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  1. Anyone else wonder about the caves on Hyperion? What could we do with them?

    And, on a sci-fi basis, what could they be hiding?

    1. Spaceception


      It would be cool to have base on it.

      And for sci-fi, at least in the soft side, space worms :D or a really good colony hub for people, the architecture would be quite interesting. Maybe bubble habitats? Not very good for the body though.

      Maybe it would be a vast tourist/rec center, with a ring station as the habitat? You could align the moon along a specific axis of rotation, and build the station around that. I don't know, just a thought.

  2. Globular Empires.

    Whoever said planets would be required? There's bound to be quite a few asteroids, why not make habitat stations?
  3. Globular Empires.

    Can you rephrase that, pardner?
  4. Globular Empires.

    According to this: Source: https://medium.com/the-space-perspective/can-there-be-a-galactic-empire-d909fd76e326 We could have a massive portion of the galaxy colonized within 40,000 years. However, the distance between stars would render a large-scale galactic government impossible -- unless we develop FTL of some sort, but let's not bother with that. The result of this? I think the colonized galaxy will be filled with millions of tiny empires, each commanding up to five star systems at most. Though there may be loose alliances that are larger. But the real power? Think about the Globular Clusters: These clusters have such high density. Dozens of stars can occupy a single lightyear, and that's not even the core -- in the cluster's core, you will encounter dozens of stars at planetary distances, nearly touching. Travel times could be shortened to mere months at sublight speeds (10% C or less!) And communications could be maintained with delays of only a few weeks. There are downsides, however. Radiation, there would be tons of it, more the closer you get to the core. The lack of habitable planets, though terraforming is an easy option with millennia on your hands. Proximity to dying giant stars, if one explodes you all die. All in all, though, I think Globular Clusters would be quite adequate for an advanced society. Far better than the sparse Orion Arm, which we currently inhabit. Opinions?
  5. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Very well. Though I find it hard to not imagine politics of one form or another as being a motivation for a villain. Any villain or villain-group that seeks power over a nation, must have a political or religious ambition. If they didn't, then why would they want to take power in the first place? Greed? Greed could be associated with capitalism. A belief in universal fairness despite an unfair reality? That could be associated with communism. A will to enforce the restrictions of their faith or lack thereof upon an unwilling population? That would qualify as religious extremism. No matter what motivation you give a villain, as long as they seek power over a nation as the villains of my story do, it isn't possible for their motivation to not have a political or religious bend.
  6. Sounds like this thread should offer a modded version of the armor panels that are better designed to take hits.
  7. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Well... I'm not quite sure which one I'd prefer. I don't have a bank account as yet, unfortunately, so I have no place to keep the money. Though I would welcome any volunteer artists. However, I'm pretty decent with programs like Gimp and Photoshop, so my inability to make the cover myself is more of an ideas thing. I have no idea what I want it to look like.
  8. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Wait... Are you offering to make me a cover? Or giving me money to hire someone?
  9. I've just released the first chapter of the first book of the Spiritwolf series: a novelization of Macey Dean's classic youtube series which inspired many to buy the game and has forever influenced stock space combat in KSP.

    Here is the wattpad link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/124903164-spiritwolf-part-i-flashpoint

    Here is a specially formatted PDF (It's what the E-books and physical copies will look like when I publish them.): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ranlyufmcda01vx/Document.pdf?dl=0

  10. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    I proudly reveal my longest single work. Not a series of chapters, but a single one. 8k words. Compiled into a PDF. WARNING: Lots of violence and explicit descriptions of gore. There is also a good bit of political opinion expressed in this story. Spoiler Below: Spiritwolf: Part I - Hanland. [snip] And for those who don't care for formatting: Wattpad Link (I could use an artist for the cover work, ) Paging @Spaceception Wanna give it a read?
  11. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    I'm currently 3/4ths done writing the first chapter of Flashpoint, a novella chronicling the rise of Macey Dean's Spiritwolf and Hanland corporations, along with the origin of their conflict. I'm planning on a final length of 25-30k words for the book, and I'm also hoping to publish it on Createspace when it's done. (It'll also be readable for free on Wattpad.) The first chapter should be done by tomorrow. I hope to reveal it then.
  12. Idea pitch:

    In the early 23rd century, an experimental vessel is launched from Earth-orbit. It is the first vessel to be equipped with a Quantum Drive (Just a handwavey space-drive-thingy.), capable of instantly accelerating the ship and all its contents to such high speeds as to be capable of crossing a lightyear in half a day (If you go fast enough, time slows down for you.).

    Due to the dangers of testing this new drive with a live crew. It is manned by volunteers and ex-convicts who are offered freedom in exchange for a year of their lives aboard this starship.

    The mission? Chart all star systems within a hundred lightyears of Sol. Then return with the information so a thousand new starships can be launched to seed the stars with life and expand humanity's horizons.

    Unfortunately, after completing their first mission, they return to find Earth destroyed by an unknown calamity. Only a heavily-bombarded moon and a debris ring around the sun exists to tell of Earth having ever existed.

    In their moment of despair, the crew suddenly gain a mysterious desire to reach the Galactic Core, from which something calls to them, touching the basest parts of their minds.

    The trip will take decades, with stops required every now and then to refuel.

    Imagine it as like Star Trek: Voyager mixed with Battlestar Galactica. Except there would be no real enemies, not hostile aliens or creations of Humanity. Just a vast universe with all its wonders layed open for the eyes of the last humans. And a mysterious goal, the center of the galaxy.

    I can imagine it being highly mystical in tone, perhaps even with religious undertones. Except that everything except the starship's propulsion would be fully explained with actual science.

    If it were a Television series. It would likely separate episodes by months, even years. The actors would be either aged via makeup and CGI, or the episodes could be filmed over the years to allow for natural aging.

  13. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    Still, despite the flaws, those walls would make a starting point. Fill in the cracks with resin, and cover it all over with perhaps a spray-on sealant that could be made from local materials. In all, such an endeavor might cost only a couple hundred million. It could be done almost entirely by robots.
  14. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    Sure. But it would be a perfect long-run goal. And hey! Maybe there's ice down there that we can get oxygen from. Such a cave would provide great amounts of shade, allowing deposits of ice to exist.