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  1. Note Making History required.
  3. Success! Gold with a kerbal and g forces on. now to get a clip of it I guess.
  4. If it can get you gold around the Kerbin Mach Loop, it passes the test. To complete the challenge get a gold medal time, with a kerbal piloting, and g forces on.
  5. A joystick also helps a lot as it becomes quite natural and quick to put a lean on the stick to cancel out the torque.
  6. I had a similar problem when installing 1.7.2or1 on my new iMac. It was the kerbal Space Program store version. The store launcher never worked so I didn’t use it ever. I tried the store launcher as a last resort, that worked. If I recall an extra permission box was involved with the install, but it worked on my iMac. For 1.7.3 I also used the store launcher and it’s installed no worries. Oh So if you have not tried already maybe give the launcher ago. Good luck feel ya frustration.
  7. A kerbal Mach Loop. I wanted a high speed aircraft testing track. A simple-ish ‘standard’ one that’s challenging and quick-ish to fly.(I can get gold but only with a probe core maintaining control, when the kerbals pass out. With a high g capable kerbal and better lines through the Checkpoints I think I will be able to get gold.) I think I’ve got a good-ish balance. I have put some of my career save craft in for something to be available in the VAB. Although it is probably more fun to paste your own craft files in. Any comments are welcome good or bad, with constructive assistance on improvements even more welcome.
  8. Oh my the installer has worked for me for 1.7 it seems! Not that I haven’t tried many times for most previous KSP versions. Thanks for the assistance. Sorry to any with the same issue with the KSP Store 1.7 macOS Portable (zip), that this thread does not give more help with it.
  9. If you mean download again, I am reluctant as it took 2 days to download as the KSP store kept logging me out during the download thus I couldn’t ‘continue download’ as logging out removed my access. I have 4 partially downloaded KSP1.7s and one complete KSP1.7.
  10. Mac OS X: Open Console, on the left side of the window there is a menu that says 'files'. Scroll down the list and find the Unity drop down, under Unity there will be Player.log ( Files>~/Library/Logs>Unity>Player.log ) Console what, where, how? I have a ‘Terminal’ window open. After following a google search ‘how do I open console on a mac’. The Terminal window only says my login time from this morning? When I put console into help a yellow window pops up. The yellow window says ‘console - Control the console on system without a real console’. Um I don’t understand? spotlight Console File Open Recent KSP log then the pop up window says it doesn’t exist. I couldn’t find unity anywhere in the File (top left of screen) drop down. In the Console window I can’t locate ‘files’. I am attempting to download macOS Installer (.pkg) and will report back successful or not.
  11. Thanks for assisting. I tried some of the permission that are linked through the support thread above, wright and read permission to the folder to all is what I believe I did, but no success. Logs ?? What where how please?
  12. The KSP_osx (ksp1.7) folder that contains the game. The one after you un zip it after downloading. He he said it 6-9 months ago in an old thread I found on here to fix the same issue with 1.6.
  13. KSP Version: 1.7 What Happens: black screen with a cursor Mods / Add-Ons: none Steps to Replicate: click on the kerbal icon in the KSP folder without the word launcher next to it Result: black screen with a cursor Fixes/Workarounds: the 1.6 copy paste copy paste workaround doesn’t work for 1.7 Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: macOS Portable 1.7.0 (.zip)
  14. Playing the find the hack to make the latest release work again! As Wait for the Fix patch is a worse and more boring feature of KSP.