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  1. I have posted a Mission with Crew Dragon BFG and Mark Kerman stranded on Duna that some of you may want to try. It is a sandbox style mission with no restrictions on gameplay. Prepopulated with many craft in system, the VAB and SPH to use or modify. You can build your own or maybe copy one in from one of your own saves. So science the the kraken out of KSP and get Mark home to win. Anyone dies you loose. It’s on kerbalx
  2. bonyetty

    Docking Controls

    Early days I forced my self to learn to use the docking mode because I didn’t know what the translation keys were (ijkl). I no longer use it. I would lose track of what mode I was in, rotation or translation too often.
  3. I am having trouble launching 1.6.0 Mac zip version. Is the installer the kerbal icon labeled launcher? It’s play button is greyed out when I open it. I tried moving KSP.osx locations as above but no luck. Any other suggestions to get 1.6 going on Mojave?
  4. bonyetty


    Nice one! Lots more satisfying moments in KSP to come. Rocket launch’s, satelites and probe news reports will alsotake on new meaning now too.
  5. bonyetty


    When you get close click on the nav ball velocity box so it says target (make sure you have selected your target as your target) the nav ball will now show your direction and velocity relative to the target. Just having a guess at your possible troubles. When I found this out docking became doable for me. Cancel relative velocity(green retrograde marker), then thrust towards target (pink circle) and repeat but not going above about 5m/s.
  6. As I said shuttles are very difficult. Also note the SRBs have a lot of thrust and so they burn a lot of fuel very quickly and thus lose mass very quickly. With the tools and information given us in KSP a lot of trial and error is the only way to get a NASA like shuttle to fly. It does give one a new appreciation of the aerospace engineering required for the real one however.
  7. bonyetty

    When Your Spacecraft Just...Disappear

    Could Ike have got it? Ike has a large SOI and the the orbit lines only show a SOI change for the current orbit. And if you haven’t already, check for it’s listing in the tracking station as the map view can sometimes make a craft difficult to see at some zooms.
  8. It would appear like the direction of thrust is not pointing through the center of mass. It helps to do so although this is difficult with NASA style shuttles, as their COM changes during assent. I find that having the control point also pointing through the COM prevents the roll and yaw inputs from yourself and the SAS from being misaligned. When trying to yaw with a misaligned control point some roll will also be applied to the craft, and vise versa. An extra docking port or probe core attached pointing through the COM can reduce this. NASA style shuttles are tough, good luck and hope this helps.
  9. bonyetty

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Quite curious about this too!
  10. bonyetty

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

    Some very good points you have made there especially with regards to atmospheric flight. A VAB/SPH dV may provide sea level and vacuum dV like Mechjeb and KE. SQUAD is also not totally against caveats such as with phys warp. The engineering tab(I think that’s what it called) gives warnings about blocked hatchets, no power generation etc and this could be a way of conveying the imprecise VAB/SPH dV calculations. Advanced tweakables is the preferred means of reducing info overload to new players, since it was introduced, it seems to me. I guess we will have to wait and see. It is fun speculating.
  11. bonyetty

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

    dV in the VAB and SPH is coming I feel as launching, liftoff, creating manouvor node and reverting to find the dV of your craft will be rather tedious. Continuing to love your work SQUAD.
  12. bonyetty

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    I have not used the triangle panels since MH release version and am curious if the mirror symmetry bug has been fixed? It possibly has been but my computer is still waiting repaires but soon to be. The issue I’m asking about is when placing the triangle panels with mirror symmetry, the panels are put in strange orientation that do not mirror each other.
  13. Air breaks are a common method of height adjustment when docking on land.
  14. bonyetty

    Reminisce with me! Holding down F.

    I find spamming F when touching down of a reusable 1st stages like SpaceX and tall landers reduces wibble wobble faster. Actually thinking about it I tap F landing most craft habitually. A few taps of F also is a quick way to level a long range aircraft as they like to climb over horizons with SAS on flying around ity bity Kerbin.