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  1. Yet more fun diverting myself while we wait for KSP 2. Beginning to create a few of the shots from the release announcement trailer and thought the moon surface part would be fun to get started on. Need to add a bunch of random rocks and features to the surface but I like the direction this is taking. Also need to change the default GIMP lens flare to something closer to the video and then finally render it all in a larger format.
  2. More fun tweaking the planet generator.
  3. Refining the planet generator that started from a tutorial and steadily grown and morphed into what I have here. Finally added the ability to color distinct zones on the landmasses so desert,grass/tree areas, and snow topped mountains can be tweaked. Next I get to add the atmosphere with correct coloring as well as the various cloud layers. Craters are included but need some further tweaking as well. So close to done! The ability to add rings would be nice..... Fully procedural and adjustable. A few tiny tweaks and a Duna like planet begins to appear. Or a moon
  4. More random moon fun. Having my usual fun making simple moons in Blender.
  5. Older stuff I found laying around. Crafts were all downloaded from these forums. (Sorry for the crazy spacing, not sure why it gets all messed up) Planets and such Random crafts and whatnot Kerbals
  6. After seeing the jaw dropping announcement for KSP 2, I thought it might be fun to start a new thread for some KSP Blender related artwork. Planet ideas, basic craft renders, and all sorts of diversions to keep me sane while I eagerly await KSP 2. Taking some inspiration from a frame in the announcement video I threw together this quick probe flyby of a lava fractured moon. More fun with procedural texturing
  7. No, this is all just some fun in the node editor with a tiny bit of nudging in the compositor for some blur to the atmosphere.
  8. Thanks!! The node tree looks like a spaghetti mess but it works. Basic breakdown: To the very left is the workhorse of it all that generates the planetary noise. It uses a few sliders to adjust the land size and the amount of 'water' goes into ocean areas, it also serves as the main mask between water and land. Now as we stack things up in the center portion we add various parts to the planets. More land and sea controls at the bottom. Above that is where we can add 'rivers' or cracks in the planet that we can constrain to only land areas. Next comes craters, icecaps, and
  9. My Kepler-186f made from a procedural planet generator I'm tinkering with.
  10. Messing around with @RocketSquid's rocket a bit. Still working on it but had some fun doing a static animation.
  11. A work in progress for @RealKerbal3x. Having fun with Photoshop filters.
  12. A belated welcome to Korbin from Jeb!
  13. Had a bit of fun with @oAsAo 's parachuting Kerbal.
  14. Had some fun with @aval5 's artwork posted above. Animated: https://i.imgur.com/XPdHm3a.gifv Static:
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