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  1. I was really looking forward to the tweakables, hoping to be able to connect shielded docking ports. Seeing as that isn't possible yet, I'm putting it here, as a suggestion for future development of the Tweakables system.
  2. Hmm, I can lock parts and hide the gui, but every time I load my station, they're unlocked again an the gui is showing
  3. 0.23 is something completely different from 2.3
  4. KAS 0.5 confirmed for Christmas!!! Just kidding, thanks for the reply and the maintenance though, good job!
  5. Just wondering, with Kopsy absent, is KAS still actively developed or only maintained for compatibility purposes?
  6. I know you can't and won't give a time frame (which is a good call) but I'm just wondering: Will the time it takes for 0.23 to come out be shorter than 0.22 or about the same?
  7. A better, not tree-based construction system and tweakables
  8. I wonder if you have to bring the actual science part back or if you can send a ship back with the results and leave the science part on the station
  9. Is anybody here playing the early acces beta of 'War for the Overworld' ? At some point the voice of the Mentor (the narrator) makes a reference to KSP saying: "Some of your greener minions have shown interest in starting their own space program"
  10. Thanks blizzy, good tutorial. Only thing is: I ended up in a counterclockwise orbit around Mün, which is why I couldn't figure out how to do the return burn you did. It wasn't until I put myself in a clockwise orbit (thanks to infinite fuel) that I could execute that maneuvre.
  11. Is there a way you could make MechJeb work with the stock parts without having to overwrite them?
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