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  1. Can you post the text file generated by the program? Every time you create a galaxy it generates a text file containing information on what happened. Can you find it and post it?
  2. What I'm doing right now is creating separate story parts. More than the original Nevil/Xf39b part. I've already uploaded the first parts of two new arcs. There is a third on the way, maybe a fourth. Then I'm going full speed ahead. I intend to get 65-90k words at completion.

    Also, there is a series of events that are sinister. You can already see hints in the new chapters.

  3. I like that feature. It's like the mass-lock feature we see on FTL systems in Elite or the Asimov stories.
  4. [WIP-PROTO] Dark Days - Eternal Black.

    Go ahead if you want. Though I believe @Gameslinx is already doing all the past/future planet packs. BTW, @Gameslinx perhaps you should make a mod that goes back to when Kerbol was a protostar. Perhaps settle the Kerbals on some early planet that was habitable but eventually got destroyed, perhaps colliding with the Proto-Eve or something. Or maybe even give the Kerbals interstellar origins and settle them on an asteroid.
  5. BTW, @Gameslinx. I noticed that Duna's atmosphere is still blueish. Perhaps you should make the sky a little grayer bordering on yellow, given that the sunlight at this point would be quite orange or even red. Also, the surfaces of the planets should be noticeably tinted. Just a few minor observations that might interest you
  6. Looks good! Looking forward to the release.
  7. Tidally locked sounds good. Or perhaps make it rotate slowly like mercury. So it can be a barely habitable wasteland.
  8. I have a few ideas @Spaceception concerning my story.

    1. A secondary plot. Concerning something else, more sinister, that happens in the background of everything.
    2. And a name change. The story was originally theorized as the exploration of space by a transhuman android. It has already evolved beyond that. Any suggestions?
    1. Spaceception


      Ooohoooh, I'd like to see that...


      What about something ancient or Latin? There has to be plenty of names. Maybe ones in honor of Earth?

  9. Try Duna, perhaps. The Kerbals would've terraformed it by then. Or maybe Eeloo if the expansion of the sun is that far done. Eeloo would be melted and warm by this point.
  10. Best Sci-Fi books

  11. The screenshots are terribly outdated. The star sizes have since been reduced to a fraction of that size. Though they are still somewhat too big in my opinion.
  12. I support this. They shouldn't have visible flares. They should be invisible in the night skies, same with red dwarves actually.
  13. Looks great! And I wholeheartedly approve of your idea for the warp engine. If you want I'll add you as a co-author on spacedock so you can publish your updates there too.
  14. Should I novelize Macey Dean's stories?

    Of course. There will definitely be alterations. There has to be. I'm removing all KSP-related elements. Such as removing all the planets except those relevant to the story and renaming the others. I also plan to make Spiritwolf vs Hanland less of a good vs evil conflict. It will be more of a gray for both sides, with each having valid points. Also, I'm going to replace the Kerbals with human characters. And the weapon armaments will become more Battlestar-esque than the stock game @Macey used would permit. (Torpedos replaced by missiles, for example.) But the basic plot from beginning to end will remain the same. I also plan to invent some more stories; such as a continuation of Macey's unfinished Laniakea arc.