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  1. I believe you mentioned that fusion engines and fusion reactors were when a viable prototype was made. Recently there have been prototypes of both (as well as smaller molten salt reactors by NASA). The fusion engine is by NASA and it's a simple pellet engine, like everyone thought would be the first out the door. A nice big yoke driver coil acts as a fusion augmented mass driver on the fusion pellets. The functional fusion reactor is by Applied Fusion in France. I can see why you waited, they are lot different than earlier non-viable prototypes. They utilize an a plasma injector into a molten metal well, and then compress that well with steam pistons. This allows rapid reset, self powered reset and an net output of roughly 5-50MW on the final design (less for the smaller prototypes they are working with now to fine tune the process). It also has no reliance on manufactured fuel pellets. It's pretty neat looking too, the reactor is this sphere with massive pistons sticking out from every angle and one massive plasma injector yoke. It's all supported by a huge super-capacitor bank to drive the injector and of course a steam system to drive the compression pistons.
  2. Ruedii

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Personally I wish Unity3D would add SLang shader support to it's stack. That would provide so much better translation to all major render paths.
  3. I meant the one when you right click on the part in flight. However, yeah, added info in the VAB part info box would be nice as well.
  4. Ruedii

    [1.3.0] RLA Recontinued 14.1.0

    Any chance this could get added to the recycled parts mod?
  5. So basically 1.25 width and 1.875 height! Oh, perfect for those medium sized planes. Any chance we could get some round 1.875 parts as well? I always hate how the 1.25 parts are too small and the 2.5 parts are too big.
  6. Ruedii

    [1.4.1] Structural Tubing Restructured

    I love this mod but some of the parts seem to have their lengths a little off. (For instance the elbow joints have one side longer than the other.)
  7. After playing with this mod, I find it makes the absolute best relays. It could use an expansion, though. Specifically some Xeon engines, a science storage module, a reentry shield and a parachute.
  8. Ruedii

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Is this currently working for OpenGL?
  9. Suggestion: Could you integrate some of the basic functionality of this into the right click menu of the antenna. Obviously the full window would be needed still for the advanced features.
  10. Thanks. I'll download it! It seems a lot of people are busy and/or overwhelmed this spring. I wonder if it has to do with the political chaos in both the US and Britain being so distracting. (As well as several other places, but the US and Britain Trump all on it, pardon the pun. ) As a note, for planet packs, you can make the contract pack check for cases other than the normal stock planets and switch to a second mode using the variables pulled from contract configurator. (Contract Configurator supports this function.) You could also rely on complete auto-generation based game on provided planet names, but this means using the auto-balance system by default and removing hand tuned stock balancing, something I would advise against, because hand tuned balancing is almost always better.
  11. Does this work fine with the 1.4 series. I know your @linuxgurugamer is probably busy right now. I'll be testing these out later if nobody beats me to it. Right now I'm giving up on CKAN working under Linux and installing my mods manually which can take a long time. (CKAN is busted big time since the rush to support newer TLS version on Windows. I probably should just run it under Wine as it probably works in WineMono which is mostly .Net 4.6/4.5.x compliant.)
  12. Thank you for finding such a beautiful 0.35 sat pack to revive! I've always wanted smaller sat pieces!
  13. The last forum update seems to have broken all the topic links. Can you fix them in the main post?
  14. This is listed as only compatable for 1.3.x has anyone tested it for 1.4 or is that just because it's untested?
  15. Still not working on Linux. Different errors this time. I posted a new bug report because of drastically different errors. Feel free to link the two errors, of course. Specifically, It's trying to call libcurl despite the curl code being removed.