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  1. I wish the licensing could be set to allow for forks only on Github, since GitHub allows near automatic tracking of attribution of changes and collaboration on patches and fixes this is the best solution to keep mods going.
  2. I think that was the issue. Good excuse to run my regular pruning of old cert files anyway. It seems I had a couple dozen old files which have either been revoked or expired (likely expired.) Several companies have consolidated their lower security keys under their high security keys as they expire now that it has been established what level of security is sufficient for a 20 year root key. By using a secondary key signed by the root key for most key signing purposes, the use of the root key can be reduced and limited to a small amount of high-entropy data making it very hard to crack. I guess I'll wait for SpaceDock to update their key then. It should take around 48 hours, considering it expired on a weekend.
  3. I've run into a lot of cert errors on the latest update. I'm checking my cert store and such.
  4. It's the IFS core plugin, not the main IFS package. It doesn't let me "reinstall" due to dependency hell. You probably should update the version if you change the files to make this easier for everyone. If you keep the index file version number the same CKAN presumes it's unchanged without looking at it. I recommend simply adding "ckan1" at the end of the version if it's a CKAN specific patch. This is adopted off of Linux distribution specific versions of packages where they are add a modification name and then a patchset number. It will coax CKAN into seeing it as a new version, even though it's only the index file that's new.
  5. I've bumped into an issue with localization strings in the latest version. Image on Steam: To get the fancy tanks included install the full Interstellar Fuel Switch mod, not just the interstellar core mod. The core mod is just the library it uses, for use with other mods or module manager scripts. You might also need Community Resource pack.
  6. That Minisub is looking sweet!
  7. GPL only really restricts redistribution. It grants unlimited rights to download, use, and modify. All restrictions apply during the stage of redistribution, to strictly insure that the same rights are granted to the following users. It requires the original source code or links to the original linked source code with redistributed binaries of anything that is compiled, or otherwise reduced for optimization. If the item is changed and redistributed, all changes must be noted, and the source code must be provided. The user cannot change the project, and redistribute it without noting both the orriginal project and the changes. Any licenses granting use of project name or author name to derived project are deemed separate, and hence vary by project. Since this project contains little more than snippets of code in config files, and no compiled code, the more straightforward Creative Commons Share and Share Alike Attribution license is probably preferable if you want something with share and share alike conditions Here are some websites explaining the two licenses: The creative Commons site provides a quick list of all the Creative Common licenses, and what they mean. Yes, you can choose to have the work attributed to an alias such as your forum handle. This is common under both these licenses.
  8. I hate to pester, but could you add jet engines as well as rockets? Also, can you have Mk2 to 1.25m variants? Finally, could you add nuclear versions? For the jet engines have three engines, a turbofan with a coif, and an after-burning engine with two separate nozzles, and a version similar to the rapier in capability, with two nozzles on each side. Also, having all the smaller engines available in Monoprop OMS versions (with small cosmetic distinguishing factors), and the larger RCS thrusters available in an LFO Thruster variant would be incredible.
  9. It affects Linux as well so I added Linux to the bug. I suspect it affects all non-console platforms.
  10. [1.3] SXT Continued

    If you are having issues with installed dependencies, it is likely an issue with the recent KSP update. Some modules will have to be rebuilt for 1.3.1 Changing the config files won't help this. Since SXT auto-detects the included mods with the exception of Module Manager (used for this function) removing everything except module manager than updating module manager should resolve the issues. If not they will take more debugging. Then you can install updated versions one by one to make sure everything is working. If you don't want to go through this hassle, I recommend waiting a few days until the maintainers have done so for you.
  11. Who needs a level runway anyway?

    So, any progress on this? I always make my early career planes tail-dragger planes to make them take off easily. I'm half tempted to do the same later career. BTW, I found thick wing chords work wonders for planes that need scalability in speed. They don't work too well for low speed planes, though. Short wing chord, wide wingspan works better for that.
  12. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

    Fix Profanity filter for Kerbal Names in Russian. Do I want to ask?
  13. Speed and altitude are accounted for INDIVIDUALLY, not TOGETHER. Speed behavior of a jet engine CHANGES with altitude. Do you understand the difference?! Giving two equations in serial can never create a similar solution to one equation. This is very basic algebraic geometry. (Approximations of highly complex equations into spline-maps or quadratics.) To use the precomputed curve method, which is a good solution, they should use a matrix not two separate linear curves. An example of a matrix: {[100%, 90%, 50%, 10%, 0%] [90%, 80%, 60%, 10%, 0%] [50%, 60%, 70%, 10%, 0%] [10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 0%] [0%, 0%, 0%, 0%, 0%]} I formated this pretty-type so you can see the grid easily. You may notice that if you approximate this curve into two individual dimensions you lose that middle bump. That is what is missing from jet engine formula. Intakes should similarly use a 2 dimensional matrix. (It would provide better replication of the supersonic intakes.)
  14. Airspeed (or more correctly stated Equivalent Airspeed) takes into account air pressure. (See: This means that airspeed goes down when air pressure goes down. (i.e. at higher altitude, airspeed is slower relative to surface speed.) Because air pressure changes the behavior of air, the higher the altitude, the faster a jet engine SHOULD be able to go before being choked out from the incoming air entering the intake too quickly. Unfortunately it doesn't. This is why the engines keep behaving wrong at higher altitudes, and also why the Wheezy and Goliath need to be capable of Mach 2 to behave properly at altitude. They shouldn't. From what I can tell it's missing a second scaler, the one for intake dynamic pressure. This scaler scales directly with altitude, allowing engines to have their ideal operating range peak out higher at higher altitudes. I suspect some other aerodynamics physics algorithms are off as well, simply because they don't take air pressure into account.
  15. I think I found the issue. It seems to be using surface speed, rather than airspeed for the function to determine engine output. Could someone on the dev team who has access to the code verify this and fix it. Also check that other formulas that should be using airspeed are using airspeed rather than surface speed. This is a common bug in flight sims.