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  1. The bug was present the last time I used AA, which was 1.5.16. I have not tried it with KSP 1.11 yet (not making planes right now).
  2. That happens to me almost every time I land and take off again (when farming biome science with a plane). My work-around is to quicksave/quickload after landing and before taking off again. If I don't do that, the autopilot will eventually figure things out again after flying for a little while but it is nearly impossible to control until then. I try using SAS to get enough altitude then turn back on the autopilot.
  3. Do you know about the Transfer Window Planner mod? From TriggerAu (who also created KAC). It shows a Porkchop like Alex Moon's website (it is based on it) but pulls the data from the game and so is guaranteed to be up to date (and works with mod planets). You can also put in earliest and latest departure dates to find a transfer window during a particular time frame. Does that answer your question or were you looking for something else?
  4. This looks awesome. Can't wait to play with it. I also have to thank Kottabos Games' video for letting me know about it.
  5. What you are asking for is outside the scope of this mod, and is available in several other mods. See KAS, EVA Transfer, and Simple Logistics for a few.
  6. Z-Key Aerospace has my blessing to pick this up. As he said right above me, his new thread is here: I wish him the best of luck, and have fun!
  7. So it looks like you all figured it out in my absence. The Realism Overhaul (RO) team will be the curators, and it looks like danfarnsy is taking point. Good luck and have fun!
  8. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the impending bankruptcy of Thunder Aerospace Corporation. Too many failed launches, with the accompanying loss of Kerbal lives, have taken their toll on the company's bottom line. We will be selling our various divisions in order to pay back our creditors. Further news will be available soonTM.



    As much as it pains me to say, I have moved on to other interests and so I do not have much time to play KSP or to work on my mods. I still think KSP is a great and amazing game and recommend it to everyone that I know. Real life and a career take up too much time, so I have to prioritize the time that is left and unfortunately KSP is not as high on the list as I would like it to be.

    I would like to do a clean handoff of any mod that someone is interested in taking over -- contact me if you are interested. I am talking to people about TAC Life Support and TAC Fuel Balancer, so those may already be taken.

    I will be extremely busy, and possibly unable to respond, during the next two weeks so I apologize in advance for any slow responses.


    Have fun,

    Taranis Elsu




    Disclaimer: Please note that I am not actually selling anything, no currency of any kind will change hands. The first part of this post was just a little roleplaying.

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    2. Wardstone111


      I am also having a go at recompiling the mod if it is OK as it is my favourite life support mod of all time.

    3. dueb


      Thank you for all your investment in these awesome mods Taranis Elsu! You will be missed, be sure of that!

      My best wishes for your future endeavors!

      (PS: Forgive me my bad English if I said something wrong... :blush:)

    4. Azimech


      Sad to see you go, I've always been very impressed by your mods and have used them for years. Have fun with your future or current endeavours and hopefully we'll see you back some day!

  9. I know that I disagree with that statement. You get so much money doing contracts in Normal difficulty that it is easy to do some missions without needing a contract for it. The way I play (which is not for everyone) is: My "space company" is trying to gather science from all the planets and moons in the system. Science missions are my priority, and I do them in an order that I think would be a normal progression for a real company. Contracts are a way to earn money to fund the next science mission. It is not important to me that my science missions complete any contracts, only that they bring back science. I also don't take any tourists anywhere until I prove that I can take and return a Kerbal safely, in the exact rocket that will be taking tourists. I know that I am not maxing out the money that I could earn, but that doesn't matter to me. Note that this is just the way that I play, and it seems to work fairly well for me. I am not saying anyone has to play this way. There are a number of ways to play, and none are wrong. My point is that you don't need contracts to progress. Make up a reason to do a mission anyway! Also, once you upgrade the Mission Control, there is nothing wrong with accepting missions that you cannot complete right away (like tourist missions). Take their down payment and use it to finish developing your rocket -- including launching some test flights before actually attempting the contract. That is something that real companies do*. * Examples: 1) Virgin Galactic has already collected over $80 million? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Galactic#SpaceShip_Two 2) SpaceX and Boeing have received millions of dollars from NASA to develop their rockets as part of the Commercial Crew Program.
  10. Sorry, my fault. Version is now available for KSP 1.0.5! Changes Built for KSP 1.0.5 Shows the Life Support Monitoring window in the Tracking Station [thanks Henry!] Sorts the Life Support Monitoring window by who's going to run out of resources first, though the active vessel is still always listed first. [thanks Henry!] Times shown now show the number of years instead of a huge number of days. Fixes for better compatibility with RealFuel: no longer patches RF tanks, and converters no longer force_activate() [thanks NathanKell and Thomas!] Download
  11. If you want to make your parts balanced to real life, you can see all of my math, and how I derived it, here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DkWf210viRSNcV8tvDv30vZ_iACj6GeY1Lf_4JdZYds/edit?usp=sharing . Information about resource conversion starts around line 313. Also, take a look at ModuleResourceConverter, which is in Stock. See the ISRU parts for examples. My code predates that, and they added some neat functionality there. Have fun
  12. Test... test... test...

    1. eightiesboi


      Reading you loud and clear... funny, I was just visiting your profile to see if you were still KSP'ing. You don't know me (obviously) but I have very much appreciated all the work you've done and do. I haven't started a 1.0.5 game for two reasons: I am not sure if I just want to wait for 1.1.0, and I wasn't sure until recently whether TAC LS was 1.0.5 compatible. I won't play unmanned without Remote Tech, and I won't play manned without TAC LS. So, again, thank you. :)

      -Scott aka eightiesboi

  13. Just happened to me again. I posted a reply on my life support mod thread. I have not received received any updates for that thread since then (12 days). I checked the subscription settings today and sure enough, it was set to "None".
  14. (I just skimmed the last several messages, so forgive me if I misunderstood anything.) @chrisl Try calculating the consumption over the entire time that you are away from your vessel, i.e. the entire 2 days. I think you will find that the converters are not behind by the entire amount, but only some time less than a 24-hour day (i.e. 84600 seconds or the MaxDeltaTime). The issue you are seeing is caused by multiple independent systems interacting*, with no way to determine which runs first. So the converter could end up running first, and trying to recycle a "days worth" of CO2 exhaled by the Kerbals except the calculation for the Kerbals has not run yet! So there is no CO2 yet to be recycled. Then the Kerbal calculations run, and they breath in the Oxygen and exhale the CO2. Then the converter runs again, but it already calculated for a days-worth so it just calculates for the remaining time minus the days-worth (again limited to MaxDeltaTime).** You should never see anything get more than MaxDeltaTime seconds out of sync. You can try changing the MaxDeltaTime in the configuration file and see how that effects everything. Just keep in mind that you can set the MaxDeltaTime too low such that it cannot keep up when time warping and it can take too long to catch up if you were away for a significant of in-game time. At 100,000x time warp, 100,000 seconds pass per real-time second, or 4,000 seconds per physics frame (0.04 seconds). If MaxDeltaTime is set below 4000, then the mod will not be able to keep up with the time warp rate. An in-game Kerbal year is 9,201,600 seconds long (426 days * 6 hours). The default settings (86,400 seconds per physics frame) will make it take 4.26 seconds per year to catch up. At 4000, it will take 92 seconds (~1.5 minutes) to catch up per year. If you do change MaxDeltaTime, please share your findings with everyone. I could fix this by making all of the calculations run from one central "controller", but that limits the ability for other people to make a part and have it "just work" with my mod. They would have to use one of my classes (TacGenericConverter) or use some complicated "registration" technique. None of the stock parts (i.e. converters or drills) would work. BTW, DBowman pretty much answered your question on 5 Oct. Thanks DBowman and damerell and everyone else for helping answer questions! Sorry I have not been around much lately. Also, Thank You to everyone for expressing your support for this mod. I am not abandoning it, but I will be asking for some help soon because I do not have the time to keep up. * The other mods you are comparing to, like the fuel boil-off, only have one system to worry about and so do not have to deal with the complexity of multiple independent systems interacting. ** The opposite could also happen: the Kerbal calculations run first, so they consume O2 and generate CO2. Then the converters run, and they recycle the CO2. If you have at least a days worth of O2 for the Kerbals, then everything is fine. But if you do not, then the calculations would think the Kerbals have been deprived of oxygen and could be killed before the converter has a chance to run! (Note the Kerbals are not actually killed until the next physics frame to give the converters an extra chance to run so I don't erroneously kill the Kerbals.) - - - Updated - - - See my spreadsheet, especially the section about Recycling, starting at line 313: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aioc9ek3XAvwdGNsRlh3OVhlbTFBR3M4RW0zLUNTRFE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 The short explanation is: to avoid dealing with intermediate resources, my recyclers combine multiple reaction steps or reverse the order. Sabatier reaction: First split some water to get oxygen and hydrogen gas. Then use the hydrogen in the Sabatier reaction to recover the O2 (as water) from the CO2. This uses twice the water that it generates and generates methane gas as waste. 4H2O -> 2O2+4H2, then 4H2+CO2 -> CH4+2H2O Bosch reaction: CO2 + 2H2 --> C + 2H2O, then H2O --> 2H2 + O2, C is waste Note that in your equation, you still need to split the water to get the oxygen (for breathing). Also note: I did not find good values for the energy required or generated by the different reactions, so the power usage may be off, but the rest of the calculation should be correct.
  15. I am still around. Been busy with other things though, so I have not been spending as much time on Kerbal stuff. I do have some changes and improvements that I have been working on, so there should be a new release eventually . I will need a full log file (see my signature for instructions). There are several other mods that can cause interaction issues like that.
  16. @Amedee Looks like a bad mod interaction. Which mod adds the dialog asking you if you want to load a tourist? I use 7Zip, which seems to be able to open everything so no problems with the file format. That is the wrong file though. I need the Player.log file since you are on Linux (KSP_Data/output_log.txt if on Windows). Not sure why KSP even has the KSP.log file . Since the error message from my mod only shows up once, I don't think it is my mod causing the problem. I didn't think that situation could ever happen, but it looks like it trapped the error successfully and didn't blow up. You do have errors from other mods, so I suggest making a test install of KSP with just this mod, ModuleManager, and the mod that adds that dialog. See if you can recreate the issue and upload a log file from that. Otherwise, just get me the Player.log file from your current install. Also, thank you for a very good description of the problem! I appreciate it! Kerbals on vessels do not start consuming resources until you get within loading range (about 2.4 km), so you have a chance to send supply ships after installing the mod without worrying about your Kerbals dying. You do need to make sure that you close that last 2.4 km quickly though, because you only have 2 hours once the timer starts. ^ What Sabazi said: "air toxicity" means you ran out of ElectricCharge. Make sure that you have plenty of EC storage even with solar panels and RTGs. KSP's EC generation can get weird at high warp rates. ^^ The second part was also correct: you don't need storage for any waste. Excess is dumped overboard with no consequences -- except that you won't have it available to recycle. That is why capsules are only given a trivial amount of storage, but the recycling parts come with lots of storage. It works - you can ignore the warning when you load the game. Sorry, I will get that updated as soon as I can. The RSS config uses human consumption rates, instead of using my scaled rates for Kerbals. It should cause them to consume supplies roughly four times faster. Did you figure it out? If not, please upload your log file (see the link in my signature for instructions). Working on it. Several pages back you will see a teaser image for the new settings dialog. That is intentional. Solar panels and RTGs do not generate any electricity while the vessel is unloaded, nor do they "catch up" when the vessel is loaded again, so it is not fair to require you to have enough electricity to cover those times. For those interested, electricity consumption while unloaded is limited by ElectricityMaxDeltaTime. Set it to the same value as MaxDeltaTime to make it consume normally. Otherwise, it will only consume ElectricityMaxDeltaTime/MaxDeltaTime (default = 1/86400) of the electricity when the vessel is loaded again.
  17. Question: I thought that I could override the local version file's compatible version numbers using the remote file. Does this not work the way that I think? Did I do something wrong? Or is it related to issues that others have had? The remote file The local file: { "NAME": "TAC Life Support", "URL": "http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=9", "DOWNLOAD": "", "VERSION": "", "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 0, "PATCH": 2 } } MiniAVC.log: Executing: MiniAVC - Assembly: C:\Games\KSP_win-1.0.4\GameData\TacFuelBalancer\MiniAVC.dll [Log 22:10:17.2058047]: Starter was created. [Log 22:10:17.6018274]: Starter was destroyed. [Log 22:10:18.1808605]: C:\Games\KSP_win-1.0.4\GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport\TacLifeSupport.version NAME: TAC Life Support URL: http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=9 DOWNLOAD: NULL GITHUB: NULL VERSION: KSP_VERSION: 1.0.2 KSP_VERSION_MIN: NULL KSP_VERSION_MAX: NULL CompatibleKspVersion: False CompatibleKspVersionMin: True CompatibleKspVersionMax: True CompatibleGitHubVersion: True [Log 22:10:18.1828606]: http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=9 NAME: TAC Life Support URL: http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=9 DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/taraniselsu/TacLifeSupport/wiki/Download GITHUB: NULL VERSION: KSP_VERSION: 1.0.2 KSP_VERSION_MIN: 1.0 KSP_VERSION_MAX: 1.0.10 CompatibleKspVersion: False CompatibleKspVersionMin: True CompatibleKspVersionMax: True CompatibleGitHubVersion: True UpdateAvailable: False [Log 22:10:18.1828606]: IssueGui was created. [Log 22:10:18.4718771]: C:\Games\KSP_win-1.0.4\GameData\TacFuelBalancer\TacFuelBalancer.version NAME: TAC Fuel Balancer URL: http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=20 DOWNLOAD: NULL GITHUB: NULL VERSION: KSP_VERSION: 1.0.2 KSP_VERSION_MIN: NULL KSP_VERSION_MAX: NULL CompatibleKspVersion: False CompatibleKspVersionMin: True CompatibleKspVersionMax: True CompatibleGitHubVersion: True [Log 22:10:18.4718771]: http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=20 NAME: TAC Fuel Balancer URL: http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=20 DOWNLOAD: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25823 GITHUB: NULL VERSION: KSP_VERSION: 1.0.2 KSP_VERSION_MIN: 1.0 KSP_VERSION_MAX: 1.0.10 CompatibleKspVersion: False CompatibleKspVersionMin: True CompatibleKspVersionMax: True CompatibleGitHubVersion: True UpdateAvailable: False [Log 22:10:20.1329721]: IssueGui was destroyed. [Log 22:10:20.1369724]: IssueGui was created. [Log 22:10:21.1020276]: IssueGui was destroyed. [Log 22:10:21.1050277]: Starter was destroyed.
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