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  1. I wondered why it didn't work then I saw it needed another mod. Always read the whole initial post! Since this pack is a mix several other mods is there any possibility of adding the S6 compartments? An old but nice mod that needs updating and tweeking.
  2. NNYGamer

    [1.3] Planetary Domes

    For fun I used Procedural Parts and made a few trees. Hyperedited it to Minmus for this shot. Found out solar panels don't work inside
  3. NNYGamer

    [1.3] Planetary Domes

    A life support mod that looked like plants/ trees would go great in these.
  4. I have both running with no problems. I was using the beta to attach the two ships. It's not the mods fault, I had my drill unit disappear on me again without it being attached to anything but it was mining at the time. I've left it with drills deployed but not running and it seems fine. There's just too much bouncing with the drills that make them unstable. There needs to be some kind of flexible but solid ground mount, like pneumatic air bags used in car suspensions.
  5. Found an important step to remember. Shut off drills and retract them before attaching to the ship. I left my harvester running and attempted to connect to it with a cargo drone and I summoned the Kraken. Only six pieces were left and were going on an interstellar trajectory. Luckily no Kerbals were involved.
  6. NNYGamer

    [1.0.4] Scott Manley Head Pack!

    This is why we can't have nice thing.
  7. Well the pod went back to normal but the mono tanks got big, that's no problem. As long as things don't explode I'm happy.
  8. So will my hitchhiker container return to normal when I go back or is it fubared?
  9. See mine in the background: All alone: Looks like a bat. I did forget to add intakes so when I re-entered I had to use the rocket engine. Luckily I had just enough to get near home. Stalls out about 135kph.
  10. NNYGamer

    [0.24] Spaceplane Plus 1.3

    Firespitter has a B-17 cockpit and parts.
  11. NNYGamer

    Release: BobCat Ind. Space&Planet products

    So many nice things I can't use. I have too many mods now and adding the requirements for some of these would just kill my game.
  12. Same thing happened to me but with the win 32 bit, luckily it was floating close to my station so I kept attaching it to a spot, moved and reattached without grabbing until I got it to my probe. It's something I can live with for now, at least I can still attach things.
  13. I only added one thing with mechjeb and that was after I found this bug. As far as I can tell everything is available if you put them in the toolbar from day 1.
  14. I went back at least 10 pages to check and didn't see what I was looking for. It's been a while since I looked this thread so bear with me if it's already been mentioned. When I add buttons to the Toolbar in career mode it lets me use everything even if I haven't unlocked them yet. I mean day 1 and first launch I could have every function available on Mechjeb if I put them on the toolbar. Not really a problem for me but something that might be of interest to fix or exploit.