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  1. Thanks boss I like these cosmetic mods. Only thing I still need now is Astronomers update, when its ready. Rock on pizzaman!
  2. Holy smokes... This mod has come a LONG way since I last checked it out. I think it's time I try it out. Last time I was actively playing, I had construction time, RT2, DRE, SETI, and a bunch of other hard-mode stuff rolled in. Here's a screen of my mod collection - any of these known to cause issues with Kerbalism? And is there a custom tech tree or is it only CTT integration? I won't be using B9 even though it's in the screen.
  3. I use steam a lot. over 200 items in my library. If I'm not playing battlefield, star citizen, or KSP, I'm playing something on Steam during my gaming times. That being said... I like managing my own KSP content and being able to do so without fear of steam mucking up saves or updating it when I don't want it to. I'll transfer it to steam once that becomes something that benefits the development team, if ever Thanks for the input. I was simply curious, good to spark a random discussion. Fly safe
  4. Dang, you're fast as usual, LGG Thanks for the input. Wasn't sure if Steam vs Store archives tied into bug reporting or such. Not so crazy on beta access myself as I'm not a mod dev
  5. Random thought today. Call me lazy if you will, but I still haven't migrated my license over to Steam. I still have all of the store archives from 18.2 and up, as well as mods folders from each for compatibility. Is there any real point in transferring my license to Steam?
  6. I ran into this EXACT same issue. On my first manned orbital mission. With a contract to EVA. Needless to say, now I need a rescue mission
  7. As a gamer with *cough* 940 hours played on War Thunder... I THANK YOU FOR THIS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY ICY BLACK HEART. <3 *** All because I find my Warthog HOTAS a pain in the butt to configure for KSP***
  8. I'm not sure if you've been following the TAC thread, but the owner of that mod is taking a hiatus from KSP Mod development to focus some very busy RL things. TAC won't be updated until he hands it off to another maintainer, which he's announced is in talks already. If possible and when you have time, can Greenhouse be made 1.1 ready for USI Life support, which RoverDude has already re-worked for 1.1? Keep up the amazing work, I love your SETI collection
  9. Good catch! Also I found installing the mod to be a bit messy - had to create and unpack it into my own more sensible folder structure since the download source on spacedock looked like a source archive. Works fine, though.
  10. Thanks man. For some reason I simply won't play far into a new career mode without this mod installed, and I'm really happy to see it getting the continued love it deserves
  11. Thanks for the Redux, LGG. You get +1 internet point today
  12. Working beautifully for me, using the cool blue flare. Thanks for making this, looks amazing!
  13. I'm seeing the same - button loads a new instance on the stock toolbar every visit to VAB. Blizzy's toolbar has been updated too, would be nice to hook it there if possible
  14. Very nice custom mod. I'm playing around with it now and I love it
  15. Thank you I tried CKAN in the early days but I've spend so much time manually modding other games like Oblivion / Skyrim / FO3 etc that I'm more comfortable in Notepad++ and Explorer than a manager GUI lol.