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  1. daniel l.

    what linux distro do you use?

    I envy you. My first foray into linux was Opensuse 11.3 in 2009. I was only a kid then, with no experience outisde of windows. So as you might expect I fell flat on my face many, many times -- which probably wasnt helped by the fact that I was using the KDE4 variant, and the Gnome alternative refused to play any kind of video. Luckily, I got an Ubuntu 10.10 install cd and havent stopped using linux since. I very much wish I had been born in the 90s or earlier so I could experience the height of the computer revolution firsthand, perhaps even participate in it. Also, anyone else think the modern flat design styles are terrible?
  2. daniel l.

    what linux distro do you use?

    Ah. Gentoo, the distro that makes even Arch users shrivel up in fear. The end of the tech-tree for any Linux afficionado's progression -- or is Linux From Scratch the end, I don't know.
  3. How about the 1.25m lander can?
  4. daniel l.

    what linux distro do you use?

    Fair. Though you could always dual boot from a partition or second drive. I find that Windows, while better for gaming, is largely inferior for casual browsing and development.
  5. daniel l.

    what linux distro do you use?

    You should try Linux again as a home OS. It's gotten way better for casual use (friendly UI, better hardware support, more apps and games, etc), and with Windows kind of going down the drain (forced updates, overdone obsession with mobile despite being a desktop OS, bloated, buggy, slow). Nowadays I'd either use Linux or stick with Windows 7.
  6. daniel l.

    what linux distro do you use?

    Currently using Ubuntu MATE on my personal laptop and Gaming Desktop (dual-booted with Windows 10 -- upgrading from 7 was a mistake). I also have an old Thinkpad T42 running Ubuntu 10.04 (an awesome version, too bad it's long past EOL), and three Raspberry Pi's running Raspbian (which really rubs me the wrong way, actually. I think I'll get a different distro for them. Tinycore?) I'm planning to install Q4OS on my mother's two laptops, as a low-requirements Windows-lookalike she should enjoy it (despite my hatred of windows, it's actually quite a great system).
  7. A suggestion: would it be possible for objects within a specific distance from the vessel to share the "warp field"? So you could have kerbals on EVA at warp, for example.
  8. Alright alright alright. You've just gained a follower right there. That's gorgeous!
  9. While bouncing in low-g like the Apollo astronauts can be fun for the first thirty seconds, the trouble it causes outlasts the enjoyment. Players on low-g worlds like Minmus are heavily tempted just to use the jetpack rather than walk, and on Gilly walking is completely impossible. Wouldn't it be nice if the Kerbal could stick to any surface and walk on it? Even in the null-g of open space, your Kerbal can take a pleasant stroll on the hull of your spacecraft, and tiny worlds like asteroids and moons suddenly become way more livable. The camera would adjust to give a proper sense of direction. So, I'm suggesting that Kerbals on EVA should have magnetic boots that allow them to walk on any surface regardless of gravity -- of course, that means they could become SpiderJeb, but the devs could always make natural gravity, say, 1g, capable of overpowering the boots.
  10. I should say though, the shields are a little too bright. Perhaps make them invisible when not being fired upon.
  11. What if you made a second executable in some other language (C++?) that runs every time the galaxy generator generates a planet, it could use code from the Kittopiatech mod to generate scaled materials for each planet, one-by-one. Of course, it would drastically slow down the generation process, but that would give you the opportunity to add a nifty progress bar.
  12. Well, if that doesn't make Jebediah happy I dunno what will.
  13. Wow! Does it generate scaledspace models and textures too? Though I'd like to make a few minor suggestions, not for this release perhaps, but maybe for the future, the color of the atmosphere should be determined by the gases and the light from the planet's sun, along with the thickness of the atmosphere. A standard approx-1-bar oxygen atmosphere might look yellow-grey on a planet orbiting a Red Dwarf, for example, and a super thick primordial atmosphere should perhaps be very reddish with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Also, if the atmosphere isn't primarily oxygen-based, then the oceans could, just as with the Early Earth, be rich in iron -- which would give them a green tint. Further consideration should be taken into the possibilities of airborne or waterborne microbial lifeforms existing in large enough numbers to affect the color of a planet, as well as any potential planetary lore you plan to implement in the future should tie into the environment of a world -- perhaps give each planet a 10% chance of being generated as a "post-disaster" world, in which the possible disasters are narrowed down to either natural or artificial disasters, and then a disaster -- meteor shower(lots of craters) vs nuclear apocalypse(visibly irradiated) -- and finally the extent to which the disaster affected the planet. Good science for career mode. Anyway, these are just suggestions. I'm in awe of the progress you have made with TBG since I relinquished the reins of this amazing if extremely unsteady horse. Good luck.