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  1. Sounds cool. Could you also have a toggle to add an auto-counter-torque option for single main blade helicopters? In a single blade helicopter setup this would adjust the tail stabilizer torque based on the torque applied by the main rotor.
  2. Thank you So Much!!!! I feature requested this years ago and it got poo-pooed as unnecessary. Hopefully this mod will become so essential they will add the feature! I can't say how much I wanted this! THANK YOU!!!!
  3. Any issues with 1.11? I'll report back if there are any problems myself. If anyone else has a problem please report it. I'm using Restock/Restock+ so I'm thus checking for issues with those as well. I am adding the patches for automatic addition of inventory to all pods in order to acomidate 1.11 better. I recommend just marking that patch as recommended on all your mod when incrementing the number as oppose to patching. (Include it in the instructions on manual install, and mark it recommended on CKAN.) Update: Loading tested, only error is a single NRE on launch (I suspect I
  4. I hope KIS gets reimplemented to augment the stock inventory system, myself. Notably, only some parts would need rework.
  5. Try launching the game directly. You don't have to use GOG Galaxy to launch any game sold on GOG. They specifically don't lock their games to the launcher.
  6. Yeah, that is what I meant. You need to check their behavior. Make sure it's starting at it's maximum extended state instead of at the middle or top. Also, you might want to make sure your wheel collider isn't creating two colliders for the wheel (one general physics, one wheel) instead of one.
  7. I'll have to test the mods in question. I should see if it's been fixed by this change first.
  8. Should this fix other mods that also have NREs on drag cubes, or just the fairings. Several mods have run into NREs on loading drag cubes for non-fairing parts.
  9. You might want to talk to the developer of Airplane Plus about how he manages wheels. He has a lot of good wheels in his set.
  10. If they could (I know it is added lawyer expense) they should make a specific EULA for each game and service, and give the user the choice of agreeing to the 2K EULA or each individual EULA. Generally most people would rather do the former, for simplicity. The game or service EULA should be based on an option selection of boilerplate clauses based on what types of games or services you are using.
  11. I really think the privacy section of the EULA does need to be updated with details under what they use each type of information for. It also needs to be clarified that it's the EULA for ALL services by 2K. It also needs to be clear that the information given is in a Non-Exclusive Unlimited license to 2K to utilize in purposes relating to the games and services you wish to use. Then add a second section for anonymous analytics with what information is stored there separately.
  12. As a note, any tests for the latest KSP version on this? Some part-only mods ran into trouble.
  13. Several minor changes to part handling *cough*Drag Cubes*cough* broke a bunch of parts. Hopefully they will fix that in 1.10.1
  14. To address your initial problem: That is behaving as intended. Don't do that. As of how to prevent that: Parts clipped together should ALWAYS be treated as a single segment when setting up staging, this means you need to set up a parent mount that ALL the clipped shields link to for this case and decouple the parent mount from the ship. This will give you a clean decouple. Any option to force them to self destruct after a delay will involve mods as far as I know. I'm not sure if the sequencer part from Breaking Ground might be able to be used to create a delayed action, though.
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