of Delta V*(see below). Be aware though, that I'm not sure how much mass Necrobones gave his Nuclear Fuel, so changing it to Liquid will probably make the ship much heavier. With a similar effect on performance. Depending on how much heavier the fuel switch mak
  13. Very Cool Mod! Been hoping someone would make the Discovery one day! And a Monolith Too!!! (now all we need is some Trippy music... XD) I especially like the way you stayed true to the original from the movie, while still giving the ship a "Kerbal" feel. Well done. I've been doing some playing around, and I can confirm it is possible to launch the Discovery from the KSC... and it's not even that hard... (I used no cheats or mod parts other than being in Sandbox mode) Observe; I basically just built 2 SLS stacks side by side. Yeehaw! Jeb says "I see you there, Mun..." On the last sta
  14. Westi If you launch it from the KSC as a ship, instead of building it in orbit (which takes waaaaay to long for me ) it will use about 1/4 of it's fuel getting to orbit. With that amount you can go to Jool and back fairly easy. If you do your aero-braking right, you can even have about 1/8 of your fuel left when you get back to Kerbin. If you refuel it once in orbit, then you can go anywhere in the Kerbin system, or achieve escape velocity from the system (which I did once, just to see if I could). Though for a real Interstellar trip as you propose for your videos, you'd really need some
  15. Looking forward to your new series as well Westi If Deep Space Kerbal needs a Sister Ship, you might try this one... (also my submission for Yogui's "Stock" ship challenge for the Icarus parts) In keeping with the names from Greek mythology, I call it Argus: I intended it as a partner for the Odysseus (since Argus was Odysseus' loyal dog). The idea being that Odysseus went in first with probes etc, to find a good site; and the Argus comes behind with the Research Staff and/or Colonists. You can't tell from the pics, but the Hab rings are situated such that they counter rotate. Looks really
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