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  1. Sorry about the late replay, that's pretty cool, downright incredible actually. Technically he's using minecraft as an input device. It's still pretty amazing, to do that, though.
  2. The CKAN-Like tool should be designed to terminate when the game launches. It should be used as either a launcher for the game or independent. You should probably build it against Mono ( to insure compatability with all platforms. As a note, the up to date mono compiler and mono-develop versions are much better than the versions shipped with Unity, just so you know.
  3. I make sure to mark any derelict as debris once the crew has been rescued. If I decommission a satellite I rename it to indicate so and mark it as debris as well, but most of my satellites and probes are designed to become relays when they are decommissioned.
  4. Yes, certainly depends on the mod. You can easily "hide" most part mods (leave them in the database hidden from the player a solution to many "legacy" parts when mods remove parts). Modifying the database post load might not be too big a deal in some cases, but in other cases it could pose major problems (for instance, Most part patches would easily undo, Mechjeb would quietly hide it's functionality if it's modules and parts were hidden but leave a single icon, but ScanSat would throw a fit of NREs because of missing data.) Would it be possible to build a CKAN-like tool that can copy the KSP directory for it?
  5. Module manager is acting up on my install, so I'll diagnose that first. (I think it may actually just be the Airplane Plus cockpits I'm using, and is not actually RPM.) It's hardly a pressing matter, although the ASET pack IVA enhancement mods are the best. (Beating the generic ones hands down.) I might just end up being on your modding team.
  6. That's why I was thinking it would be nice if the client could black-list out mods not on the server so they don't appear in game. I'm not sure if that's possible on all mods. On part mods it's very easy, but on mods that add modules to existing parts (like fuelswitch mods) it may be a little more problematic. I guess one could copy the entire part config tree from the server (as uploaded by the host's client) to wipe those modules making most other mods largely moot unless they mess with physics too much. One could theoretically copy the entire world config database, blacklisting a few platform specific, system config specific and language specific branches, which should remove almost all unshared mods. However, prerequisite asset packs and module dlls need to still be installed, so this only deals with people who have additional mods installed, allowing them to play by hiding the additional mods, not people missing mods, unless they are purely config file based mods (e.g. module-manager patches and config only parts.) Some system configurations should also be synced. I believe this probably hasn't been dealt with yet, and needs to be. Specifically terrain detail level should be synced for the lowest height. If not players will end up with inconsistencies in terrain height between players due to having different quality terrain heightmaps.
  7. So basically the AVC file, and CKAN entry need to be updated on both this and the module manager file. If any dlls are included they need to be updated from upstream. I'm wondering if a practice of shipping "prerequisite packs" as a separate file should become common practice for these small DLLs to make manual installation easier.
  8. I don't want to be a pest, but does anyone have 1.3 status on this? Considering that it's a prop pack it may or may not work out of box. I know it needs the RPM update (now available) anything else? Should I take a look at the repository and give it a spin later or does @linuxgurugamer want to do the honor considering it seems to be his field of expertise. (I'm better at finding and reporting bugs and general brainstorming. If any modders want ideas for something, feel free to ask.)
  9. You need to update all your old mods. However, you may have a stray file that is causing a problem. (i.e. cruft/lint) I recommend purging all your old mod versions and reinstalling them in case a piece of cruft is causing a problem. (Searching for cruft falls under the kind of work that even the most obsessive computer engineer does not enjoy. Often the easier solution is to note what should be there. Delete it all, and re-install it from the cleanest source available. In this case the various mod repositories or CKAN's repository, depending if the mod is compatible with CKAN.) If a mod contains a .dll module that is compiled for 1.2.x or earlier you may run into serious issues if the dll is not updated. For all mods that contain dlls get the latest version of the dll, usually available from a link on the mod's page or by searching for the dll. (e.g. googling "Firespitter KSP 1.3" or "Module Manager KSP 1.3")
  10. Thanks. for the info.
  11. OK, I made a fork branch with the updated version file. I also sent a pull request back to the main branch, so the maintainer can add it back in. Don't mind my overzealous poophole-retentive method of making a fork then a branch for the simple one line patch, that was an exercise me learning GitHub. p.s. I'd change the phrasing to satisfy the profanity-reducer script, but it's too funny.
  12. Could we get some pics in the OP? I know they won't cover functionality, but it would be nice to know what the parts look like.
  13. Really cool mod. is there a way you could make it hide all the mods not found on the server side so you don't have to use the same mods?
  14. Could we get a civilian pack boat? (Science vessel style, and shipping vessel style.) It would work well for us non-millitary players, and for millitary players it will give them something to do escort missions with.
  15. They are for really tiny probes, so I suspect they are meant to be that low. Look at the difference in the weight they are pushing compared to larger RCS systems.