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  1. A new way to record?

    I recently found this: It's one of many 3D rendering demos. And here's the kicker: IT'S ONLY 4 KILOBYTES. 24 SECONDS OF HD 3D VIDEO IN ONLY 4 KILOBYTES. How? Because, in its base form, this is not a video (every frame recorded fully), but a formula. Based on very simple algorithms and random seeds, it's possible to assemble a scene as complex as this in an extremely tiny package. So this gave me an idea. What if we were to record content in this manner? A video, photo, or audio recording can be made, then analyzed by an algorithm that deconstructs the file and creates a series of random seeds and formulas that can be accumulated in a tiny plain-text file. Then the entire recorded file could be unpacked whenever one wants. The benefits of this? It may be possible that you could compress an HD Feature-Length movie to fit on a single 1.44mb floppy disk (an example). The requirements for data storage could go down exponentially. What do you guys think?
  2. SAS should take less power in dark days: eternal black because of the landouer limit

  3. Umm... guys? I got some bad news.

    How can you be rusty if you're in the Moon?
  4. Umm... guys? I got some bad news.

    You capitalized parts of the URL, that's how I know its fake.
  5. I found this news article on BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/314159/rumors-of-ea-merger-with-taketwo-interactive Frankly, I'm terrified by this.
  6. As I'm unable to find any downloads for BDA prior to the addition of radar, though I believe Space Combat still worked afterwards for a few releases. The oldest version on my HDD is -- here's the dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2v7ahs5nj97gbr9/BahamutoDs_Armory- I believe that should work in space. I'll go see if I still have any of the pre-radar releases. I've got a backup HDD laying around somewhere with numerous installs of KSP from 0.23 to 1.0 -- many of which have BDA of one version or another. In case you do have the pre-radar releases already, I believe 0.7 would probably be a good one to start with.
  7. If I may point out. The BD-Armory actually worked fine in space once. It was all the Kerbin-centric hyper-realism updates that came afterward that broke space combat. In that case, would it be possible to simply port some of the old code to 1.4.1 and release it separately so us space-battlers can have a working mod?
  8. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    Why not Hawking? It would make sense to name the first batch or so of BFRs after famous scientists.
  9. Compare these photos from Pioneer 10 in 1974 and Voyager 1 in 1979: Honestly, I'm having some difficulties explaining how things could change so rapidly. Did a moon fall in or something? A particularly large asteroid that we didn't see crash? Either way, something must've happened... a quake inside the planets core stirring up the layers?
  10. It has been theorized that life could exist based on some other liquid solvent; perhaps nitrogen or methane? Now, neither of these liquids are believed to be particularly good at being a solvent, but is it possible that, with some finagling and lots of Trial & Error, these liquids could support a lifeform? And, if so, would it be somehow possible to port the genome of ordinary water-based life over to a non-water platform? Could we make methane or nitrogen-based human beings? If so, worlds like Titan could be colonized without the need for bulky spacesuits or any sort of protective infrastructure other than a source of oxygen to breathe.
  11. I just heard that Stephen Hawking has died. ;.;

  12. Stephen Hawking has passed away

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008 I can't describe how sad this makes me...
  13. So, I have an idea for a story.

    Put simply: Something causes the Sun to die, ceasing to produce light. Earth and the other planets now orbit a dead cinder. Luckily, humanity has about a decade's warning from an "anonymous" source and is able to assemble gigantic underground shelters.

    Following the sun's death, the story jumps through the years, different chapters focusing on different generations of people living in these shelters. Of course, the shelters are not a permanent means of survival for the human race, and one-by-one the shelter of the plot's focus gradually loses contact with its neighbors. So the only hope for humanity's survival is a distant exoplanet within the habitable zone of its star -- the source of the warning.

  14. Yeah, that's unfortunate. Perhaps I could take a look at the code -- though I'd need to catch up with the latest Kopernicus first, given that I haven't done this stuff for 3/4s of a year now.
  15. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    One thing that's nice about the BFR is that its interior is arranged into decks with floor-plans. This means the ship's interior can be quite comfortable in gravity. Artificial gravity could be easily achieved by sending two BFR's to the destination and tethering them by the nose. This way they can use their RCS to pull the tether and spin themselves.