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  1. tree TREE [Drive:[[Path] [/F] [/A] Drive:\Path Drive and directory containing disk for display of directory structure. /F Displays file names in each directory. /A ext characters used for linking lines, instead of graphic characters. /a is used with code pages that do not support graphic characters and to send output to printers that do not properly interpret graphic characters. Something like: @echo off tree C:\Users
  2. The worst game I've recently played is Pizza Dude. Pizza Dude. Here's the description from the website: Seems weird. But let's run it. It can't be that bad, right? You get a screen with two people who don't really look like people. You click "new game", you get a blackscreen. Apparently, it's the character selection. Select a character by just clicking randomly. You get to see the game. Or at least, the intro. It's very long and very boring and you can't skip it, but that's not really a problem, because then you look at the textures that are made out of cardboard. It's a city with a pizza res
  3. "would it be possible to walk on the sun?" "I don't know, but if they do it, they should do it at night, because otherwise it'll be too hot and there'll be too much light." I don't find it all dumb, but some things just don't make sense.
  4. The only thing you can do is to do thing as efficient as possible. I mean, changing your habits changes a lot. If you don't use electronics, turn them off. If you like to shower a long time, learn yourself doing shorter. Buy double-glass windows, buy solar panels, buy electric-generating water warmers or sun collectors... There are a lot of innovative ideas. Like, instead of having water of the shower going to the sewers, have a heat exchanger(a spiral arround the waterworks) warm the water that goes to the boiler, that way you can shower a lot longer. You can invest in those things if you buy
  5. Well, it turns out the motherboard is dead. Any mb recommendations for a FX 8350? It shouldn't be too expensive, overclocking is not intended and SLI/CrossFire isn't too(but it's a nice touch).
  6. So I have this PC which was doing strange things 4 months ago, it wouldn't POST(no beep). It was just after my brother brought it downstairs. I removed the RAM to see if it beeped at all and it beeped. I ended up resetting the CMOS a few times, and it worked again. Then he brought it back to the other place. Again, it wouldn't POST, I reset the CMOS and it ran again. That went OK for a few weeks, sometimes it needed to reset the CMOS. But now he moved it again and it wouldn't POST again and nothing worked. The PSU works(not tested on high loads thought), CPU works. I removed everything and jus
  7. Today I broke a record, I started up my pc and started up RealTemp... And the 4th core of my i5 3570k was 11 degrees Celsius. That's how cold it was in my room. Yes, I have an overkill heatsink and I don't overclock, but I'm wondering... is the temperature delta T or just T? And is this the same for AMD(I think AMD's delta T thought, because it's sometimes colder than the room itself, which is impossible)?
  8. Definitely not. It's only one generation old(if you consider the 760, not the 970 and 980), and it runs pretty neat. Not to mention that this is a "rank" lower, (50 vs 60), and looking at the benchmarks a 750 ti performs much worse than the 660. Even if you had more money, it's not worth it unless you spend your money on a 970. Your GPU is simply good at the moment. If you want another awesome GPU, I would save that money, and ask the same question next year. Then you have twice the money and the performance gap is bigger.
  9. You have some good points. I've never thought about that either. Nor do I know electronics. They have a pretty neat amount of tutorials here: http://www.espruino.com/Tutorials Not super many, but at least they're good. I like for the fact that you can start very quickly with an espruino, and you don't have to compile anything. That said, if you have some network stuff, you can just give it commands very quickly. I know, this is nothing new, you can program this yourself... But javascript makes it easier. It's not very fast, but it doesn't need to be fast. What's fast is how quick you can progr
  10. GEETTT HYPED! A microcontroller that's a USB stick too which runs javascript! Yeah. They have 70 hours left and I want to give the project more attention, because I'd be glad if they could push it to 60k gbp for the next stretch goal. It's a whole new world of possibilities, even with all the microcontrollers out there.
  11. Oh this will run KSP and many other games nice! >25 FPS at least!
  12. Well if you buy a new CPU, it probably won't fit into your motherboard anyways, so you have to buy a new one. Well now I see how old it is... it's still DDR2. That's *very* old. New CPUs won't get into it and DDR3/4 won't get into it either. So it's outdated, there's no way to keep it if you want to go with new parts.
  13. Go for the new 970 or 980. They have much, much better value for money and they will fit with your current PSU because they are more power efficient. + newer technology.
  14. I am also glad Squad didn't sell it's company for 2.5 biliion
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