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  1. Until this gets properly updated, could someone who got it to work (@Wonderbreadninja, @yosh31) describe more precisely what needs to be changed, and in which files?
  2. There actually was made a thread (I think by a mod) about that, and a video with OVER 9 THOUSAND. At that point I even think he had around 10.000... On topic, yes, but I joined around january anyways, so not a very big loss.
  3. Yes, the puns CERESly are bad. (Not KSP, but still.) Is Kerbin larger than Tylo? I don't know, but Jool is EVEn larger. As MUNey isn't a problem in the game, you can get your stuff DUNa.
  4. I haven't seen the stream, but the the "planet sized" thing could also be that they re-add the Magic Boulder. But the water thing is also very possible.
  5. vrblasasn: You don't need to buy it again to use it on other platforms. Just open steam/go to the store page and download it (depends on how you bought it).
  6. There is also a Randall! That's the name of the author of xkcd. He has referred to KSP a few times too.
  7. According to the rules, you'll need an entry yourself. And also to Starwhip: It's just a matter of exploding the lower stages.
  8. As someone else said in another thread(sorry, I can't remember his/her name): Why should goo and science bay not be transmittable? He had this example: You are in space and look at the goo, it's frozen. You can report that back, but if you go back to Kerbin, the goo is no longer frozen and you won't get anything from it. But beside that, I think you are right: You won't get the same out of looking at a picture of a rock than actually taking it back into a laboratory. And also why we need to take the thermometer back to look at the temperature? I do, however really like the new science system although it's not perfect.
  9. IIRC there was a post from spaceengine with a planet named Duna, and a dev saying that it was the inspiration (it looked almost identical), but I'm not sure. EDIT: Found this, but no dev statement. Maybe it was from before the forum accident. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/28777-Space-Engine-I-FOUND-DUNA!!!
  10. On linux, do exactly the same thing described above.
  11. I can second this as another European (And dane too, woo!).It would be nice to have it earlier, but I guess it won't work for you americans.
  12. There are some more already (at least two), with the largest being this one: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/28361-Gravity-%28Movie%29But I'm still curious. It's still pretty unrealistic that they deorbit from being hit by an asteroid, though.
  13. I think I read somewhere that KSP only supports meshes made of triangles. So try making them triangles (select them and press f or alt+f, I can't remember). In case they are already triangles, I don't know what to do.
  14. And to be safe, make a back up of your KSP_win folder (or KSP_OSX/KSP_Linux if you aren't using windows), the patcher have been known to fiddle with the files so the game is, in worst case unplayable. (Can't remember if it was able to delete save files).
  15. 1001sd


    I'm going to try that later. I also tried, and yes, you can in fact get to philosophy by only clicking on the first link on a wikipedia page (take the next one if you've already clicked it). I tried. I also think that there is a xkcd about it. EDIT: Yes, it is in fact here: http://xkcd.com/903/ (the mouse over text)
  16. I agree with Johnno, why did you do it in that way? And secondary, what about giving us the spreadsheet you used, so we can fiddle with it ourself (sorting it by the different categories).
  17. This. Wow. That is really awesome I hope for both you and all of us, that it is going to work. I am sure I can talk on behalf of most of the community when I say that we really, really, want multiplayer. But you proabably already knew
  18. Cool, it's even better in 3d Also, how did you make it 3d?
  19. Wow, That is truely awesome! Thank you for sharing I haven't seen it before; I have, though, seen (some of) the video from the onboard cameras of the last space shuttle launch.
  20. Yup, and I'm pretty sure you can get to Kerbin escape velocity using infiniglider too.
  21. The minmus not blocking sunlight bug has been seen before. I'll see if I can find the thread. Edit 1:There is this thread, http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/32147-Minmus-has-no-occlusion but I was looking for another. Edit 2: This is what I was looking for http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/27689-Free-Juice-%28Bug-maybe-maybe-not%29
  22. That is hilarous I laughed. Like, laughed, not just smiled. Very creative
  23. To #4: Maybe it is this one: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/36293-Planets-and-ScaledSpace As far as I know he/she/it is the only one to ever make a working planet mod in KSP. Watch the video in this post: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/36293-Planets-and-ScaledSpace/page40?p=526676#post526676 I don't know if they are the same team, but I would guess they are, though.
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