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  1. @Brigadier I have the same issue, without SD. I'm very certain it's caused by KK reapplying the scale factor on every scene change. After a game restart, the runway starts at regular size and the cycle starts again. The runway is the only object that has a scalefactor != 1 in GPP. I changed that to 1, and while then no longer matching up with the rest of the fancier KSC, it at least stopped the runway from reaching into space after a couple of launches. It does providean interesting challenge, having to plan your orbits so your satellites don't collide with the super-runway . And yes, the runway does get calculated for collisions even in orbit several hundred km above the planet.
  2. After stumbling upon the "quarter scale RSS" mod, I realized that its root concept is exactly what I want: A somewhat more difficult solar system (especially for endgame mods such as KSPI), without going the full tediousness of RSS, but I really like the stock solar system (with OPM). Then stumbled upon your gem of a mod that not only allows to easily scale it on my own, but also fine-tune the relevant aspects. Amazing idea, amazing implementation. Thank you for it! It's like playing the game for the first time again . Still got a question, because I'm not good with physics & maths: What values would constitute a true 2.5x scaled stock system? Including gravity, atmosphere etc.? And is there a way I can can calculate rough deltaV needs (e.g. everybody knows that 4k m/s are enough for stock orbit, but how much would I need in a 2.5 rescale?)
  3. Thank you for this mod. After years of playing KSP, I find managing maneuver nodes for simple transfers manually has become a chore, and this is a great way to ease that burden. Amazing mod!
  4. Is it possible to load ETT into an existing savegame? Tried it, but only got a very messed up techtree (lines all over the place, very chaotic).
  5. Coming back to KSP, I enjoy the beautiful docking ports of this mod (and bumpers, and lights, and everything!). But I do have one issue (that I didn't find a solution for searching this thread): I cannot stack anything on a docking port. I am used to be able to stack stuff atop a docking port, but I can't with Ven's? When I select another part, I can see the attach node show up for a split second, but it then disappears and I can't connect anything to it. Docking ports from other mods (e.g. SpaceY) work fine. It also only affects clampotron Jr/regular/Sr. All the inline versions and the shielded docking port work fine as well. EDIT: And obviously, I immediately found a "solution" (though I don't really understand the logic): If I deploy the bumpers in the VAB, I can stack. If they are retracted, I can't. However, the parts then do clip (because they attach in the regular spot, not "atop the bumpers"), so I'm expecting fun times when detaching.
  6. Nice, good to see you carrying on the torch! I failed at keeping it up to date because of RL, as usual.
  7. Actually, there already is a pull request to fix SVE's netkan: I'm guessing it'll be integrated very soon (=today-ish).
  8. Or just use SVE "as is", with EVE included. That's why SVE currently conflicts with EVE, in terms of NetKAN logic. Sure, it'd be nice if EVE was separated from its config files, but that should be discussed in a separate thread. It would certainly make it much cleaner to combine EVE with the various possible configs for it, in a dependency-safe mode.
  9. Eleventhed. This literally makes me not want to submit any complex posts anymore.
  10. The simpler alternative would be to fix the netkan file. If you don't want to, others can do it. It's easy. I understand some people don't like it, while others do. There's little harm in supporting ckan, and they really made it amazingly easy to manage support. All you need is a github account and the understanding to edit a simple array textfile. Currently, the SVE netkan says this: I guess it really only needs the removal of the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements dependency? I also guess the Kopernicus recommendation is nonsensical? If you could confirm that to be true, the fixed netkan would be, and I (or anyone else) could just edit it. EDIT: Actually, EVE should probably be added as a conflict, to make it clear that they do not work together as a user might expect.
  11. Why would "super" not be possible? All of them are very easy, because it is very easy to build very lightweight stock SSTOs. At the very least this challenge should have a "achieve with minimum weight/cost" approach. With separate categories for "with mining" and "without".
  12. Full log is on the large side: Log (21MB) I also see I failed to mention I run Win x64, so don't bother too much with my reports. Above logfile sports a launch (incl a short crash-and-burn-after-launch), reaching 150km and descending. PC locked up (Bluescreen, but I'm not gonna blame that on you ) at ~12km on descent, hence the abrupt end. However, I did find out what's up due to that bluescreen: After rebooting, the A-4 was sitting on the pad, ready for launch. Curiously, it was marked as debris in the space center. Double-checked it in tracking station, yeah, it's debris alright. And that's the cause of it all: The A4 probe core apparently defaults to Debris ship type, and debris apparently doesn't get tracked for contracts (even when they are the active vessel). After going to the pad and manually doing the Rename ship -> changing vessel type to "ship", all the "Destination:Earth" things of the other contracts were checked, and after launch, all contracts now work as they should do.
  13. I started my 1.0.5 RP0 for the first time (fresh install, RO+RP0 setup via CKAN), and I do have an issue that must have a simple explanation I'm too stupid to find. I installed all the requirements and recommendations, then manually pruned them of tanks/fairings that I never use (procedural parts ftw). I also added a bunch of "tool" mods I can't live without (QuickScroll/Search, AmbientLightAdjust, EditorExtensions, etc.) . Nothing that should mess with the game too much. I do not use KCT right now. Neither Scatterer nor any other graphical mods. At career start, I get two missions: Karman Line (uncrewed) and First Flight, which I accept. Despite launching my first rocket (I used a simple A-4) and putting it over ~125km, no contract was completed. Also none of the other "auto-contracts (world records)" were completed. So I redid it step by step: When sitting on the pad, the "Destination:Earth" of the "Karman Line" mission is properly ticked, but not on any other (noticeable the world records). When taking off, nothing happens (most noticeably, the "Launch a new vessel" on the "First Flight" contract does not get ticked. When reaching the first record thresholds (10.000m, 350m/s), nothing happens: Nothing is ticked. Throughout the flight, the only thing to be (rather: remain) ticked is the "Destination:Earth" on Karman Line. When exceeding 100.000m, the "Above 100.000m" is still not ticked. Also, I do get fully upgraded base buildings from the get-go (I use Kourou as launch site), which probably should not be the case as well, even without KCT. Anyone have an idea what could cause this?
  14. Great idea for a challenge! RasterProp certainly should not be allowed. It basically defeats the purpose, you could just as well allow Kerbal Engineer considering the amount of data RPM gives you. It even has map visualizations...