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  1. On my DNS issues with CKAN, it might be something in my system settings. My system is all full of cruft and lint from 4 years of upgrades through Ubuntu revisions, so I'm going to be doing a clean reinstall soon. I finally have real motivation to do it, since the latest Mesa install fixes the problems I have in ARK: Survival Evolved (should for other Linux Radeon users out there.)
  2. Could we get biome specific bases on celestial bodies (one for each biome) as well as having one station in high orbit another in low orbit?
  3. There should be a function built in to CKAN for recovery, that basically deletes and reinstalls everything but your installed mod list. As a note on my own DNS issues. It seems to work fine with the KSP_CKAN_USE_CURL="1" variable so my issue is clearly an issue with either the new network code.
  4. I was wondering if this could be modified to work for making non-ablative heat shield. Idealy make 3 varieties. High-temp conductive (High heat capacity coefficient, High heat tolerance, high conductivity, high durability) High-Temp insulator (Normal heat capacity coefficient, High heat tolerance, low conductivity, lightweight, fragile), and normal (Normal heat capacity coefficient, normal heat tolerance, normal conductivity, high durability, lighter and cheaper.) lightweight (Low heat capacity coefficient, low heat tolerance, low durability, ultralight, cheap.)
  5. You could simply retry by parsing the error and running it again after a delay if it is on a list of errors that might be resolved with a retry. I like the idea of running the DNS resolver first. The DNS resolver routine should have a longer timeout.
  6. I'm using linux and honestly I think that subroutine just links to libcurl. I'll try that environmental variable. If it does fix it, I'll look into the .Net reference to see if there are some changes you can do to fix the issue. You likely need to increase the DNS timeout and DNS retries. p.s. Correction I misread the boolean test. It never uses curl under Windows (to save shipping it.). Could we get the option to select libcurl in the settings instead?
  7. I've had an issue since the latest release of CKAN where it frequently has trouble resolving domain names. Neither BIND Dig, nor Firefox has trouble finding the domains in question. I wonder if the libcurl routines are improperly configured to have too short a DNS timeout. p.s. for you non geeks. It's failing to find the web server. I wonder if it's not waiting long enough from for the reply matching the server's name to it's address. (Almost missed a teachable moment.) As of BIND Dig, it's a command line tool for looking up those records of server's addresses.
  8. I've been having problems in recent version where Contract Configurator is expecting an integer for the last random seed and it is receiving a float. This is triggering an NRE, at least on Linux. I can isolate it, get a bug report, and make sure it is contract configurator and not a mod conflict.. Do you know a specifically "Clean" contract set I should use to test it?
  9. KSP Weekly: Godspeed, John Glenn

    Could you add parallax mapping on the fairings as well or would that be overkill in your book?
  10. I wish the licensing could be set to allow for forks only on Github, since GitHub allows near automatic tracking of attribution of changes and collaboration on patches and fixes this is the best solution to keep mods going.
  11. I think that was the issue. Good excuse to run my regular pruning of old cert files anyway. It seems I had a couple dozen old files which have either been revoked or expired (likely expired.) Several companies have consolidated their lower security keys under their high security keys as they expire now that it has been established what level of security is sufficient for a 20 year root key. By using a secondary key signed by the root key for most key signing purposes, the use of the root key can be reduced and limited to a small amount of high-entropy data making it very hard to crack. I guess I'll wait for SpaceDock to update their key then. It should take around 48 hours, considering it expired on a weekend.
  12. I've run into a lot of cert errors on the latest update. I'm checking my cert store and such.
  13. It's the IFS core plugin, not the main IFS package. It doesn't let me "reinstall" due to dependency hell. You probably should update the version if you change the files to make this easier for everyone. If you keep the index file version number the same CKAN presumes it's unchanged without looking at it. I recommend simply adding "ckan1" at the end of the version if it's a CKAN specific patch. This is adopted off of Linux distribution specific versions of packages where they are add a modification name and then a patchset number. It will coax CKAN into seeing it as a new version, even though it's only the index file that's new.
  14. I've bumped into an issue with localization strings in the latest version. Image on Steam: To get the fancy tanks included install the full Interstellar Fuel Switch mod, not just the interstellar core mod. The core mod is just the library it uses, for use with other mods or module manager scripts. You might also need Community Resource pack.
  15. [1.3.1] SM Marine, 1.3.1v BETA Typhoon and Stealth

    That Minisub is looking sweet!