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  1. Alternatively you could use a smaller vehicle to make short trips away from a main base for some exploration. Then fly back to the main ship for orbit later.
  2. I've already had my fun with my almost decade long relationship with KSP 1. While I hope that KSP 2 suffers no adverse circumstances, you have to consider what KSP 1 has given us. 1. An excellent base game with a great community with all the bells and whistles of unlimited modding potential. 2. FREE DLCs for us original supporters. 3. No microtransactions. 4. No intrusive DRMs 5. Memories and fun times with the KSP 1 team and watching Harvester work on his new game Balsa Model Flight Simulator. You can certainly see a lot of KSP's DNA and passion put into it. (I
  3. I don't come by the forum as much as I used to but when I do it's always great to see familiar faces like your still posting. I love your new video by the way. The TNT part with the rocks and stuff had me laughing. XD
  4. I admire your dedication to circumnavigate Duna. The hover bike isn't very fast actually, if it flies too fast it somehow loses lifting power with is why I added some tiny wings to help. Other than that it can VTOL perfectly fine (but the physics seem wonky, it can lift off super fast, but doesn't decelerate well when you're landing) Here's the craft file for you to dissect:
  5. I accidentally made a Duna hover bike.
  6. Just arrived at Eeloo with a rover to gather some of the last bits of science. It has special staging sections which allows for the shedding of the remaining tanks and wheels plus it's science module (after data collection and storage) for ascent. Then it can rendezvous with the mothership.
  7. I just need to post in here early so I can be part of this historic event.
  9. Those landing legs are an old stock landing legs. They were also well known in Kraken drives.
  10. Happy birthday! I remember playing the game since 0.16, around the time when Kurtjmac introduced his KSP series. On another note I managed to finally track down an old flag I had. As a bonus I found a Sailor Minmus floating about out there.
  11. I need to build my ships out of the same material as those Kerbal helmets
  12. Made a simple science exploration rover today.
  13. Additionally there has been an old docking bug that has been reintroduced in the DLC. A fellow KSP user has made a video showcasing the problem.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's seeing this. Frankly, this is going to become a bigger problem than just something that affects elaborate contraptions like mine. I can foresee this causing bigger problems with simpler machines like those of basic cranes used for colony base building.
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