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  1. Do helicopters count? These big boys come from time to time at LGKF
  2. When i heard at the news that there was an earthquake at Mexico City i hoped that everyone at Squad would be ok, thankfully you made it all ok. I live at Kefalonia, Greece where very often we have earthquakes, and every few years we have some strong ones (most of them are trepidatory Earthquakes), at 2014 we had two trepidatory Earthquakes of almost 6R that caused a lot damage at the island so i know how feel, take your time and recover and then continue with KSP, we can wait.
  3. so that means that i will be able to download the DLC once it comes out? (got the game at 0.8)
  4. So, what does that mean for DLC's for those that don't have the game at Steam? (myself included, i saw that i can download the game from my account store page)
  5. someone wrote at this forum, You know you overbuilt your rocket when your launch stage from Kerbin is the landing stage at another planet.
  6. Came here from KSP from the daily kerbal. All i have to say is the best video i've seen so far. You made me laugh after a long time and i hope you can make this a series (can't wait for the other parts of the story). The dialogs, the voiceover, the references, the editing are amazing, i just can't stop watching the video over and over. Two questions, What the heck is that thing jumping up and down behind Excell? Also i want to see PowerPoint Kerman. Is Werner a badie? I mean the way he says that line at 3:02 gives me the idea of being a secret villain.
  7. I started the translation in Greek and i use as a template the Russian one since it has the most text translated, but i have some questions. At the main menu screen the text size is very large, how do i make it smaller? Also i noticed that the stock game at the main menu screen the text is with dots, when i entered mine i did not have the same effect, how can i make it look like the stock font?
  8. I am not a fan of HDR i have seen many photos and most of them go too far and the photos end up to ''edgy'' for my liking. My M45 was done only with levels, curves, masks and layers using Photoshop and the fact that i had a very good set of data. Here is a video for blending the core of M45 at an overexposed image, you can use this method for galaxies too like M31 or overexposed stars Unfortunately it's in Greek but i believe you can make out the procedure, if not i can help you. First make sure you align the two photos with the software of your choice and then use an image processing software, at this video the photographer uses the final combined images but the best choice is to do this method only at the L layer and then combine the color.
  9. In order to remove the overexposed core of the nebula you need to take very short exposures eg. 20x10secs of L and then blend that to the main L channel using an image processing program Here is my take on the Orion nebula with the mentioned technique At this link you can see my other photos i have http://www.astrobin.com/users/kookoo_gr/ Very nice photos you got there keep up the good work.
  10. Localization in Chinese and Japanese with the possibility of other languages in the future? What about Kerbalese don't you guys want anyone for that localization? On a serious note i am interested in localizing the game in Greek will there be any announcement or a ''how to'' for that?
  11. My theory is that emiko never traveled to earth and all of these (the sims storytelling) were implanted in her memory by the ufo that abducted(?) her at the north pole
  12. i am more hyped about this version of KSP than the previous ones. I downloaded the pre-release version and it runs at 60fps with no problems so far at my 3 year laptop, clearly the optimizations are off the chart and loading times are way faster than before. The new parts are amazing and i can hardy recognize the Mk1 Pod. Also new loading hints (Doing Science, Rebuilding VAB). The new fonts are very beautiful. The sad thing is won't be able to test the pre-release version due to real life but i will start playing KSP again after a year of hiatus once 1.2 is released
  13. it's made up title for the ksp universe, just like many usually replace c with k
  14. All i can think of right now is the theme song from the movie "Men in Green" Here come the men in green....... Anyway great chapter and i can't wait for the next one.
  15. a question rose while reading the last pages. Is there a red shirt on your crew Kuzzter?
  16. actually there are two, the cave and the carl sagan face (the face was accidentally removed(?) when they introduced the new terrain in the game that messed up all the easter eggs)
  17. at the debug menu there is no mention of the magic boulder but there is a line that reads "Saving achievements tree'', not sure if this has to do with the xp of the pilots the tech tree or something else.
  18. isn't there an option to see if the magic boulder was added from the debug menu? just hyperedit a ship to each planet and see from the debug menu if the magic boulder was loaded
  19. I finally caught up with the story, amazing writing, the suspense is killing me. My theory on the backstory is that an ancient forgotten evil god named JustJim was imprisoned by the early Kerbals and is manipulating the current Kerbals through the krakens so that it can invade the Kerbal universe through the Mun arches/gates with a huge kraken army (the monoliths are what hold the gates closed) and claim its revenge MWUUAAHAHAHAHHA cough:cough:cough
  20. Well....., i am at a loss for words. But whatever Felipe decides to do next i believe it will be worth following. Thanks for creating the most wonderful game i've ever played.
  21. My biggest question for these people and their theories is why don't they prove them. They say that the earth is flat, why don't they send a rocket and take photos. All of them just blame conspiracies and they do nothing but runt about that. I won't click on the link the OP gave, these people don't deserve any fame
  22. More on the black drop effect for Venus and Mercury. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_drop_effect Also this is my image i took from the transit, it is a composite image of photographs i took during the transit, sadly the whole transit was not visible were i live. http://www.astrovox.gr/forum/album_pic.php?pic_id=19725 Finally two videos i took from the start of the transit. For those interested the next Mercury transit is at November 2019
  23. Kevin J. Anderson - The Saga of the Seven Suns (7 books) and its sequel The Saga of Shadows (3 books)
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