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  1. From the currently hosted stream from KSP official Twitch: The launch will probably happen some time around noon EDT.
  2. I bought the game 1st of December 2011 for 7 bucks, I reckon I've gotten my money's worth during the years, but WHERE THE F*** IS MY FREE EXPANSION?!?! Nah, just kidding, can't waith though.
  3. Which is still weird beacuse it shows the same temperature on the ground at the equator and at 70 kms at the orbit in the shadow of the ship. Last time I checked temperatures at the equator and at the polar orbit differ slightly.
  4. Speaking of overheating. I turned on the temperature map for different parts and it shows every single part as bright red. I might be reading the colormap wrong but that does seem to indicate that parts are pretty hot. I also checked my thermometer and it shows a bit over 270 degrees. I this was Kelvin I guess it could be okay, but considering the fact that I get the same reading both on orbit and at Kerbal Space Center (at the equator!) while on the launch bad I think that this is weird. I also put just the basic drone command module to the launch pad with four different thermometers and they all show a bit over 270 degrees, heres the picture with temperature map on: I get similar result while on orbit so it can't be due to atmospheric heating during the ascend.
  5. I will save them and post them here if I encounter this problem again.
  6. I'm afraid I didn't save the ones I got after the crash. Now they seem to be new ones as I was able to complete the flight without CTD. Do you still need them?
  7. Hello I'm loving the new KSP but can't get past my first orbital flight. Everything goes smoothly until the final parachute assisted stage of my re-entry and then... KSP.exe has stopped working. This happens every single time and I've tried to reinstall, I deleted all of my saves and started from the scratch and it still happens. I'm running a clean install and Steam version of the game. My craft has only a few parts, small heatshield, science bay, couple of landing struts, small carco bay (the first you get in career mode) and command module with couple of parachutes. I tried going through KSP log files and this is what I found. Last two lines of the output log: "tlsf_create: Pool size must be between 3208 and 1073745020 bytes. Crash!!!" Last two lines of the log: "[LOG 00:10:05.253] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Orbiter Mk 2 [LOG 00:10:05.258] Maneuver Mode enabled" I'm running i7 4790K @ 4 GHz, GTX 970 and 16 GB DDR3. Any ideas? A brief search revealed that some guys at reddit have encountered the same issue and some of them speculated that this might be caused by a memory leak. E: After browsing these forums I found that someone had similar problem to this and work around was to disable temperature cauges on overheated parts in order to avoid memory leak caused by the cauges. I did this and managed to get my craft back, but I can't be 100 % sure if this solved the issue because I used a slightly different re-entry profile and opened my chutes at 8 kms which reduced the decent time a bit.
  8. Wouldn't you be able to tell if they are dead the second you touch the controls? If the ship responds they are alive, since it is them (you) who is flying the damn thing, it's not remote controlled.