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  1. In general with ebooks, don't expect to get free updates. Treat them like you do physical items, what you see is what you get and that's it. Sometimes authors do provide small updates for layout problems and typos but that's about it. Which is more than fair, they need a source of income and providing free content in perpetuum is making that impossible for them.
  2. Took several hours to a day for the first DLC until everyone had it.
  3. and then there's the wait for people with legacy accounts to be credited with the DLC
  4. No, it means I'm realistic and don't have an overinflated opinion about myself and my skills, don't consider myself infallible so that everything that goes wrong MUST be someone else's fault.
  5. When things fail, I first assume I failed, not the game. In my experience that's an assumption far more likely to be correct than any other. Sadly a lot of people seem to always want to blame something else, anything else, before blaming themselves, for their failures.
  6. Spacedock seems to think NF Construction isn't compatible with 1.7. Guess simply an error of Spacedock. Thanks for the relentless work, Nertea. And yeah, do something you like if it gets tedious
  7. yeah, SSL certificate ran out a few hours ago it seems on spacedock. No biggy.
  8. Would like the ability to load and offload mods on the fly at runtime. Would make testing out new mods a lot easier, and allow loading different sets of mods for different saves without the need to install multiple copies of the game side by side.
  9. Thanks for your continued effort on these mods, @Nertea. Been using them for years and they make the game for me.
  10. Actually, Kopernicus has already been updated
  11. If you're in science or career mode you have to unlock different "blocks" of functionality for MechJeb separately in various places of the tech tree. That's probably why you're not seeing them.
  12. And even those few, there's people who'd disagree. MechJeb or KER for example... KW or SpaceY... And so it goes on and on...
  13. That'd depend on the exact wording. It's not binding if you can't read the EULA before agreeing with it in many jurisdictions, on the grounds that you can't be bound by a contract you've not had an opportunity to read. Then again, "you have to vote for it so you can know what's in it" is now a concept many find quite appropriate for even parliamentary votes on new laws...
  14. Every contract states what jurisdiction is valid when you sign it. So yes, he's stating that any contract that was signed under a jurisdiction outside Germany is null and void in Germany. I wonder how that'd hold up in court, and which court it'd have to be tested in anyway. International law is extremely complex.
  15. so you say a German law states that any and all contracts between a German person and a non-German person are by definition governed by German law? I seriously doubt that's the case as if it were most companies wouldn't want to do any business with German persons at all. Not shady at all, really. Email isn't accepted as a legally binding document in many jurisdictions. There are ways to make it acceptable in court, but those require a lot of extra work and make the process of handling the email quite cumbersome. I work for a company that has such a system on the market, and it
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