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  1. Having fun with @pandoras kitten 's P101b and did a quick couple of renders for fun.
  2. Slowly learning to paint Jeb. A work in progress. Recently learned the power of clipping masks in Photoshop so I think I'm going to start from scratch on a new Kerbal posed entirely on my own. Maybe place him on the Mun with a Flag and some sort of lander. Ambitious for a rank amature like me but I never thought painting could be so relaxing and fun.
  3. Loving these Battlestar Galactica replicas
  4. Yet more fun with @atassiedevil 's Vipers. Straight simple Blender render this time.
  5. Just some pencil sketch effects in Blender/Photoshop with @atassiedevil 's Vipers. Vipers on patrol.
  6. Not really drawn but couldn't resist some Photoshop fun.
  7. Officially done with this community.  Try and make a suggestion and get crapped on by elitist community members and ignored by the very people that can answer the question you came asking.  "Go ask someone else" seems to be the standard. Screw it.

  8. Moderator request. Please delete or lock this thread as it is being abandoned and the imgur links removed.
  9. I will personally birth your children at this moment @ZooNamedGames. I swear to all that is holy. [snip]
  10. Look, this is turning sour here and that was not my intention. I simply saw an opportunity to make what I thought would be a positive change to how the community discussion pages are setup over on Steam and set about finding out just who we would have to ask about making some changes. That's it. Asked the moderator just who I needed to talk with and got a response that was less than helpful. He's busy,I get it. I've skimmed my fair share of customer requests prior to my retirement. So at this point let's just forget I asked and let this drift into the dustbin.
  11. I was never asking for the level of moderation we enjoy here. Make no mistake I know perfectly well the vivid differences between what passes for moderation over there and here. Yes, warm that ban hammer up, seriously. And you're wrong, I would LOVE for the level of active moderation to be present in the Steam forums. Holy hell the number of idiotic threads that would have been deleted. All I was suggesting was the addition of some extra sub threads might be a welcome change. A setup closer to how Flight Simulator X has their steam discussion arranged. And countless other games that enjoy numerous sub forums within their Steam discussions.
  12. So, I guess I shouldn't have even bothered to ask is what I'm reading.
  13. Ok, so again. Squad moderates those discussion forums. They can delete threads, lock them, make pins, etc. But your saying Squad must ask Steams permission to add sub forums under the already given discussion forum?
  14. And how does this relate to my post? Of course it runs independently. That has zero to do with a few sub forum additions over in the other discussion area.
  15. Squad is the one who dictates what sub forums show up under the main discussions on Steam. It is a Squad moderated discussion forum and like numerous other products(games) up there on Steam, they have the ability to add whatever sub forum under the main discussions area they want. I think maybe Vanamonde you misunderstood the nature of my question and I apologize if my question was overly vague and that I was not more specific on what I was asking. I know you were just trying to help but I just find it highly dubious that in order to have a sub forum added we, the users, have to contact Steam. (I'd rather chew my damn arm off) and not someone here at Squad. Not sure how Squad could protect its brand if they were not the ones in full control of those Steam discussions under their community pages. @sal_vager Can you please weigh in on this since I see your name pop over over there in a moderation fashion? Who am I supposed to ask over in that mess about adding Sub forums to Squads discussion area? Some Steam support thread somewhere? The Steam KSP general discussion thread? Because that almost seems as productive as peeing windward due to the exact chaos I'm trying to get rid of. As far as I know you're the only moderator over there so I'm not sure who else I might even begin to approach about this now. I just simply thought a tiny facelift to the way the discussions were organized over on the Steam side of things might be a welcome change to that community. Of course it could also just be the rantings of a slightly OCD ol' timer who's head is going to explode at what appears to be a missed opportunity for Squad to put a better face on what for many is their first experience with the game.