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  1. Oof, I haven't opened up KSP in over a year. Still download the updates when they come out, though. Saw the expansion post on my Discord overlay and was surprised. Think I'll get back into it today, too Maybe a new career game without any mods just to see how it feels. I've been at this for a while! Edit: Just realized the MH icon changed this update
  2. Look at the same reddit thread you linked and read the top comment showing a brief analysis between the two from gthaatar. While it's perfectly conceivable and common for two different mods to use the same NASA images (which are public domain), it's highly unlikely that the edits are taken from another mod due to the subtle differences between the two. It's a cloud map. They both look great. I don't believe there's much customization to be done with it short of stamping a watermark on it, which nobody wants to see.
  3. It was the textures. Thanks for pointing it out! I had the wrong version. I thought they were current but I guess I was wrong, downloaded them at the end of March, must have been right before an updated pack was released. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, @themaster401. Strange that you mention Scatterer, I have 0.0329 installed but you're right, it's not showing up on the AVC mod-list (I'll attach a screen of gamedata contents just to show anything else AVC didn't "see" that might create conflict). I extracted the download for it right into Gamedata and have a "scatterer" folder in there, and I do get the scatterer UI after loading KSP to the main menu. I have ModuleManager 3.0.6 sitting in the GameData folder as well. Really scratching my head =\ KSP.log GameData Folder (Imgur)
  5. I am having a lot of problems making this mod work. I've tried installing this a few times following the 1st page instructions and I am not seeing any new textures for any planets, no clouds, no new loading screen art, nothing new. Can someone take a look at the installation path I'm following here and let me know if I am missing something here? I really, really want to try making AVP work. I'm also on 1.4.2, and launching KSP_x64 via default options if that makes a difference (not forcing a different directX)? Full list of my mods included in spoiler, in case of any known conflicts.
  6. @F3RGHNZ What did you do to make it work? I'm trying to get this working on 1.4.2 with a manual install (I'm not using CKAN at current) and I'm running into a similar situation.
  7. @Nertea You, sir, are a magnificent beast. Thanks for the wave of updates. <3
  8. This looks really fun! I've just started my 1.4.1 play with Kerbalism, though. Anyone know if this plays well with it, or if there are wonky issues with science and kerbalism resources?
  9. Thanks boss I like these cosmetic mods. Only thing I still need now is Astronomers update, when its ready. Rock on pizzaman!
  10. Holy smokes... This mod has come a LONG way since I last checked it out. I think it's time I try it out. Last time I was actively playing, I had construction time, RT2, DRE, SETI, and a bunch of other hard-mode stuff rolled in. Here's a screen of my mod collection - any of these known to cause issues with Kerbalism? And is there a custom tech tree or is it only CTT integration? I won't be using B9 even though it's in the screen.
  11. I use steam a lot. over 200 items in my library. If I'm not playing battlefield, star citizen, or KSP, I'm playing something on Steam during my gaming times. That being said... I like managing my own KSP content and being able to do so without fear of steam mucking up saves or updating it when I don't want it to. I'll transfer it to steam once that becomes something that benefits the development team, if ever Thanks for the input. I was simply curious, good to spark a random discussion. Fly safe
  12. Dang, you're fast as usual, LGG Thanks for the input. Wasn't sure if Steam vs Store archives tied into bug reporting or such. Not so crazy on beta access myself as I'm not a mod dev
  13. Random thought today. Call me lazy if you will, but I still haven't migrated my license over to Steam. I still have all of the store archives from 18.2 and up, as well as mods folders from each for compatibility. Is there any real point in transferring my license to Steam?
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