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  1. As a one off fix, why not reinstall the mod, load up. delete/scrap any rockets/planes that are problematic, quit, remove mod. if you managed to get as far as building a rocket it must be stable enough to get that far. Also, which mod, might help A) avoid it fix it.
  2. I'm having the same problem on my windows 10 install. .net4.5 is prebundled so not sure what to do here.
  3. So glad to see you still working on this chris, was worried you wouldnt want to. *hugs* you sir are a scholar and a gent. PS: take your time and work as hard or as not hard as you enjoy.
  4. I'd be interested in this as well, although i'd only want to put it in all unmanned pods. so theres that extra complication....
  5. i'm unsure if this has been implimented in Beta Than Ever, but in contracts+ where the new contract system came from it shows the orbit in your map view. so just match that as close as you can. reasonable is around 5% on each argument.
  6. Awesome thanks. a bit of testing has shown that the above setup seems good for between 1 and 2 (1 survives, 2 does not) kerbals for infinite survival, though very power hungry! good job i'm running insterstellar and can just throw nuclear reactors at the problem interestingly the base ECLLS converter seems to use far more electricity per tick, although i imagine its running a lot faster i didnt check. time for me to save a US life support ring in my subassemblies i think!
  7. Is there a mod/plugin that allows some level of prioritisation of electricity comsumption. a couple of examples of when it might be handy. i've often had a ion-probe bottle out of juice, but with no power i'm unable to throttle down, so the ion thruster keeps pulsing while the probe spins out of control. (a solution for this precise situation is to block draining of the xenon gas, preventing ion drive pulsing, allowing control, but i digress) anyone with remotetech will be familiar with the good old "dish that drained the camels batteries" dilemma and anyone who isnt brilliant at rover design is familiar with the "too many powered motors for constant use" problem. so what i would suggest is a plugin that allows you to define a hierarchy of electrical consumption, and (simplest) when electricity runs out, it turns them off from lowest priority to highest until something works. More advanced would be circumstantial powerdown. so maybe you want ion drives to only function until batteries are 90% discharged. or maybe you want your second pair of rover motors to be disabled until the velocity is below 5m/s what do you guys think? or does such a mod already exist?!
  8. Hey guys, i'm using ECLSS Rebalancer - and Universal storage (and the ECLSS addon for it), can someone explain the Sabatier reactor and how to get it working? also a rough estimate on how much of things to keep a kerbal alive! (like, one sabatier can recycle enough to keep 2 kerbals going).
  9. the former. it proportionally lessens the thrust of the engine. set it to 50% and your 120kN engine gives out 60kN at 100% thrust. its also useful to do inflight to allow you to use a high thrust engine for a precise adjustments or landing in low gravity.
  10. i find a single Geostationary positioned above KSC works wonders - narrows the blind spot down to a small area on the other side of the planet. quite easy to launch too... try an ascent keeping to 75-85 pitch at between 1.4 and 2 TWR (2G) and you can get it up in one go without losing line of sight - obviously make sure you have sufficently ranged comms on it.
  11. I can second this as a more convenient approach. RCS build aid is handy mostly anyway - but it takes the engines of first (lowest) stage and shows you the thrust and turning effect you can expect - full and empty. otherwise yeah, sal_vager has the stock solution for you
  12. how about having the kerbal have a limited inventory as stands (back, head, hands) and have a backpack/storagespace on EVA that you optionally have them put on? everything defaults to hand then you move it around using a nice simple intuitive GUI.
  13. I would suggest that the "save-breaking" split will become 2 seperate mods, leaving behind KAS in its current form with no intention to update its feature list further. it depends how much work is going on under the bonnet - but it looks like the way items are stored (IE: in storage chests) is fundamentally changing, which means they wouldnt carry their contents over. i wouldnt worry about it, just dont update to the new versions if you want to finish your current playthrough. i'm with you on that.
  14. hey guys, just wondering if theres a way to get remote tech and mechjeb to play together in a more realistic fashion. for example i would like mechjeb to be able to carry out autopilot functions out of contact range (if autopilot engaged prior to los of contact). obviously there is the flight computer, but that doesnt respond to conditions - i am mostly concerned with landing/ascent more than manoeuvre nodes.
  15. you aiming for a christmas release of the inventory system? christmas hat and prezzie!!! i'd love TAC and Dang it! support for pizzas!
  16. I'd second this. my advise would be to construct all rovers in the SPH, use selectroot (one of my essential mods), and put the whole rover in the subassembly section... go over to the VAB and put it on ya rocket (if desired). your rover will point in the right direction, have bilateral symetry and be on top of a rocket. the subassembly option is a massive plus for me of the latest builds of KSP.
  17. i've got what i consider a heavily modded version, but its not heavy by most peoples count (NEAR, realchutes, procedural fairings, mechjeb, remotetech, RCT, contracts+ and a few USI mods). what i've noticed is roughly half loading time (nice on my low spec machine). my only issues have been it pretty much broke the icons for the toolbar (oh i have toolbar too), so i've had to copy them back in the original format... that said i have only a basic understanding what i am doing and havent followed this conversation for a few pages so they may have worked out what was up and things by now) Summary: halfs load time, seems pretty damn stable to me with the exception of toolbar icons when i did it.,
  18. I always find it a shame when it comes down to "us vs them" with "community vs modders"... for starters modders are PART of the community. I've never had anything but positive interactions with modders (you are all wonderful!), and i can completely understand the need for CC - many mods use different systems that notify an update is avalible on startup, which i find slightly more useful personally. (instead of "this version might not work" it acts more as a "this other version will probably work better"). I would honestly prefer CC to give a "this mod can be updated to a newer version" notice... yes MORE popup, not less... but this isnt the place for that. Personally i dont see the point of this "mod", but i dont like the impact it is having on the modders. I would fully support refusal to provide support if the latest version isn't being used... but that said, i never "expect" support. i hope for it, but if the mod doesnt work and nobody can help me i'll pull a sad face and get rid of it. this isnt the base game afterall. mods are gifts. Think of this post as a big (poorly articulated) cuddle to all you fabulous modders for doing your job so well - i expect nothing of you but i appreciate everything you do.
  19. Ah i think i have "0" in there, that would explain it! ta. i think it was my original attempt to test things in the day. (probes like electricity for circularisation, and i like to use ion drives as final stage for contract sats)
  20. I like the look of the inventory... i really am gonna have to stop playing on a small monitor though, so much screen estate is needed for all the mods i use! but yes, love it! Also i think i've missed a trick somewhere, i was trying to climb a mountain with a rover and got it stuck. i had a few KAS attachments and things i thought might help me out of this jam. got the winch out walked it out to the max range - attached an anchor. dropped it and tryed to winch the rover to it... no dice, as far as i could make out the winch doesnt have the power to pull my rover uphill i also tried with a ground attachment point, but those seem to be strut useage only not winches... ah well... i resorted to using an ion drive to push me up the hill... Have i missed a trick, is there a nice solution out there i havent found? Also, are fuel lines "solid", the behaviour i've seen so far suggests they are. personally i think it would make more sense for them to be more like fixed length winch lines (set when you place them). Either way, KAS is one of my more essential mods *hugs*
  21. I've noticed some unusual values in the revert menu after running a KCT simulation (or 5). the revert to launch is ballpark right - (~15mins), but the revert to VAB seems to be in the order of 5 hours. is the simulation going buildtime ahead of "current" time as part of the process? I've never had any issues as a result, so it doesnt matter one way or the other, just curious as to where the value is coming _______________________________________ I'm using remote tech and TAC (and a whole host of other mods), and i have to say, adding your mod was the best thing i've done so far with KSP. I've got into the habit of having a LKO rescue craft always ready to go, both for the rescue missions and because the construction times make a reactive rescue mission almost completely untenable. i feel the pain of NASA when it looks like theres gonna be a stranded astronaut! I'm just eeking out beyond the mun, so sending a probe to everywhere i plan to visit with a scansat and emergency supplies to unlock the new test location and allow for future problem solving! TAC makes duna so scary, recovery takes ages to get there! Thanks again for a fantastic mod
  22. ah i see, sorry didn't quite understand. personally i dont see the need, much prefered would be auto quicksaving just prior to staging i VERY rarely accidentally stage. i OFTEN accidentally stage the wrong thing.
  23. YUP already a feature... i THINK its ALT-L or ALT-Space. its in the keybinds somewhere a locked staging turns the staging light purple EDIT: yup "mod" L (pc mod = alt),
  24. This looks perfect for my remotetech + life support game. i'm getting a bit mod heavy, but this is a fantastic idea i cant ignore! @Eudae55 : that looks to be exactly what this mod does, and i'm hoping thats true. science return probe FTW.
  25. Just to weigh on a bit here. A) 64 bit is only an improvement if you have LOTS of mods - otherwise its of no relevance. (/debatable a detriment) this particular mod author has stated the mod wont work in a certain version of the game. If this bothers you, use the version of the game that is supported or don't use this version of the mod. C) this issue is bigger than just this mod - therefore go make a topic (or join one, i imagine one exists) on the topic of mods locking out 64 bit. Don't clutter this thread. D) You have no entitlement to this (or any) mod. if the mod doesnt fit your expectations in terms of functionality or compatability and the mod author has said it isnt gonna change in favour of your opinion then i'm sorry you literally have no grounds to complain. Please feel free to create your own mod that fulfills your needs (within the terms of use and things and stuffs). Otherwise post a request for a mod that does. E) The alternative to blocking out 64bit in this case was the mod author throwing in the towel and walking away. therefore by KEEPING BRINGING UP THE ISSUE, you are decreasing the chance of this mod existing for everyone else. so stop being selfish and take the discussion to a thread that is better suited to it, rather than jepadising the future of a mod many people greatly enjoy. ______________________________________________________________ In other news, i updated a whole raft of mods (all the ones i use) and all my issues have gone, although i havent rechecked the stock chute issue, i did have an undiagnosed identical issue that i hadnt tracked down the causative part - but its been fixed by the various issues. i will be interested to see if the stock chute issue resolves through updates to mod manager.