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  1. Launched a vessel into a low orbit over Minmus (about 20x35km on a high inclination). Orbit kept decaying fairly rapidly. KSP2 0.1.1, i7-10700, 32GB RAM, RTX3080, no mods
  2. just download it, took a few minutes for the website's servers to notice the new download page
  3. And seems it did while I was posting
  4. waiting for it to go life on the website...
  5. It gets worse, Ubisoft retrofitted their uplay rubbish into existing games through a sneaky steam update, making them impossible to play without logging in to your uplay account, when that was not required when buying the game. A game I'd never have purchased when that uplay rubbish had been included at the time I bought it.
  6. and they have massive leaks of user data including usernames, passwords, and email addresses every few months. This has been going on for years, and they're doing nothing to prevent it it seems.
  7. problem is that everyone who's ever worked in IT (or most any other industry) knows that corporate talk like that rarely reflects reality. "we are tracking to deliver" means absolutely nothing. Team I'm in at the company I work are "tracking to deliver" our current project as well. We KNOW it won't be done by the deadline, doesn't mean we're not tracking progress. Meanwhile the blame game is going on full swing, people are seeking to hedge their positions and make sure as many higher ups as possible view their contributions in a positive light so when heads start rolling it will be others getting the axe.
  8. I know there are third party solutions, but we shouldn't need them, especially what with screenshot capability existing in KSP1 already for over a decade. I know greenshot, we use it too at work. And yes, they too are paranoid about using third party software, maybe even more than me.
  9. Seems somebody forgot to allow for taking screenshots if you don't have the Steam version (which maps F12 to make screenshots, but that's Steam, not KSP). There's no way to map "take screenshot" anywhere in the keyboard assignments.
  10. hmm, hadn't had that happen. What I've seen consistently is that when the name of the ship contains an M you get kicked out of the VAB to map mode. I've also had it happen that it saved the ship under the default name rather than the name I entered, overwriting what was already there with the default name without warning. Maybe that's what you're experiencing too.
  11. easy way to bypass the launcher (like with KSP1): just start the game executable directly. Got KSP2 from the official website, not Steam or Epic. Don't even have a launcher
  12. Hoping to get some nicer ground and sky textures without mods, and hopefully something akin to an autopilot and flight management computer
  13. Nobody liked the launcher when it was first introduced, way back when. At which point it was OPTIONAL and you could simply start the game without it. Not sure if that's still possible with the Steam version, but with the regular version it is. There's absolutely NO NEED for that bloody launcher (or indeed for any launcher) except as a marketing tool and/or to force the player to log in on some account to be able to access their game (useful for MMOs, not for single player games unless you're going to introduce item malls. Looking at you Take-Two, EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, et. al.).
  14. Would love the plushy. Heck I'd love 2. But almost 50 Euro each including shipping, and import duties and VAT on top of that which will push it close to 75 each, is too steep for me.
  15. And of course it's going to have to have some system to make sure that mods are synched between players in the same multiplayer session. Always a pain.
  16. In another "why not" moment, I decided to put a satellite into polar solar orbit, iow an orbit around the sun with an inclination of 90 degrees and a radius similar to that of Kerbin. Now if only I'd not forgotten to put a relay antenna on it, that satellite might have actually been useful for something
  17. When visiting Dres have a rescue mission ready to launch. When visiting Eve plan to stay. Rovers are too much of a PITA to be worth building.
  18. In general with ebooks, don't expect to get free updates. Treat them like you do physical items, what you see is what you get and that's it. Sometimes authors do provide small updates for layout problems and typos but that's about it. Which is more than fair, they need a source of income and providing free content in perpetuum is making that impossible for them.
  19. Took several hours to a day for the first DLC until everyone had it.
  20. and then there's the wait for people with legacy accounts to be credited with the DLC
  21. No, it means I'm realistic and don't have an overinflated opinion about myself and my skills, don't consider myself infallible so that everything that goes wrong MUST be someone else's fault.
  22. When things fail, I first assume I failed, not the game. In my experience that's an assumption far more likely to be correct than any other. Sadly a lot of people seem to always want to blame something else, anything else, before blaming themselves, for their failures.
  23. Spacedock seems to think NF Construction isn't compatible with 1.7. Guess simply an error of Spacedock. Thanks for the relentless work, Nertea. And yeah, do something you like if it gets tedious
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