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  1. I don't know if they will use full n-body physics, or on-rail plotted. However, either way.
  2. Hopefully since it's released on Steam, Steamworks DRM will be all they use. Of course, quite a few Steam integration features will break when you run the game without a license on Steam so DRM would clearly not be necessary.
  3. Will there be a Linux release, or is that not known yet?
  4. Are you going to add a new forum thread for this?
  5. Yeah, the old SXT cockpits, cool as they are, still are slightly too small on some of them. That said, it's not impossible to design one with enough height. One just needs to extend both the top and bottom to make room, and then blend it back to 0.625 on each side.
  6. 0.675 cockpit run into a serious problem: Height. With the new internal IVA overlays, the pilot's head will hit the ceiling, unless it enters a substantially taller profile in the pilot section (about 1.2m height.) This still makes them smaller than the Mk1 models. A bigger selection of 0.675 engines might be more important, though plus higher output electric engines to match new electric technology.
  7. It would be nice to have air springs in some of the piston and hinge parts. These would not use electricity to maintain their position (unlike actuators) but could only be set to one position. However, pushed out of position they would give a specified amount and return with a specified amount of force. This would make them really good for giant landing legs. Additionally, there should be an option on some of the larger parts to "lock to air spring." This would temporarily turn it into an air-spring with the target point of the current position (NOT current target, which could be abused).
  8. Well, the robotics do make for MUCH better large landing gear.
  9. Yeah, from what I can tell this is feature complete. It's being well maintained. The author is currently creating content for his other mod in this Kerbal Standard pack: Grounded. That one has a lot of cool, highly modular, ground vehicle parts.
  10. You might also have to be in physics range of the impacting vessel, not the science station, when it impacts. Otherwise the vessel is just "destroyed on rails."
  11. Oh, having a deployable "reserve power unit" battery would also be a nice solution. (Can power experiments but not transmitters.) I think there should be one in each solar unit but having a higher capacity one that can be deployed would be useful as well. Additionally the transmitter and science units should have a spooller of reasonable capacity. and an addition "Data recording unit" should be deployable as well. You should be able to set the transmitter to only transmit when spool is full or under direct power.
  12. Hmm, well obviously it has no power, that explains it. This is a case of how it works not being how it should work. It SHOULD have an amount of reserve power and data spool capacity. It SHOULD make them have a reserve power to be able to record the data valuable data from a specified number of impacts and transmit it later. Each transmitter unit should be able to spool so much data for transmission, as well as each science unit. Considering this is a case of a should behavior, instead of a bug, you should probably file a feature request, as that is how players of Indie games by responsive companies should function. I don't have time to right now, but I can do it for you if you later, just reply to this message saying so or I might forget. (Always love helping another Kerbal fan, and I want this feature too.)
  13. The engine the NK-12 was used on the Soviet airliner which was also used as a medium cargo plane. The entire plane was a lot heavier, and more durable than most western plane designs. The engine itself had a very high power to weight ratio, but is incredibly heavy due to it's size.
  14. Not to mention new ways to cram stuff in cargo bays. Collapsing rovers are now possible! Maybe we should have some Breaking Ground based parts to fold up the support vehicles for transport to other planets. Oh, and LF/OX based fuel based generators for when you get there. We still need bigger fuel tanks and maybe some Tesla style in-frame high-capacity batteries. The current grounded vehicles only have about a hour or two of fuel. They need 3 hours worth minimum, and that is presuming you have KAS to do refueling. p.s. if you want some demonstration vehicles for this, I'm game to build them. I can then hand-edit them for cleanup. I, of course, will need to make a KSP stock installation.
  15. Absolutely cool. We need new higher torque electric propellers and some high capacity batteries to go with them. Hmm, maybe Community Tech Tree needs to add an "Efficient Flight" branch for a place we can put these . . .