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  1. Too bad, I'm not at home I sign the next user up for the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
  2. You fail at summoning people. @Red Iron Crown get on here!
  3. Because not even a nuke is enough here
  4. I may be getting a new keyboard soon, just to defy you Are you getting one too, @SQUAD?
  5. (( It's a matter/antimatter reaction )) Good luck fixing that wire now!
  6. 0/10 Never really seen you around before. Then again, I did take a hiatus from this site for 2 years
  7. I am sorry, but it appears I am running late! I know who will post next. @Val
  8. Nope! Too early for that! Maybe it will be @Starwhip
  9. 4/10 The last time I played Kerbal Space Program was "Next Wednesday"
  10. Nothing. Absolutely nothing What would you do if I sliced the planet in half?
  11. I take out my sword and slice the fusion bomb to pieces I then throw the remains at the next poster
  12. Mock then kill him What would you do if I killed Jebediah Kerman?
  13. Nope *Doesn't press* Press to go anywhere you wish, 3.68368r% chance you will be strapped into my next (Fail) Duna rocket
  14. Banned for being in Dr Light's lab
  15. Honestly, I'm not against the fact that "God" exists. I'm just against the fact that he controls/created everything Still, let's not derail this thread, though, so... Banned for using "The god told me to" as an excuse
  16. Maybe you should get it right next time :3 IC: I would go and get him out again What would you do if I was able to merge my body with other peoples' bodies, and I merged with you?