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  1. Ok, i didn't think of that.. The thing is that the domain is probably already expired and I don't have too much time on my hands right now to get it all back up and running on short notice. I can try and get to it after christmas, but if anyone feels so inclined, you're free to host it yourself. Getting it on a server might be a bit tricky if you haven't deployed a Ruby on Rails site. If anyone wants to host it but needs some help setting it up, feel free to contact me.
  2. Well, since everything related to missions, credits, reputation etc. that I ever intended to do with the site is now in the base game and heavily expanded upon with mods, there's no real reason for the website anymore. It's been shut down several weeks ago.
  3. You can't. However, there are quite a few other ways to gather science. The simplest way would be: "Launch" only a command capsule Do a crew report EVA EVA report + surface sample from launch pad Store samples and walk away from the launch pad EVA report + surface sample from KSC return to capsule, recover vessel This should easily give you enough science for the next node and a bit to spare. Now, strap a solid booster or two under your command capsule, put a parachute on top and blast it off into space. Then do your crew report, space EVA (I'd recommend against doing an eva while the boosters are firing...), land with the help of your parachute and EVA + surface sample again. Recover the vessel and remember that you can recover a vessel and kerbals seperatly if you can't get back into your capsule for whatever reason. This usually gives me enough science to get to the first science node and the second Liquid Fuel node.
  4. This is actually really awesome. I was just about to start a new game and keep track of every experiment in a spreadsheet, you saved me a huge amount of bookkeeping.
  5. Have you started a new game? When I installed the new Kerbal Engineer version it also did not show up on the tech tree for me, but worked fine on a new game. Adding the parts to the right node in saves\[save name]\tree.cfg fixed it for me.
  6. Looks like an awesome mod, sadly it does not work for me (0.22). All I get when I click on the "Kerbal Economy" button is this: When I click on Ledger the craft name input field on the top of the screen disappears, too. When I click on the Kerbal Economy Ledger button on the space center screen nothing happens. List of mods I've got installed: Kerbal Economy Tree Loader UbioZur Welding Ltd. Edit: Just tried it again with no mods installed (well, if you don't count modulemanager) and got the same result, trying a clean install of KSP now. Edit2: It seems like ModuleManager is the culprit :/
  7. Problem with "Something went wrong" is fixed now. Was a issue with me removing some required fields for new missions but not checking if stuff that's not required anymore is there before performing actions on it..
  8. Ok, first of all: do you have java 1.7 installed? Java is used by quite a few applications and it seemed like a reasonable dependency. As to the command line: I take it you are using windows? if so, open it my pressing "windows+r" and then type cmd (i guess you figured that step out on your own alraedy but for completeness sake..) In the code block, you'll need to replace "[KSP folder]" with your ksp folder, for example "c:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapss\common\kerbal space program". If that path contains spaces, wrap it in ". "Cost Balancer" will need to be replaced with the cost balancer folder name inside your game folder. cd "[KSP FOLDER]" cd "Cost Balancer" java -jar "ksp cost balancer.jar" If that does not work, try java -version And post here what it says As to your other question: Not at the moment, sorry. I'm pretty swamped with learning for college right now and I'd rather concentrate on the website than on this tool.
  9. Fixed all three issues. The problem with creating missions was, that pretty much every field was a required input and there was no feedback if you forgot something. Now only Name and description are required. The other errors were even more trivial and more boring to explain Also, the "linked mission" update has been delayed further I'm afraid. I'm quite busy with learning for college right now and hardly have any time for the website at the moment. I'll try and do some work when I'm on the train this week but I can't guarantee anything...
  10. Should be fixed now. Just download it from the OP again.
  11. Hm, seems to be a problem with a certain function call of JRuby that does not work on windows if there are spaces in the path to your game. I did not really think of testing that, but I'll try and fix it in the next few hours.
  12. Just released a small update, had a day off yesterday and was able to get some stuff done before the weekend. Changes: Mission Packs from other users are now displayed below your own packs Click on importable mission packs to see a list of missions they add To use them in your own campaigns, first add them to your pool by clicking on the checkmark Only mission packs in your pack pool can be added to your campaigns Fixed an issue with long mod lists that used to destroy the layout Fixed empty mission packs from showing up for anyone but the author All your campaigns have been reset to only use your own mission packs (no missions were lost, though). To continue using packs from other users, first add them to your mission pack pool and then edit your campaigns to utilize them again. Edit: I had crazy much to do this weekend and hardly had any time to work on the website. I don't know if I can get linked missions in until next weekend.
  13. The problem with a formula like the above is, that there is no information regarding the size (surface area, diameter, length, volume) in the actual part config file. Basically I've got part mass, fuel amount and density and maximum fuel amount to work with. There's a similar problem with this. You can't really assign anything but a flat metal cost because there is no information in the file what the part is made of. And actually, the formula is a bit backwards. Parts get more valuable the higher their fuel/mass ratio is. A part that weights 10 when it's filled up and 1 when it's empty is preferable over one that weights 10 when it's full and 5 when it's empty. Linear scaling is not in line with the larger vanilla fuel tanks, either. The formula I use is: Fuel * [5,7 + log10(Fuel) * (FullMass/EmptyMass - 7)] * FuelCost / 3 That is more in line with the overproportional scaling of vanilla tank costs for larger volumes and makes parts with a mass ratio (FullMass/EmptyMass) of 10 about 9%-10% more expensive than parts with a ratio of 9.
  14. Download (via mega) Ok, that image is quite unspectacular, but there really is no GUI and threads without images don't really do all that well... A what now? Cost Balancer. For lack of a better term. It goes through your part list and tries to adjust the item cost to a somewhat balanced value. How? The script loads your part.cfg files, parses them, looks for stuff like stored resources, engine type & power, ISP etc. and after some magic (basic math) it conjures up a new cost. If the cost changed as a result, it backs up your old part.cfg file and replaces the old one. How well are those costs balanced? I did not do a lot of playtesting with it, but except from ion engines being a bit on the expensive side the prices "feel" ok to me. They are roughly in line with stock ksp prices, lower volume resoruce tanks are a bit more expensive while higher volume tanks don't get as rediciously expensive quite so fast. Why? To go hand-in-hand with my other app, the KSP Campaign manager. Trying to build cheap rockets to get more funds gets stale very fast if almost every modded part only has placeholder costs. Sadly, I can not just redistribute part.cfg files with balanced prices because most mod licenses won't allow that. I have no idea what to do with the stuff I just downloaded It's not that difficult, really. Just extract the folder in the archive into your KSP folder. Then open a command line, terminal or shell window depending on your OS and go to "[ksp_folder]/Cost Balancer" (cd "[path]" should usually do the trick). Now for the tricky part. Type java -jar "ksp cost balancer.jar" and hit enter. A few seconds later you should get some feedback as to what is happening. I am getting a bunch of errors at the end, what's wrong? There will most likely be a bunch of errors at the end. The parse can currently not handle 2 things: Syntactically incorrect part files (not matching amount of curly braces e.g.), and parts that have lines like "a, b, somestuff". There's not much I can do about the first issue (seriously modders, get your syntax right). The second issue I'll fix some other time. There really should not be that many engine/tank parts that are affected. I've tested the programm on mac and windows, but it was quite a ride getting it to work on windows.. so if it's not working for you just post your problems and I'll get back to you. Source, license, credits? The source can be found at Github and the programm is licensed under the MIT license. Again, thanks go out to my brother wo helped me a lot with the parser and general questions regarding jruby. Feel free to give me feedback about the resulting prices, source code, parts that fail to parse etc. For those brave enough to read all of this, here's the download link again: Download (via mega)
  15. Absolutely. I don't know if it will be in the next update (the coming weekend), but I'll try.