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  1. Here's a wallpaper for ya glorious stand-up guys (My minor profanity has been automatically replaced! Mods, is this new?).


    Raw Screenie^


    Edited Version^

  2. Tell me, is it landed on orbiting?


    1. ProtoJeb21


      Labiting? Orbanding?

    2. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Just a screenshot from one of my projects :)

      The point of this mod is you can't see where you're going. You must rely on your instruments -- and survive.

  3. Here is something I challenge my fellow KSP aficionados to do. Mods required: BD Armory. Mods recommended: Burn Together, Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Inventory Systems. Minmus is one of those worlds where you can orbit at a low enough altitude for the surface itself to fully load in, along with anything on the surface. Meaning that you can put weapons on the surface, and shoot down vessels in low orbit. So here's the challenge: Stage 0 - Prepare: Build a series of fortresses on Minmus, heavily armored structures with massive guns. These are your primary surface structures. Then deploy dozens, maybe even hundreds of smaller gun turrets around the surface. These could be anything from mini-forts with flak cannons, to tiny probe cores with a .50 cal turret that can be deployed from a rover en masse. Once you've completed the construction of your surface defenses, put a few defensive stations in orbit (I would recommend lasers for this, as guns could de-orbit the structure with their recoil. Leave a few tanks and gunships near the forts, you'll need them later. Finally, build a few colonies on the surface. At the center of each colony is your flag. Remember to put defenses around the colony. Once your defenses are complete, send the save file to a friend. Stage 1 - Attack: Your friend must then assemble their assault force, be it a single ship, or a massive fleet. Also, bring some landable turrets and drop pods. Then bring the fleet to Minmus, and engage the defenses. If possible, destroy the turrets protecting a colony, then replace the flag with one of your own, capturing it. You may repeat this step however many times you want until your forces are destroyed. Leave a turret or two at each captured colony to defend it. Once your friend has done as much damage as they can with the forces they brought, the save file is returned to you. Stage 2 - Repair and prepare for next attack: Perform repairs using the resources available on the surface. Use your tanks and gunships to liberate the colonies that have been captured. Adjust the defenses however you wish. But you can't use anything you don't already have on the surface. Then Repeat from Stage 1. As you can see this game would be rather time-consuming, but incredibly fun. Especially if you and your partner record footage of your turns and share them, so you can see how it went. The defender must survive for as many turns as possible. The attacker must conquer Minmus in as few turns as possible. If the attacker fails to conquer the whole moon after ten tries, the defender wins. The attacker may use Burn Together to assemble fleets. The defender may use Kerbal Attachment System and Kerbal Inventory System to repair damage and adjust fortifications.
  4. Freckle

    Excuse me, but what the hell is going on here?!
  5. What did you do when you where 8?

    Well, (I put it in a spoiler to prevent my wall of text from dominating the thread.)
  6. [1.3.1] The Spice (v0.6)

    As nobody seems to have suggested it yet, @JadeOfMaar, then I shall be the first to do so: The 'Warp Drive' should be only operable if the vessel has a "Navigator" Kerbal onboard -- a special type of Kerbal who is extremely expensive to hire, and consumes spice, which it would die without. I'm an avid Dune fan, I've read all of the books by Frank Herbert, and all of the expanded-universe novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. So I know a lot of the lore.
  7. I wish a thousand happy New Years' upon the starlanes for all those who read my upcoming short story.

  8. 2017 was an odd year. In some ways, it went by in a flash. In others, it felt like an eternity.

    I still haven't come to terms with the fact that it is soon to be over. It may take me a while for my mind to adjust to the new year.

    1. NSEP


      I also keep forgetting the year is almost over.

  9. I don't wanna be that guy... but you misspelled 'Prologue'.
  10. Merry Christmas.

    1. NSEP


      Its already over in the Netherlands.

      Well, we do have two christmas days but...

    2. daniel l.

      daniel l.

      Time zones make me wonder why we ever believed in Santa. :P

  11. I doubt it would end well, really. At the least, you would have to modify some of the configs to get everything to work properly. TBG is EXTREMELY unstable, I spent many a day during development simply rage-quitting from the difficulty of getting it to not break. What I have achieved, I am very proud of. But it wasn't easy. And anyone who uses TBG probably knows by now that TBG doesn't work right by nature, quite the opposite actually.
  12. Merry Christmas Eve, guys. :)

  13. If I may suggest. Would it be possible for space missiles and an orbital dogfighting AI to be implemented? I imagine this would be a difficult feature to implement, though.